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Blizzard’s running a fan vote costume contest. They’ve got 20 outfits, apparently from Blizzcon 2011 (though several have not shown up in any previous galleries from the show) with a mixture of pros and fans wearing them. You can #14 as a WoW Paladin in Firelands gear and ones who get lots of votes are eligible for prizes. The gallery of 20 entrants is here, and while page one looks all SC/WoW to me, #14 as a WoW Paladin in Firelands gear there’s a female Wizard (#20), and male Demon Hunter (#19), and Jojo in her succulent Tyrael’s Secret costume (#15). (DiabloWikiChristina Sims and her famous female Monk costume is not included in this vote, though she’s pictured on the contest page.)

You can see many more pictures of Diablo outfits worn at Blizzcon 2011 in our Cosplay gallery, including much better views of the Tyrael’s Secret model. Should you desire such visuals.

Update: Much debate in the comments as to whether #19 is a D3 female Wizard or a WoW Priest in lvl 5 gear. Looks like I’ll have to make another version of this meme image.

Update #2: Scorch Hellfire informs us that Christina Sims is in fact present, in #14 as a WoW Paladin in Firelands gear — clearly we’ll have to take his word for it.

Blizzard has updated all the legendary and set items on their official listing… by removing the stats. Bows, for instance. Previously these had (unimpressive) WiP stats, which many of us complained about. Blizzard then added a notice that the stats were temporary, but apparently more major reworking was necessary. Thanks to Azzure for the tip.

Legendary and Set items are being worked on. Check back soon to see their stats!

In happier news, Blizzard has updated their skill calculator to reflect the skills changed in the beta patch. The new passives are now included as well. Have fun with your hypothetical clicking! Thanks to Ryan, Anthony, and Mike for the tip.

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18 thoughts on “Official Site Updates

  1. why should i give a shit about this game when i already play wow? its just wow with a different theme and birds view camera. an example: the barbarian has a passive called juggernaut thats exactly like in wow. and many other things are exactly the same.

    fucking lol.

    • Indeed you shouldn’t! The real intent for this whole so-called development is to strangle Annual Pass out of you honest subscribers – good thing you’ve noticed it! Don’t let marketologists control you!

      As for the game, it is indeed very much like WoW. It is even played on the PC, just like WoW, you are supposed to sit in the very same chair in the very same pose. Oh those corporations…

    • I think a better question is this:
      “Why should I give a shit about your comment, as it provides less intuition than the average three year old.”

  2. btw Christina Sims is in this gallery… she’s the WoW paladin in Firelands gear… number 14 for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about… 

  3. “Blizzard’s running a fan vote costume contest.”
    I wonder when blizzard will have “FAN VOTES” for important things that the ‘FANS’ really want such as;
    “Blizzard’s running a fan vote to see if they should keep the online always or give an offline single player mode for diablo 3”
    😥 👿

  4. Of course. she’s well-known in the diablo community since her costume contest win and subsequent interview posted on blizzard’s site. That she’s easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.

  5. #20 is a priest, not a wizard :P.

    Apparently it’s a character named Sister Benedron which is a WoW action figure:

    The girl is a very much a fan as well.. “famous” youtuber who plays WoW herself.. is her channel. That’s mainly why she is in the lead tbh, she has lots of followers. The costume is good though so I don’t really mind.

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