On the Drawing Board #22: The Unattuned Runestone System

The runestone system in Diablo III is one of the most interesting game features, with the rune effects essentially quintupling the skill variety. Everyone seems pretty happy about that, including the developers. The thing that they keep working on though, is how the runes will be presented in the final game.

The initial plan was just to make them like runes and gems were in Diablo 2. The problem there is that with just seven levels and five types of runes, either the devs made the highest level runes are ultra rare and nearly unfindable, or else players would all have a stack of extra level 7 runes lying around before too long. To attempt to counter this and give runes more variety, the developers have been experimenting with a variety of “unattuned” runestone options.

One that I thought promising was a magical modifier (like the affixes on items) that would only be revealed once you socketed the rune. That may still appear (I’d bet on it in an expansion) but it doesn’t seem to be in the current system. Furthermore, just tacking on prefixes/suffixes wouldn’t change the basic problem of level 7 runes soon becoming too abundant; players would just become picky and only want a lvl 7 rune with a really good affix as well.

With those issues considered, the devs are now looking at making the “unattuned” part apply to the runestone type, so you wouldn’t know if your rune was golden, crimson, obsidian, indigo, or alabaster until after you socketed it. Furthermore, the runestone would then take on those qualities permanently, and become unusable in any other skill than the one you’d socketed it into.

This system is what’s operative in the game now, and as some people have tested it out in emulators, their feedback on what it’s like to actually use it is instructive. Click through for quotes from emulator testers and much more about how runestones work, might work, and should work, in Diablo III.

Runestone Emulator Testing

DiabloWikiRunestones are not enabled in the beta, and wouldn’t be findable so early in Act One anyway. However, since they are in the game code, they can be experimented with via one of the Diablo 3 emulators.

Disclaimer #1: Using an emulator is a violation of the EULA and the TOS and makes Bobby very, very unhappy. IncGamers.com would never recommend that you do something like that.

Disclaimer #2: It’s not possible to “play” Diablo 3 via an emulator, since all of the monster AI, spawning routines, random dungeon generators, etc, are stored on the server end. (As part of D3’s online only DRM.) What players can do in an emulator is spawn monsters (who just stand there) and then kill them. These monsters drop items, much as they will in the game, and these items are monster level appropriate, and thus can include runestones. Which can be used in skills, as we saw in some recent videos.

So what’s the runestone system, which seems to be forever under construction and iteration? Currently, all runes drop “unattuned” which means you can see the rune level (1-7) but not what type of rune it is. You only find that out when you socket the runestone into a skill. Once you socket your unattuned runestone, its type is revealed, attuned unalterably to that skill. For instance, if your DiabloWikiDemon Hunter sockets her unattuned level 5 runestone into DiabloWikiRapid Fire, that runestone will become DiabloWikiWeb Shot (AKA Alabaster), or DiabloWikiBombardment (AKA Crimson), etc. This is permanent; that runestone is only ever Rlvl 5 Web Shot, or Bombardment, etc. The runestone can’t be re-unattuned, or used in another or Demon Hunter skill, or by any other class.

One interesting side effect of this unattuned system is pointed out by Scorch Hellfire in the Runestone testing thread — this “unattuned until socketed” function renders irrelevant/obsolete the old system of runestone colors/types. After all, you’ll never actually have a golden runestone anymore. You’ll have an unattuned runestone, until you socket it into the Wizard’s DiabloWikiElectrocute skill and if it rolls Golden it becomes DiabloWikiSurge of Power. Or in DiabloWikiHydra it becomes DiabloWikiBrimstone Serpent. Or in DiabloWikiBlizzard it becomes DiabloWikiSnowbound. There might as well just be five possible runestone functions for each skill, without any reference to the five types of runes, since those no longer do nothing other than refer to a loose grouping of functions for the stones. It seems inevitable that players will just say, “I have a level 6 Korlic’s Might for trade.” rather than something like, “I have a Level 6 Crimson runestone attuned to Call of the Ancients for trade.”

