DiabloWikiFury is a new game feature in Diablo III. It’s new even for Diablo III, since it was not in the game at the WWI debut in June 2008, but had been added by Blizzcon, in October 2008. Fury is basically mana, but only for the DiabloWikiBarbarian. DiabloWikiWizards and DiabloWikiWitch Doctors do not have Fury; they have mana that works just as it does in Diablo II. (They are both mages though. The two remaining unannounced characters will be more combat-oriented, and might use Fury as the Barbarian does.)

    Fury replaces mana for the Barbarian, and works a bit differently. At the start of a game, a Barbarian has no Fury. He fills up his Fury bulb during combat, gaining Fury as he deals out damage; it works a bit like mana leech in Diablo II. Once he’s built up some Fury he can start to spend it by using skills, and that’s the real change with this feature—Barbarians can not some of their active skills at the start of a fight; they’ve got to land some hits to build up Fury first. This changes a lot of play mechanics, and players are quite divided on this change.

    Click through to read the full article, which has a first hand report on what it was like to use Fury in the Blizzcon build, and lists of the pros and cons of this new feature…

    What’s Using Fury Like?

    Here’s what I thought of Fury in a gameplay report written immediately after Blizzcon, when my memories were fresh:

    Barbarians have zero Fury to start with, and only build it up during combat, when they land successful strikes to their enemies. As soon as the Barb is not fighting, the Fury starts to drain away, and it seeps out quite quickly. I frequently filled my Fury bulb completely during a fight, paused to pick up an item or two, then ran to find more monsters, and arrived just as my Fury went down to nothing.

    My Barbarian had about 100 Fury at level 7 or 8, and while I didn

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