Official Diablo III Beta Forums, but Still No Beta (Yet)

Blizzard has added a Diablo 3 Beta Forum and a Beta Feedback Forum to their roster on There’s nothing in them yet but a “Welcome” post, and Bashiok says it’ll stay that way at least until tomorrow.

Oh, we just posted the forums to get them ready. Get some sleep.

In other “nothing to see here” news, Bashiok said that they are not yet sending out Beta invites, and that they’ll let us know when they are.

No invites have been sent. When we are sending invites we’ll let you know.

The invites in the news last week weren’t actually invites; they were emails from Blizzard that invited media members to submit a account they wished to be included on the list for Diablo III Beta access.

That said, I don’t suspect it will stop you guys from having much EXCITE!!!1!

Update: One point to consider. Monday is Labor Day, a national holiday in the US. Many people have the day off, and this three-day holiday weekend is a traditional time for road trips to the beach, picnics in the park, BBQs, etc. So…

  1. Blizzard will start the beta Friday, so people can play over the weekend and they (Bliz) can mostly vacation and play some also?
  2. Bliz is rushing to get everything ready for the beta (early next week?) so they can relax over this holiday weekend and return Tuesday and kick things into high gear?
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23 thoughts on “Official Diablo III Beta Forums, but Still No Beta (Yet)

  1. In itself its not really a tease. But following this drip drip of incremental progress through this site is positively tortuous. And I mean that in the very best way. Its the kind of slowly building excitement and sharing that with others which makes me visit this site several times a day.


  2. “Bashiok says it’ll stay that way at least until tomorrow.”


    My mind now has the ability to excite itself and prepare for disappointment at the same time. Thanks Blizz.

  3. What a sneaky comment. “get some sleep” could mean, “you better rest up for all the D3 you’ll be playing this weekend!”

  4. We will be pissed when they say “Only 1,000 invites are being sent out for now” and we will be pissed when it doesn’t start at all. Unless they send out some mass invites the first day it’s going to be one of those ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ moments 😉

  5. haha the beta now picture actually made me laugh…hurry…up….just drop a release date i dont even care how far away it is just dont keep teasing me.

  6. Feel like staring at this news all day. Beta can’t be so soon.. No wayyy! I reckon the beta would start after the weekend so they can keep an eye on things.

  7. I have a feeling it will start Friday, but most of us won’t get to play anyway.  The first are those with special invites.

    • I suppose the password protected game will be like this
      I don’t like the choice already 🙁
      there is “Once the game starts you cannot change this setting” – Maybe in future I want to allow or disallow my game for public audience – It’s my game and I want to do what ever I want with it

  8. I am excited and I hope they do the GameStop preorder bonus like they did with Starcraft 2 where you get a code to get in the beta for preordering.

  9. Diablo III is similar in style to its predecessor, Diablo II. The proprietary engine will incorporate Blizzard’s custom in-house physics, a change from the original usage of Havok’s physics engine, and feature destructible environments with an in-game damage effect.


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