Official Site Updates Reveal Numerous Items Changes

As pointed out in Azzure’s forum thread and a detailed email from kamu, there are some big changes to the official site’s game info. This is interesting for the changes, and also since Blizzard’s site is updated as a database, like our DiabloNut, in that the info is pulled directly from the game files. Diablonut can only pull from the latest beta patch, but the official site has access to the latest version of the full game, and thus gives us a useful preview of things to come.

There are big changes to the crafting system, with the generic Page of Training removed and replaced by Pages of Blacksmithing, Pages of Jewelcrafting, Tome of Blacksmithing, and Tomes of Jewelcrafting. As you’d guess from the names, these are used to train the DiabloWikiBlacksmith and the DiabloWikiJeweler, but they are also a required material in all of the higher level crafting recipes. Previously those pages and tomes were only needed to train up the Artisans and became useless after that. No more! Now you’ll be saving them up forever, especially once you get to Inferno, where you’ll need a new type found only on that level.

Tome of Secrets: Tome of incredible power, used by the most skilled artisans to train their abilities and craft potent items.

These are required in every Inferno level armor or weapon crafting recipe (which is more than half of them) and they’re required for higher level Artisan training, and even to upgrade the higher level gems. Let’s hope they drop pretty regularly, on Inferno.

Click through to read more details on numerous new game stuffs, including crafting item changes, big changes to the whole crafting item system, lots of new Legendary item info, gems changes, and more.

Crafting and Materials

Another change can be seen on the Crafting Materials page, which has been simplified again. Long ago we had white, blue, yellow, and orange DiabloWikimaterials for all four difficulty levels. A few patches ago white materials were removed, and now legendary are gone as well, until DiabloWikiInferno when the Fiery Brimstone makes its appearance. (Interestingly, there are no legendary recipes listed, so not a single Blacksmith recipe requires that legendary material.) Normal, Nightmare, and Hell only have blue and yellow mats, which greatly simplifies the system, for better or worse.

You can see these material changes in the new recipes on the Blacksmith and Jeweler crafting pages. These seem to match the current beta state of the game, where there are only a fraction as many recipes as we saw in earlier beta patches. Previously there was a new, slightly improved plan for every item type every 6 or 8 levels, which made for a very simple upgrade system. You’d craft a blue item at level 5 or 6, and by level 10 or 12, when the first item was growing underpowered, another recipe for a big upgrade of the same type of item (sword, chest armor, one-handed xbow, helm, wand, etc) would become available. And then another one at level 18ish, then 24ish, and so on.

This must have seemed good in dev theory, but it was way too easy in practice. It gave players no reason to bother trying to find items, since you could always craft something better, and players often joked that monsters might as well just drop materials, to save us the time spent picking items up and salvaging them. This new system reduces the number of crafting recipes greatly, and again makes item hunting (from monsters and chests and NPC merchants) a factor in the early game.

Also note how heavily-focused on the end game the crafting recipes are. There are 201 listed for the Blacksmith, more than half of which have a level 60 minimum requirement, and every one of those requires at least one (usually five or more) Tomes of Secrets. Some of the highest level recipes have crazy costs; how about 67/19/19! To assemble those materials you’d have to salvage 19 rare items, plus 42 blue items (all items found on Inferno), and find 19 Tomes of Secrets. And that’s just one try; you’d probably want to craft it multiple times to get a really good roll on the random mods.

Legendary Items

Legendary items are much changed as well. There are still only a few listed (and Bashiok confirmed that there are many more not yet displayed), and they still don’t list their properties. But the DPS listings are very different than base items of the same type, and you can kind of discern the sort of modifiers they’ll have from comparing those values.

Compare the Azurewrath to the other level 60 one-handed swords, or the Windforce to the other level 60 bows, for instance. The others just list the base item stats, and their potential number of modifiers. Windforce lists a vastly higher damage and faster attack rate; features derived from the item’s properties… which are not yet listed.

Also note that the damage type is shown by the splash graphic behind the item icon. On the crossbows page you have a big icy snowflake behind the infamous Burrito Cannon, poison behind Pus Spitter, flames behind Hellrack, etc. Nice indication there that the returning D2 uniques will have mods that honor their original forms.


Gems have changed as well. Now socketing bonuses are only listed for weapons and helmet; “other” is gone, so presumably are sockets in things like body armor, belts, pants, amulets, and other objects that previously had them. I guess shields are gone too, since grouping them in with weapons would seem weird.

If you guys have noted other new changes, or just interesting details, fire them into the comments where everyone can benefit and debate.

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52 thoughts on “Official Site Updates Reveal Numerous Items Changes

        • We can only speculate, but I think these things are a mixture of balance and saving features for later. The basic D3C is much simplified in many areas; no mystic, no enchants, no charms, no talisman, limited gems, limited sockets, etc. All of these things will be added to in patches and expansions.

          You can look at this two ways: 1) We’re getting ripped off and a game after 7 years of dev is stripping features to make a late release date. 2) Lots of proposed features during dev aren’t perfectly polished yet and will be added later in a better working form.