In this system, players must find a lot of unattuned runes and keep socketing them into their desired skill until they get their desired effect. You would, in theory, be able to hold onto the runestones thus attuned, and trade them, or salvage them, or twink them to an alt of the same class, or save them for future use. Say you wanted Crimson in a skill 90% of the time, but in 10% of scenarios, (or for PvP) Obsidian was better. You’d be able to switch back and forth, though this would require paying the Jeweler to remove the runestone each time.

So how does this work in practice? Well, no one outside of Blizzard really knows yet. But Risingred has been testing it out via an emulator, his comments spurred this article, and he’s not a fan.

Been playing around with these in-game and man is it stunningly frustrating to not be able to get the color of rune you want with the unattuned runes. At first I liked the system, but after using it, I kind of hate it.

…I’ve gone through over 20 runestones trying to get a single color for my skill videos and it’s really frustrating. I’ve even done videos of me attuning runes trying to get every color; the shortest video I had (which consisted of me dragging and dropping runes onto skills) was 42 seconds.

I cannot imagine how much work and frustration would go into crafting runes to fill up 42 seconds of looking for a single color attunement, other bonuses be damned.

It’s a retarded system. They must see this.

A few additional points:

  • The Runestone system is still under work and might already be different than the system now testable via emulators.
  • In his testing, Risingred is trying to get specific types of runestones, rather than testing out a wide variety, so bad rolls are purely annoying, rather than an opportunity for experimentation.
  • In the full game we’ll be able to trade runestones after socketing and quite likely obtain specific ones a lot more easily than finding/crafting them ourselves.
  • In the full game there will be a lot of crafting and salvaging of runestones.

So how does DiabloWikisalvaging and DiabloWikicrafting runestones work? Runestones can be salvaged to obtain DiabloWikiRune Dust, which comes in seven levels and is not tied to rune type — all level 5 runes become level 5 Rune Dust. You can also obtain DiabloWikiRunestone Cores, but only from level 5, 6, and 7 runes. Presumably you get dust every time, but cores are rarer, and provide an additional hurdle/expense when you are crafting new runestones. We do not yet known the costs of this; you might need 3 or 10 units of dust, plus gold and possibly other materials as well. There appears to be only one type of Runestone Core, but you can assume you’ll need more of them to craft a level 7 rune than a lower level one

So where does this leave us? Risingred’s comments were what gave me the idea for this article, but I think (if the system stays as it is now) his objections will be less of an issue in the final game. Initially we’ll all be experimenting with different runestone effects and won’t be too annoyed at needing several tries to get any particular result. Later on players will just want specific runes, but that won’t be too hard to get with lots of play time, plus crafting, and especially when trading is thrown in.

Players will trade unattuned runestones for one price, and all the attuned effects will be valued by their popularity. Some effects will be super desired by cookie cutter builds, and will cost a fortune. You want the most popular rune effect in the most popular skill on the most popular class? That’s going to be damn expensive. Of course tons of people will be spending their unattuned runestones in that skill, trying to score one of the sought-after results, for their own use or for trading, which would impact on the price. It might actually be tougher to get the runestone effect you want in an obscure skill that no one ever uses except in a weird variant, since no one else is trying to make it and throwing their results into the Auction House.

A drawback of this unattuned system is that it might lead to inventory spam; after all, you’ll have 150 skills x 5 for all the runestones, x 7 for all the runestone levels. That’s pretty much your whole stash right there… except no one would hold onto all of those (other than crazed completionists), since 95% of them would be junk, or only useful at low levels, etc. You’d throw them into the AH, or salvage them.

The main purpose seems to be to diversify the variety of runestones, and to make the end game goal of getting level 7s, with the right effect, in all of your skills, much harder to achieve. And by the time we do, here comes D3X with an 8th level of runestones, plus random affixes!


