An official Xbox Site Confirms Diablo 3 for 360?

The official Xbox Facebook site for Australia and New Zealand have made a rather interesting post a short while ago. This could well be off the back of the other day’s news regarding the console version of Diablo 3 (team’s formation announced in October 2010). The update simply states:


“Looks like Blizzard will be bringing Diablo III to the Xbox 360! ‘Like’ the sound of that?”

This has not been confirmed by Blizzard but it’s unusual for this sort of update to appear on an official website.  Either their CMs have jumped to conclusions (based on this news item) or jumped the gun before an official press release has been issued by Blizzard.  Either way someone’s getting a smacked bot bot I bet.

I don’t recall seeing a job advert for an Xbox 360 specialist in the past but there was one for a PS3 person back in June of last year.

Thanks go to Ratamahatta for the news tip.

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    15 thoughts on “An official Xbox Site Confirms Diablo 3 for 360?

    1. Well this is a no brainer to be honest and everyone should of expected it eventually.  Xbox is easier to program for not to mention more users as well.

      I guess what i am most curious about is weather console, Mac and PC users co-exist and all play together on

      • Well no, most didn’t see it happening since XBL is locked down and can’t connect outside of its network unlike PSN. Same reason as to why Dust 514 is PS3 exclusive.

        There’s a chance PS3 and PC will be able to play together but no chance that 360 will (same as Portal 2).

        • Well there was a game called SHADOWRUN (it sucked) for the Xbox360 and PC.. and they could play together..

    2. there will hardly be any interplay, Microsoft have a very tight leach on its XBL plattform, but it would be a huge seller if it did happen, but with all the security in place for D3 and the fact that 360 is very much moddable I don´t see it happen. Valve did make it happen with Portal 2 and Steam/PSN. But if there is one plattform that would suit Diablo III best its XBL the services is lightyears better then PSN, at least its stable and always up 😉 And the installbase is better. Microsoft is known for putting alot of money into buy the rights for exclusives, way more then Sony do, but Sony have a lot more firstparty teams with tripple A IP´s. Don´t think Blizzard will go for only one plattform when they do a console version.

    3. So do I have the score right, we’re waiting here for like 10 years and the people who get “good news” today are xboxers and we’re supposed to welcome them? There is no god.   😥

      If I ever meet a blizzard employee, Im going to hug them like a long lost brother, thank them for the diablo franchise, and then promptly punch them in the face.

      sorry, im tired. 😉

      • ho hum.  In brief what’s been reported on this site including this news item above.

        1. A console version is being explored.

        2. Josh thingiemajig is heading up that team and he was introduced to us last October.

        3. The team is exploring the possibility of making a console version (that’s the official line anyway, ‘exploring’ although I think they’re beyond that now but that’s another story and beside the point)

        4. If they do do it it won’t be a simple port they want it to feel like it was made for the console. (I guess that’s why they’re being coy about it just in case it doesn’t feel right.)

        5. The release of any console version has not been announced by Blizzard.

        That’s all that has been officially confirmed by Blizz to date.


        So, that’s a “no”.

    4. Interesting… Another semi-official announcement regarding D3 from a social networking account of a non-NA part of a US company… Seems like the foreign branches of US companies are the only real sources of info at this point because they aren’t as closely controlled (read: stingy and full of b.s.) as the domestic employees…

    5. I would be pleased to see it on the 360. Getting older so I need to be on the couch or recliner playing a hack and slash game instead of my pc chair. Make it happen Blizz!

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