          • Well then, I guess my outlook depends on whether the features will be paid content, or not.  Now, unless the game is a real steamer (which I highly doubt), I will be buying any expansions; however, it will still strike me as poor taste to sell a fan base something (many somethings) that was originally advertized as included in the basic game.  They created the hype, they should stand behind their product (as advertized).  I guess I’m old school that way (I am old).

    • I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but prior to this update the Gems gave advantages to certain types of characters. For instance the Topaz gave MF and Dexterity, which will be pretty much useless on the Wiz, WD, and Barb. 

      Same with the Emerald, it used to give GF and Intelligence, useless for Barb, Monk, and DH.



      • Not useless, you’re only thinking about damage, but there is also resource generation, crits and shit.

      • That was depending on which slot you placed the gem in, however. A topaz wasn’t useless for the Wiz, WD, or Barb if they wanted to use it for Magic Find instead of Dexterity.

        That said, I’m not against getting away from class-specific bonuses for gems. 

  1. The gem changes look really lame…I really don’t like the term “dumbing down”, but that’s what it looks like to me this time.

    • I really don’t want to believe that all sockets but in helms and weapons are gone. Doesn’t make any kind of sense to me.
      Also the item info “Can be inserted into armor with sockets” supports that it should be “armor” instead of “helm” in the info. Maybe it’s an honest mistake, or just wishful thinking from my side.

      • It’s simple. Balance. Being able to shove 10 gems of the same kind into your gear tips the scales too much into one direction. Happens in D2 and would have happened in D3 as well. The developers were smart enough to see it, so they changed it.

        • IMO the devs changed that not because of balance issues but because they didn’t want to waste their time trying to fix the gem system. Its way easier to simply remove something that its not working well than trying to fix it. As always, another feature removed from D3 because Blizzard is too lazy.
          It was the same thing with the attributes changes. Blizzard changed it as fast as possible instead of trying trying to fix the system. Nevertheless I had no objections against the automatic attributes because I thought players would be able to make fine adjustments in their stats by using gems, like in the previous versions, but now that gems are mostly gone I’m really disappointed with the attribute system.

          • If you think constantly min-maxxing with gems, runes and stats is good game design, then maybe you should just stick to Diablo 2.

  2. It does feel like gems got dumbed down, but I still feel that crafting and inferno runs could easily make up for this. If you are playing min-max, you would just be mindlessly filling body-armor with gems for extra damage or life, thus degrading gems to being no more than ‘guaranteed modifiers’. If this is the case, I would agree with blizzard that it doesn’t really add much to the builds.
    Yay random!

    • Why? You can’t socket a weapon for increased magic find. If you put a topaz in your helm it gives you bonus magic find, but that’s it. If you put it in a weapon it gives you a thorns effect. Am I missing something? 

    • huh yeh. Mystic is needed to fix info on Emerald-weapons !!MISSING!! Critical_Damage_Percent etc

  3. so now we cant even socket the stat´s we like 😉 oohhhh no, this will start the customization threads agian….

  4. I’m really worried about the tomes. It’s so bad to be needed a special tome for every recipe. Just like warcraft. And that’s one of the worst things with warcraft. Having to grind that special material for weeks to be able to build an armor or weapon. Now we don’t have any raid locks in Diablo 3. But still! They could have done this a different way

    • Your crazy, and sound like you play more casual which is why they gave you the RMAH. If that’s not the case why on earth would you want it to be easy to make high end crafted items? then every kid and there mother will have exactly what you have.
      If I’m going to have to compete with people who are going to empty there wallets to acquire gear, I want at least some edged over the rest of the people if i happen to get those mats early.

      • You are misunderstanding me or I was a bit sloppy to explain. I just don’t like the fact that it’s ONE item, and one item only for upgrades. I would like it to be many different tomes sort of a rune system. Would be more fun to get some excitement when you find it. Finding your 243:rd Tome of secrets won’t be so much exciting. BTW I will only play HC 

        • uh no thanks.

          your excitement doesn’t come from getting a tome, but from the item crafted when using the tome. I absolutely love crafting in beta. Perhaps you are misunderstanding how crafting works??? A tome is just a material used for creating the item and the item rolls random affixes.

          • I disagree. I don’t like the normalization of items. Let me explain: Everyone will find tomes all the time. Was way more fun to find a JAH rune then it will be to find a tome. I like exclusitivity meaning i dislike everyone being able to craft every item like they did to World of Warcraft. I would hate it to happen in Diablo 3 aswell. Ofcourse in diablo we have mods but I don’t think it’s enough! Some items or crafting recipes should be extremly rare. I have crafted alot in Diablo 2 and liked having to find different runes and items for different crafts. Now everything is the same (sort of)

    • That’s nothing like Warcraft. In Warcraft there was a week-long cooldown for crafting special materials. This is entirely based on drops.

