On IncGamers This Week

It’s time for a recap of all the gaming goodness going on around IncGamers this week. On the main IncGamers.com site we have…

  • Preview of Borderlands 2
  • Sniper Elite v2 interview
  • Kinect Star Wars review
  • Wrecked Revenge Revisted review
  • MLB 12: The Show review
  • Trials Evoution interview
  • Path of Exile preview
  • Naval War: Arctic Circle preview
  •  IncGamers Plays Confrontation video preview
  • and also a recap of last month’s IncGamers Play video previews in case you missed any of those.
  • On GWOnline.Net we also have an exclusive interview with the ArenaNet development team who discuss the Beta test and skills.

This week’s IncGamers Podcast is now live which discusses Path of Exile, Star Wars Kinect, Confrontation and some of the April Fools news stories from the weekend. You can watch the video version below, listen on the website or subscribe via iTunes.


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    8 thoughts on “On IncGamers This Week

      • The fact that it’s posted on the largest D3 news site means it’s related…. Sort of.

      • did you read the title of the news item ?

        did the title imply in any way at all that it was supposed to relate to D3 ? 

        no, it’s “On IncGamers …” 
        you obviously don’t realize this, but Incgamers is more than just diablo.incgamers 

        • I did sir!
          Nope it didn’t.
          Your are also correct, however, I go to incgamers for other games, I go to diablo.incgamers for Diablo specific news and information.
          Both sites rock, carry on.

    1. Well some people, “not all of you”, actually play other games and with all the effort we put in to cover lots of different games, it’s nice to let those people know about all the hard work we are doing. Plus a lot of you guys are checking out POE too and many of you will have played Borderlands. I don’t need to explain this really, it’s not rocket science 😉

    2. Borderlands 2 is going to be a day-one purchase for me — So I actually read something off it 🙂

      The first one was great because of its adaptation of the ‘diablo-esqe’ style of randomization, but with guns!   

      • I enjoyed 1 but the person I was playing with couldn’t stick with it (he got bored!) so I just stopped too.  I loved claptrap 🙂

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