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  1. I was under the impression we’d be able to craft the color rune we want and switch it between skills, but it wouldn’t get a random affix, and these unattuned runes got random affixes, and could only go into that one skill.

    that would make “korlic’s might” + 50 health even more valuble, but make it much easier to get the base runed skill

    oh yeah and how the hell does wormhole function? is it pretty much if you spam click tele you can spam tele?

    • Lets take the example that Flux has up top, Wormhole works like this:  After casting Tele for the first time you have .8 seconds to cast it as many times as you can in that time frame.  As soon as that .8 seconds is up the skill goes on cooldown.    .8 seconds will get you about 2 teleports before the skill goes on cooldown (thats if your really fast more like only one extra tele after the first).   At Blizzcon in the PvP demo you could get 5 teleports in a row before the skill went to cooldown.

      Have to agree with you on the part where, most likely there will be set color runestone crafting in the game. So, at least you will be able to make the color you want.

      • What makes you think they will do that? Right now on the official site, the unattuned runes say they can be crafted by the mystic, but not the other runes… It seems to me that the only thing that can be done is to salvage runes you don’t want to have her craft new unattuned runes so you can pull the lever on the rune slot machine again and again… IMO this whole revamping of what was a perfectly good system is a waste of time… all they needed to do was make level 5-7 runes increasingly rare drops and make all runes have random affixes on them when they drop… the whole attunement thing is idiotic…

      • I always thought that rune allowed unlimited teleporting as long as you keep teleporting (each teleport resets the 0.8 seconds). I assumed it was a mechanic to allow wizards to TP around really fast without making it imbalanced by virtually stopping you from casting other spells whilst doing it.

  2. Needing massive quantities of level 7 rune dust for the best of the best enchantments is probably enough of a rune sink. Imagine picking your skills based on Gheed’s gambling; not such a fun idea, right?

    • Gheed’s gambling was the first thing that came to mind when I heard about the current iteration of the rune system. Seems like they kind of over-complicated this to me.

      • I totally agree, the first time they mentioned the “unattuned” idea, I about lost my sh*t. It seems like such a poor implementation of an otherwise awesome idea. I would much prefer rank and color to drop, and random affixes added permanently once socketed.

  3. I actually like this new system a lot. It makes the end game min/max game so much more varied, which is always a plus.

    However, about there being some \best skill combinations\ with \best runes\ cookie cutter builds, I would disagree with that. There will, obviously be some \best\ runes, and rune effects and skills, however one thing that I think is significanlty improved in D3 over D2 is the number of viable builds. Obviously goals of any RPG dev would be to maximize (to reasonable limits) the number of viable builds and minimize number of perfect/great builds and crappy builds. Of course it isn´t possible to ever really remove crappy builds, and there will always be mathematically superior builds as well, but one thing that devs said they want to do is maximize the number of viable builds and I would agree with them that they have certainly done so. In my opinion, success in D3 will be mostly dependant on players actuall skill rather then the too often scenario from D2 of \I have no idea how to play the game, but I am using the best build so I am rocking\. It seems to me that most/all skills are perfectly viable and xour success is dependant on your game skill. That combines with relativly small (from what I´ve seen) mathematical advantage optimal builds will have, should make for an interesting, varied and, most importantly, fun, playing experience. And people said that removing skill points was a bad thing (admitadly, I though so too at first)

  4. If I understand the system correctly, it sounds very annoying. I thought Blizzard’s whole goal with the new skill/rune system was to give players more choice and ability to customize their characters more effectively. This appears to hinder that. Just perusing the skills and rune modifiers on the Diablo 3 site, I know in a matter of seconds which runes in which skills would appeal to me (not having played the beta or knowing what encounters lie ahead). For example, the Crimson rune appeals to me the most on most of the skills in the game. What does it add to the game to to force me to throw away potentially dozens of runes on a skill until a rune is \attuned\ the way I was looking for all along? At least with D2, you can always force the issue by crafting the runes you need in the Horadric Cube out of the runes you don’t need, here you put the rune on a skill and hope the lottery comes through for you, if not you turn it into pixie dust?