      Also: I know this might seem like a lot of materials, but according to everyone who whines about the RMAH they will all be available instantly for a credit card swipe, so no need to worry about the item hunt! /eyeroll

    • Seriously, stop comparing Diablo to WoW – it’s getting rather old, to be honest.
      In WoW, I craft item X 10 times, and I get 10 identical items. In Diablo 3, I can probably craft the same item 1-10 thousand times before I see a duplicate, at higher level crafting.

  5. We don’t know about the “no gems in armor but helm” thing… besides, here’s a quote at the jeweler site showing otherwise:
    “Add Sockets: Shen can etch a socket into shields, helms, belts, or pants, enabling nearly any piece of equipment to reap the benefits of gems.”

    • That page was written by some human, to describe the game at that point. The gems page and others pull right from the game client and reflect the current info.  The bliz web team will have to update the content pages to match the game changes, once things are finalized. We go through a similar process in the DiabloWiki, with most of the stats pulling right from teh game client, and then having to update the text info on the articles to match.

  6. If gems end up how they look on the site (and who knows if they will), they will be seriously lame and in need of tuning. Only weapons and helms = lame. And the effects don’t seem balanced at all. Who would ever take thorns on a weapon over extra damage? Maybe witch doctors would consider it, but it seems much more practical to just have more damage over some secondary effect.

    • you just answered your own question….. WD will take it.

      And because they’re not balanced and mindless that Blizz might limit the gems to only weapons and helms 

    • The thorns effect could be quite useful for Monks and Barbarians built for survivability. If monsters are hitting you more than you’re hitting them, the +50 damage from the topaz is better than the +20-40 from the ruby.

  7. For all you know, you may get 3-4 rares per boss/unique killed, and more than 10+ rares per “mf run”.
    Not saying that the crafting is cheap even if this is the case but not as crazy as one may think.

    Can’t comment on the tomes.

  8. Gotta have a reason to keep checking those bookcases after you maxed out the artisans.

  9. This is news? 

    Wow, I was reading that stuff last night or the night before (Australian time) and didn’t realise I was reading new updates lol.  

  10. I’m convinced that the current tooltips are just bugged or wrong, and will soon be changed to ARMOR and weapon, instead of HELM and weapon.

    I guess we’re reading too much into things. At least, I hope so.

    • Doubtfully. The experience, magic find, gold find, and +%life attributes were only available for helms before, and I don’t think they’d introduce them to that many more possible sockets.

  11. Pff, extra experience on gems. How useless is that? As if it is gonna matter once you get to level 60 (which you will be when you get the highest quality gems) whether your radiant star ruby adds 31% extra experience per kill. Give gems one fixed characteristic and then one (or more for higher levels) random one. The random characteristics stays, even if you upgrade the gem but it will become a bit more powerful. 
    +exp of past end-game gems : FAIL!

    • I guess its a good thing that you can make extra characters to put those gems in when your ready to level them. 😉

    • I think a cool solution would be to allow XP gains to provide some sort of benefit at max level. Perhaps you get a static size XP bar that will give you a cool bonus every time you fill it. That way, +XP items would have a benefit even at end game.

    • Lots of people create more than one character and would appreciate the ability to boost the experience received on other characters once their primary character has hit 60 and has some resources at their disposal.

      • There are a number of features in D3 that seem chiefly designed for twinking. +exp gear certainly fits that category, especially high level stuff like those gems. Not every feature in the game can/should/will be designed for end game use.

  12. We need a blue quote on this! The rest is pure speculation! Only Weapons and Helmets? That sound strange to me…

  13. Anyone notice even the highest level gems only have a level requirement of 1? I guess if you want, you can just buy a high level gem from the AH and easy mode through Normal and Probably nightmare as well… (600 life per hit..? +20-40 dmg?)

  14. This news is old to dataminers, but it’s good to see it get a front page mention, since it’s pretty exciting stuff, Keep in mind that Blizzard has scrubbed their copy of the data, and the may have scrubbed it wrong. When the official site first went up there were some spoilers in the items. I assume they’ve fixed that.

    Gems are allowable in: amulets, shields, bracers, belts, armor, helmets, and weapons. The official site even says so. The gem stats listed on the official website are incomplete. I’m sure of this. There are two reasons why. One, datamining, Two, you can filter items on the official website by “socketable” and many item types (like rings and boots) will appear greyed out but these item types will remain yellow.

    The main post should be edited so that people don’t panic. How about at least a mention that the official website is capable of being wrong? The full gem stats are:

    Amethyst: helm = increase max hp %, weapon = fixed amounts of life leech, other = +vitality

    Emerald: helm = gold find, weapon = increase damage by critical hits (by %), other = +dex

    Ruby: helm = +xp per kill, weapon = +weapon damage, other = +str

    Topaz: helm = magic find, weapon = thorns (lol), other = +int

  15. So it seems as if they took back the blacksmith’s ability to craft low level legendaries and sets. Otherwise, why get rid of low level legendary crafting mats?

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