incgamers diablo 3 clan and community

    Blizzard conveniently set up the official IncGamers Diablo 3 Clan and Community on Europe and America servers with the patch rollout securing the name we wanted rather than some bastardisation of it. If you’d like to join on either server just search for IncGamers and request an invite and either Flux or myself will accept the invite. That’s for Clan or Community or both as seems to be what most people are doing. If you’re a member of a clan already you can still join the IncGamers community.

    We will mainly be made up of some of the voices you see on the forums or in comments in the news, so a mixed bunch. As we’ve been here 17 years (this month, yay) there will of course be some old boys and girls mixed in with people who have only just appeared. The intention is friendly, helpful but in no way obliged to play with clan members every time you log on. We are open to Softcore and Hardcore.

    However, we have in place a no dickhead policy so if you have leanings towards being a bit of an arse this probably won’t be the clan for you. All others welcome, see you there.

    Update: Problem joining? Well, join the queue. Well no you can’t actually because of the anti-spam measures (I’m assuming). When you request to join the clan and/or the community we have to then send you an invite and we can only have a few of those out at any one time. If people are off-line when the invite is sent and can’t accept we have to wait until they’ve got back online and accepted, freeing up the backlog. Anyway keep trying and we’ll keep checking periodically.

    Possible solution – when someone requests to join a clan or community allow the admin to simply accept/deny rather than send an invite. Just saying.

    Update: The clan filled up to the 150 max very quickly and there were some technical issues. 1) The system puts a limit (around 30 it looked like) on how many invites could be sent out at once, so while waiting on replies for people who were in the clan on the PTR but hadn’t logged on yet today, we could not send out any new invites. 2) There’s a limit (about 20) on how many people can request an invite, and if you’re above that number you get an error message. 3) The clan limit is 150 and we hit that very quickly, but people can still request to join w/o getting a system error message.

    So apologies for tech difficulties and to the dozens of people who are currently requesting an invite when we can’t send any since we’ve hit the cap. Tomorrow we will split off an IncGamers Hardcore clan, and we’ll create an IncGamers 2 as well. Lots of people in the current clan will exit to join the new HC clan, which should free up space for current requests.

    Those issues aside, the first day of the Clan was great. Everyone enjoyed the motivation/envy from seeing other people making constant awesome legendary item finds, and there were many multiplayer games going with the easy matchmaking via the clan chat. Strategy tips for farming and new builds were going around as well, and the sense of community was a great addition to the game. See you guys tomorrow as we work through the growing pains.

    Update #2: IncGamers2 (INC2) and IncGamers Hardcore (IncHC) now exist on the US server. You can only be in one clan at a time, so choose wisely. We’ve also created IncGamers and IncGamers Hardcore on the EU server, if that’s your preferred region. Join and play with like-minded individuals. No gold spammers!

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