  5. The system wouldnt be so bad if they added some sort of a box/UI feature that would hold all the runes without taking up space in the stash.

    • Yes, it would be nice for the player. Such a system could be smoothly incorporated into the Jewler’s interface, serving as another stared stash of sorts. Every toon deposits runes with the crafter. Right after your desired character gets a rune unsocketed, you can access matching runes right at the crafter.
      However, this means more programming time and less pressure to trade on the AH often. Thus, unlikely to happen.

  6. Obviously, since I play Diablo, I enjoy grinding.

    But….it bothers me to grind items to unlock skills, One of the pleasures of this genre in general is that you grind items for gear and grind exp for skills.

    Which means, after a long time of thinking that ditching skill points was a fine decision, I might be changing my mind.

  7. I have a feeling this system could be a bit more cumbersome than it should be.  While it may not be \that bad\, I don’t see it as the optimal(most fun) option.  Throw in some random affixes, and that of course starts to change.  But as far as randomly getting the rune type you want… 

    In Path of Exile, the skills basically randomly drop in the world, apart from a few quest reqards that let you choose a handful.  The problem with this is that you go hours and hours without getting the skills that you are looking for and it is frustrating.  \Yay, ANOTHER Fireball…  Gimme an Ice Nova already!\ 100+ runes possibilities per class, 7 levels per rune, and random color locking… 

    The drop rate would have to be obscene for players to get what they want in a non-frustrating span of time. Minus trading, but that would be a poor excuse to leave this system as is.  I would say make the runes drop with color already locked and visible.  Then, when players socket them they are bound to that skill forever.  You already get the randomness from the drop, we don’t need another layer on top of that for the socket aspect.  Just add in the affixes.  Better yet, make the affixes unique to the runestones and not found on items. 

  8. I like the system, it provides a challenge and does not allow us to get to the best possible builds right off the bat.  It also provides the necessary ruin sink that is needed

  9. I think Blizzard designed this system on the basis that there is trading in D3. Hence why the frustrations that Risingred is natural, as there is no trading on the emulated game. I think the system won’t suffer from those frustrations in the real game, as you can simply go to the Auction house and buy the rune you want for a very decent price (in theory the same price as the one you don’t want).

    • Kind of a myopic view that my gametime should revolve around trading, and even then, assume that not only will I find what I’m looking for but be willing to pay whatever price is attached.

      So it is now good game design to make my gametime completely dependent on the will of another player? Sounds fun. I know you’re the “trade guy” or whatever, but not every game decision has to revolve around it. The game should be developed separately from it.

      This isn’t even delving, then, into perceived value of unattuned runes. Like cacophy said, you’re basically gambling for something you kind of need to play your build the way you want. These aren’t standard items; they drastically alter the way you play the game. Some things shouldn’t be left to chance.

      I have no issue with random mods on the runes. They scrapped charms so that would be a decent place to make up for the loss of customisation. However, not knowing the color of the rune turns out to be kind of stupid. The “attunement”, in my ever-so-humble opinion, should be attuning mods.

      I’m sure this is in but just not operable in what little the emulator can offer at the moment. If you look at the tooltip that Flux posted, it does say “Magic Alabaster Runestone” so unless “magic” is the base item type of a runestone, there could be rare or even legendary runestones with extra mod slots? So then it’d be even super f’ing special to get a legendary unattuned level 7 rune and it turns out to be not only trash mods but a color you don’t want.

      Because this is fun game time.

      • I don’t think there would be an issue if they let us craft basic runestones of what ever color we want.

        • My issue is this:

          Can someone, anyone, look at this system, or the systems that have been described, and tell me how, in any way possible, this change was even remotely necessary or good?

          I mean, if you came up to me in 2009 and said, Red, we’re doing this attunement system, I would look at you blankly and ask you “Why?”.

