Blizzard included three updated FAQs in the Blizzcon 2011 press kit, and they’ve just been added to the DiabloWiki. There’s nothing you don’t already know if you’ve been following closely, but you may enjoy the updated info. The Auction House FAQ is about 5x the length of the other two put together.

    We only got one Diablo 3 panel on Friday, though it was packed with info, as our lengthy write-up shows. Saturday’s a busier day though:

    • Diablo 3 Lore Panel. 10-11am, Panel stage.
    • Diablo 3 Open Q&A. 11:30-12:30, Main Stage
    • Blizzard Cinematics: Making of the Black Soulstone. 3-4pm, Panel stage.

    We will have full coverage of these panels, posted during and immediately after they conclude. If past years are anything to go on, don’t expect a great deal from the Open Q&A, though perhaps as the game draws near the percentage of clueless “Does Nerkomanter returns!??1!” type questions will decline…

    In addition to those panels, you’ll note a bunch of “Blizzchat Live Forums” events, many of them with Diablo III in the title. A casual reader might mistake those *coughcough* for actual panels, the type that are chaired by game developers with new information to revealed. They are not. The “panel” is a lie! These events are held in small meeting rooms at the convention center, and they’re just fan discussions about Issue X. “X” being whatever that “panel” is themed around.

    Not that such events are worthless, but they’re the equivalent of a D3 chat channel with VOIP, if such a thing could exist without some kid screaming profanities every second. Well… admittedly, that’s impossible, so the analogy isn’t great, but my point is that there are not game developers at these events (at least not Diablo III developers) and the only Blizzard person is some CM moderator who drew the short straw that day. It might be fun to take part in such an event, though not while you could be playing the D3 Arena demo, but they can be ignored by non-attendees, since there’s zero chance of new info coming out of one.

    These Blizzchat Live Forums events first took place at last year’s Blizzcon, (though they were not included on the show schedule), and if there was any write up of the Diablo ones, I couldn’t find it. The only article I could find about them at all was on a WoW site.

    I’m belaboring the point, but I’ve seen some puzzled questions about those Blizzchat events and why we haven’t been reporting on them, so I wanted to explain. And now you know! (Watch DiabloWikiJay Wilson read this post Saturday morning, and decide to drop in on one of them just to mess with us.)

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