Official Diablo 3 Site Stripped Back

There’s been a change on the official Diablo 3 site which hasdiablo 3 been stripped back to the bare necessities. This is something we also saw happen with the official Diablo 2 site.

Now there’s a big “Buy Now” image at the top with a simple new posts listing. Many of the other official sites have been changed in style over the months and the StarCraft 2 site has also been changed to this new format. The other sites for the really active games are now all flashy.

The question is, are Blizzard preparing for something new? Is this being changed now so it’s lower maintenance in the future? Why remove the clickable chat gem at the bottom which has been there since the Diablo 2 days?

The scaling back of an official site happened with Diablo 2 so it could be happening again ahead of something new. Interesting times leading up to BlizzCon.

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  1. I just want an amazing Diablo MMO filled to the brim with new content every so many months. It can be filled with micro-transactions…….whatever…..TAKE MY MONEY, FUCK YOU. Give me a Necromancer and a Druid and 5 billion interesting locations to explore with friends, JUST DO IT.

    @[email protected]

  2. The chat gen still kinda features, it’s in the helm the eyes go blue to black…

  3. A necromancer is what we need.

  4. Is it just me or is IncGamers lately being flooded by the gang of brainless retards that previously infested the Blizzard forums?

    It seems like those counterproductive and brainless people are now starting to spread their cancer here as well. I have noticed this around when the original Blizzard forums switched to their new layout.

  5. “I want Diablo MMO” (+41) <– this is horrific.

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