          • Deep Breath…
            The idea was to bring the same excitement you get from identifying a rare item.  At the same time, it increases the loot lust by making each rune that drops random in its color and bonus.  Players have to play the game longer to get the rune they truly want, without making high end runes ultra rare drops.
            Think of the runestone system as a slot machine, each time you pull that handle (most slot machines don’t use handles anymore they just have buttons) you might hit it big.  With this system you get a lot of chances due to it not being so rare of a drop.  That feeling of excitement is lost in the middle of a fight.  They moved the excitement you get to a point when all you are doing is sitting there staring at the slot machine (aka skill page).   It also gives you a few seconds to sweat about if each rune will be awesome or not, making each rune drop something of a special occasion.
            Other things this system does is: lets the player try new rune effects that they may not have initially tried to use.  Present the player with choices that they have to think about.  Finally it is a gold sink, it takes money to remove runes.

          • That’s fine and all, but not something you need to attach to the skills system itself. Personally, I never liked the ID mechanic. The yellow/gold/green item popping out in the first place was the exciting part. ID scrolls never added anything to that.
            As for the slot machine, that’s great for loot, recipes, etc. But your skills, the things you need in order to play the game, it’s terrible. Not only that, there are better ways to do it, and I think they already have an idea that they’re going towards. Imagine level 6 and level 7 don’t drop; the Mystic needs to craft them. In order to craft a level 6 (and eventually level 7), she needs a) a rune of the previous rank (of the color you wish to make), b) some rune dust or other “common” materials, and c) the runestone core, a rare material that isn’t guaranteed when you crush a runestone. Crushing runes for the cores is the random gambling component, and keeps level 7’s pretty rare. And, you could add random affixes (plus damage, plus range/area, resources, etc) to really tweak the runes and make them endlessly sought after/traded for.

      • I’d say it’s more short-sighted to ignore the presence of trading (or its impact on the game). Especially since the option is available easily to everyone through the Auction House.

        Furthermore, you will very likely be using the skills you want, the only trouble will be upgrading them to the final rune tiers. Considering that trading for end-game equipment was considered a staple of D2, I don’t see why you disparage the same thing in D3.

        • B/c outside of the really weird O-skill builds, you could still play the game/kill monsters/use your skills w/o the best of the best gear that was nearly impossible to get w/o trading. The AH and gear grind is fine when you talk about stuff that makes you better at what you do, but not fine when you need it to do what you do in the first place.

  10. 192 skills * 5 level 7 rune effects = 960 level 7 runes.
    350 shared stash slots + 40 slots per character inventory * 10 characters = 750 storage units.
    750 < 960 => It is not possible to be runestone completionist on a single account.

  11. I wonder how long until someone develops a hack to determine the type of unattuned runes.  I dislike the idea of trading for an ‘unknown’ rune type, hoping it is the one I need, when the other person knows full well it is one of the common/less desirable types.

    • From an implementation standpoint, it’s extremely unlikely that that’ll be possible. While they could implement it such that every unattuned rune that drops has a secret color, it’s much more likely that unattuned runes are just all unattuned runes, and they randomly roll a color at the time of socketing. In other words, every unattuned rune is an identical item. The rune’s color isn’t simply hidden; it outright doesn’t exist. (Security measures aside, it’s just a cleaner implementation.)

  12. I don’t see why they don’t just leave it the original way and have runes leave circulation via crafting.  With the way it is right now if you wanted every rune for every skill in the game that’s 560 inventory slots. I don’t want to have to go and buy new runes every time I try a new build. So they either need to give us a rune inventory of some type or scrap this current system.

