Official Site Updates the Artisans

Blizzard has updated some info and new screens of the three Artisans on their official site. The screens show four levels for each of the Artisan wagons, with the wagons in what appears to be a basement of Bastion’s Keep; it’s certainly not their Tristram location, and it doesn’t look anything like the desert Act Two setting we’ve seen the Mystic’s wagon in previously.

There are 10 (at last check) upgrade levels for the Artisans, so it seems like these 4 shots are samples; maybe level 1, 3, 7, and 9, or thereabouts. Click them for much larger views, with all four steps for each Artisan in the same shot, to save you on needless clicking.



The crafting recipes are updated as well, even compared to what we’ve had in the Diablo Nut since the last patch, but they’re clearly nowhere near finished. If you look at the updated Blacksmith’s plans, for instance, are mostly still placeholders, with every entry above the “Master” level just listing the item type, and +2-6 random modifiers. (Sets and Legendaries from the Blacksmith plans still have no stats listed at all. )

Note that Master is a fairly low level competency; so basically just the first 100 out of 302 listed Blacksmith recipes are not placeholders. (Naysayers may cite this fact in their *D3 will never make an early 2012 release* rants in comments.)

Incidentally, as much dialogue and story as they’ve worked him into, I guess this is out of the question, but why is the DiabloWikiJeweler still in the game? His initial design had him crafting rings and amulets, along with upgrading and unsocketing gems. Now that crafted jewelry seems to be out of the game (they’re saving it for the expansions, most likely), the Jeweler does nothing but socketing (which could easily be transferred back the Blacksmith) and upgrading gems.

Remember in D2, when we had a handy cube that could upgrade gems (and runes) for free, anywhere, at any time? Like all D2 systems, the D3 devs have greatly upgraded that old thing, and now we have to go back to town, run to an NPC, and spend gold to upgrade gems. In other words, gem upgrades in D3 are both expensive and inconvenient. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for witty, Chinese-accented conversation with the subtly-named DiabloWikiCovetous Shen.

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22 thoughts on “Official Site Updates the Artisans

  1. Just as a note, these shots are from Bastion’s Keep.
    Edit: Derp I read the first paragraph alright.

  2. Everything is slowly becoming Bejeweled. Before you know it we’ll be chasing little demons with different gems in their heads in an attempt to catch them all.

  3. My God… did anyone notice…
    The enchantment from mystic is EXTREMELY nice, and guess what is the material? Rune DUST… I think this is a brilliant Rune Sink….

  4. My initial thought was that the look of the artisan’s shop was supposed to match the difficulty level. 4 difficulties, 4 variants of each shop. But I could be wrong… I’m usually wrong.  😕

    • Nope, theres 10 levels… For the blacksmith and jeweler its 1-4 in normal, 5 and 6 in nightmare, etc. and the Mystic has 1-3 in normal and 4-6 in nightmare because you get her later… my guess is that these screen shots are of level 1 and then the highest level from each act as we know that last one of the blacksmith’s cart is the highest for him…

      • Yeah I knew there were 10 levels, but I just assumed the look of the shop only improved in the different difficulties or something. I sure hope the look changes for every level, just to keep it fresh.

    • Yeah, I was kind of disappointed that they don’t get new clothes and such to match their upgraded abodes…

  5. I found it kind of amusing that they kind of copied the names of the ranks of the WoW professions for the names of the artisan levels… journeyman, apprentice, master, grand master, and illustrious are all in WoW already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if future WoW expansions use magnificent, resplendent, etc.

    • I once had a dream that Diablo III had a release date. When I woke up, I was so pissed off at my unconscious mind for the MASSIVE SPOILERZ that I punched my brain in its stupid face. #-.-

    • Yes, given that those aren’t spoilers.  BTW, the 5th char is the Demon Hunter; a game info reveal only slightly less publicized than the fact that Act 2 i set largely in a desert.

  6. I’m disappointed there are no crafted rings or amulets. I wonder what brought that decision on.

    • I suppose they thought it would be a good idea to have a few slots where you are completely at the mercy of the drop tables.
      Or auction house.

    • I agree. Give the jeweler something else to do.
      Wild mass guessing on an expansion!
      -randomized jewels (like D2X), jeweler crafts, gems or gem salvage are the primary materials
      -jeweler can craft rings/amulets, gems being important components of the recipe.
      -sapphires and diamonds make their triumphant return
      -talisman/charms are back; mystic crafts charms

  7. God forbid if we have to run back to town to upgrade our gems!
    You realize that gems are quite rare, you wont be finding them that often that it’d be a complete inconvenience to have to go back to town.
    Also, use your stone of recall. Wow, a quest item lets you freely go back and forth to town w/ a small CD. Its not like you have to buy scrolls of Tp anymore.
    Lastly, not all your gear is going to have sockets to throw that new gem you just found in it. DARN! You’ll have to visit the blacksmith to get a socket – and holy *#!$, you’re gonna have to pay gold.
    Great article btw, I agree about the Jeweler, he needs more to do than upgrade/remove gems. I love these daily updates on the Realm of Sanctuary

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