  13. Prediction: What is in the most current D3 build re: runes is nothing like what is being datamined.

  14. I think it would be best if runes dropped with only quality visible. Then you can identify it for a vanilla gold/ruby/etc. that works in any skill *or* take it to the jeweler to get it attuned to a skill…and get affixes! That system has everything I want — it would not be too much of a challenge getting the skill flavor you want but it also leaves room to grow after the first vanilla rank 7 rune you get. It could be a tough, interesting choice what to do with the runes you find right up to the end-game. Plus there’s the bonus of a massive end-game rune-sink in bad attunes which can be turned into dust to keep the economy healthy.

  15. 🙁 so much stuff they`re tweaking 🙁 i just want it out already

    • I am going to have to agree completely…..they system of just runestones dropping 1-7 was fine with me, but i can live with them having random mods. But to go and make them compelety random and ‘attuned” feels like a complete waste of time to me with all the balancing and what ever the hell else they make up for an excuse to say that d3 isnt done yet…….

      EDIT: Sorry rough day…..needed to vent lol

    • it was stated by Jay Wilson in a ForceStrategy interview at Blizzcon that the Rune system isn’t what’s delaying the game.  There are other issues they are working on which is allowing the rune team to play around with other ideas.  Jay said either rune system they’ve implemented is release ready.

  16. From what I understand, we pick up the 5 rune types (all 7 ranks – ranks 5-7 now drop in Inferno) through normal drops, and then we can salvage runes and use the rune dust from the rune of a given rank to craft an unattuned rune of the next rank, probably with the random extra affixes.

    This to me seems like the ideal solution, it gives that element of randomness that Jay wanted in the runes, solves pretty much all the inventory issues (I think) and still lets us have control over our rune choices.

  17. “Say you wanted Crimson in a skill 90% of the time, but in 10% of scenarios, (or for PvP) Obsidian was better. You’d be able to switch back and forth, though this would require paying the Jeweler to remove the runestone each time.”

    At least for gear you don’t really need to pay anything to switch back and forth. All you do is get another of the same item and socket it differently.

    I wish there was a way to do the same for skills though.

  18. Isn’t the emulator a poor source of info?
    I mean, you could spawn unicorns whenever you socket a rune.

    • I’m not a programmer, but as I understand it the emulator is just unlocking various pieces of game data. It’s not adding or modifying anything, unless you do that intentionally.

      The real uncertainty comes from the game data available in the beta not being the final version, and the fact that the code isn’t cleaned up. So there are game features in the code that haven’t been enabled in the game for years, like the talisman and charms, that you might think were current, from an emulator, if you didn’t know better.

      In this case though, we know the runes are undergoing this evolution and it meshes with the unattuned runestones on the official site, and the mystic recipes and materials, etc.  So we can take it as at least fairly current, and speculate from there.

      • “and the fact that the code isn’t cleaned up.”

        This…so very much this. For reasons I won’t get into because they’re boring. These “emulators” are pretty sorry, but they’re good for poking around and gathering info/visuals for a wiki. If you know a bit about code you can poke around and make a reasonable estimate at how accurately a certain system is being emulated.

  19. The cynic in me thinks this is really clever.  I mean, pretty much anyone who’s spent a bit of time with the skill calculator has a fairly good idea of what build they want, but in order to actually be able to play that build, they’ll have no choice but to use the AH.  Whether they use the gold AH or the RMAH, Blizzard wins, since gold and real money are interchangeable.
    Man, I sure hope they revert this.

  20. Quite disappointing if they don’t add affixes to the runes. Soundedlike such a good way to make you want to socket endless amounts of them, even after getting rank 7.

    Randomly attuned runes still sounds crappy though.

  21. “In his testing, Risingred is trying to get specific types of runestones, rather than testing out a wide variety, so bad rolls are purely annoying, rather than an opportunity for experimentation.”

    An oppurtunity for experimentation? I’d rather not have such “oppurtunities” forced on me by a crappy system that throws in a horrible extra layer of randomization to things… Unless runes are dropping from every other monster and there’s a way to easily reroll them, then this attunement thing sounds stupid… If anything it hurts experimentation by no longer allowing people to freely try out different rune types in different skills and locking each and every rune into one effect of one skill you probably don’t even want to use two thirds of… I’m fine with armor and weapons being random, I’m fine with the ranges of stats on enhancements being random, I’m fine with the gem drops and even the rune types that drop being random, and I actually really like the sound of random affixes on runes, however, I hate the idea of locking runes to one effect of a skill when they effect your playstyle so much… It’s like forcing us to pay gold to the Nephalem Altar to randomly assign us skills in each slot and hope that we get the ones we want…

  22. Wow, this seems like a _terrible_ system. I’ll be shocked if this is still present when the game is released.

  23. The Runestone change was driven by UI concerns regarding presentation of information. A Rank X Colour Runestone would need to explain what it does with every single player-equipped skill, and it was hard to present this information concisely.

    Unattuned Runestones are born of that dilemma along with a few others – they weren’t specifically created because of an abundance of Rank 7 Runestones.

    • Go to mystic, choose which skill you want to attune your rune to. Tooltip shows what it does for this skill only.
      Problem solved.

      I don’t believe Blizzard couldn’t come up with a better solution for a tooltip issue, than this.

      • Honestly, it’s a pretty good solution all told. And if they want you to be able to socket your first runes in the field, then forcing people to use the Mystic is counter-productive.
        A lot of the fussing about this is pointless. With the Auction House, and low level runes “dropping like candy”, using the skills you want won’t be a problem.

  24. great system for bliz if blizzard wants to increase their cut on the RMAH. Undoubtedly certain runes are going to be valued greater than others… Cookie cutter builds and all. There will be high demand for certain runes that will fetch probably more than double the price of other runes of the same rank but differing type. Depending on rarity of said runes will be even more problematic in getting your hands on the rune you want for your build if it is one of those high demand and hard to find ones.  Really this is an awfully complicated and terrible system on so many levels. Depending on the build you want and how scarce the drop and popular the runes you need are, you are pretty much depend entirely on other players and the economy. Suppose I want web shot on my DH, but the Alabaster rune does not show up often on the AH and when it does its priced very high. With the RMAH its even more probably that the rune would be put on that more often because of its demand and rarity. Cool, If I really want to customize my class to a playstyle I like I will have to throw out real cash in a situation like this. That’s just absurd. If I am opposed to the RMAH and cant find my rune for gold, I suppose I’m left to gamble endlessly and hope I get lucky.   Really, random affixes to runes when socketed was such a cleaner, simpler and better way than rune gambling. Might as well bring back Gheed, which I think the reasoning for removing was pigheaded. I have to agree with Rising on this… after using the emulator to do the rune attuning it was incredibly frustrating and just not fun at all. The possible consequences are even more horrendous. Lets hope blizz chooses quality over Gheed.

  25. The current system is horrible, it was fine the way it was before, heck it was even the system I liked most of all of them. 🙁

  26. Sounds good system. I do not really see the problem, if it creates more build variety over people. If you don’t get the type you want, just salvage it and craft new ones. If you are lucky you get what you want, then use or sell for high amount of money. It seems people just want everything without hard grinding.. It will be other story if system is badly build and too complex, but nothing wrong runes for being unattuned. Besides, this saves space, not take more, like said by Blizzard.

  27. Found this qoute from Bashiok on this subject when checking blue tracker this morning:
    “We actually have moved on from the previously discussed unattuned system. We’ve been trying many different ideas out, but we’re not quite comfortable enough with any of them yet to invite you in and see what you think.

    Let me also say that the old system wasn’t broken, per-se, it just had a few issues we thought we could resolve. Runestones are a huge part of Diablo III, and we think it’s worth trying out some alternatives and see if we can’t improve it. But if all of our experiments fail we can easily go back to the original system, and it will still be totally awesome.”

    Sounds like unattuned runes are out… for now.

    Edit: Here is the link to the battlenet forum with Bashiok’s reply: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3657606210?page=1#0

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