Official Diablo 3 PS3 and PS4 Announcement

We tuned in last night to catch it as it happened and this morning Blizzard issued an official press release announcing Diablo 3 for the PS4 and PS3.

The fate of Sanctuary will soon rest in the hands of PlayStation gamers around the world. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that it is developing Diablo III, the latest entry in its award-winning action–role-playing-game series, for the Sony PlayStation3 computer entertainment system. The company also today confirmed plans to adapt the game for Sony’s newly announced PlayStation4, its next-generation computer entertainment system.

The PS3/PS4 version of Diablo III will be based on the critically acclaimed core experience of the PC version, including all of the latest upgrades, such as the Paragon leveling system, customizable Monster Power, Brawling, and epic Legendary items. In addition, Blizzard is designing an all-new user interface, including an intuitive control scheme and a new dynamic camera perspective, that will make questing and combat in the world of Sanctuary feel like second nature on PlayStation platforms. Players will be able to battle their way through the story in single-player mode and also experience the hack-and-slash joy of destroying demons and collecting loot together with their friends via seamless four-player online and local co-op modes.

Blizzard also announced today that the PS3 version of Diablo III will be shown live at PAX East, taking place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from March 22–24. Attendees there will be the first in the world to pick up a controller and experience the fast-paced action and visceral gameplay ofDiablo III via the new custom-designed interface.

Diablo III looks and plays great on the PlayStation,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We put a lot of care and thought into the PlayStation version to make sure it would deliver an authentic Diablogaming experience, and we’re really pleased with the results. We can’t wait for players to try it out at PAX East.”

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    25 thoughts on “Official Diablo 3 PS3 and PS4 Announcement

    1. I feel like this partnership reminds me of the partnership with MegaBlocks.

      A corporate marriage of convenience with total disregard for the customer or quality control.


      • Ya, LMAO…. “critically acclaimed core experience”…someone find me a source… until then… BS!!!!!

          • Some of these quotes are hilarious.

            “At its core, Diablo 3 is a series of combat encounters and, when you realize just how carefully it’s put together, Blizzard’s expertise is staggering.”

            So many systems from previous Diablo titles have been improved, making for an approachable, rewarding and deeply satisfying treasure hunting game.”

            Lol… pretty sure each of these reviews is based on the first 4-5 hours of gameplay. Which, other than not being able to login for the first few days, seemed really fun. Then as you kept playing, and realized you haven’t used a single health potion, haven’t found a single unique item, start realizing how shitty the crafting is, see how poorly balanced the difficulty levels are (easy, easy, easy, 1 shotted), how awful the itemization is, how repetitive each area is… I’d like to see reviews based on a complete playthrough of the game (through inferno). I think we’d be seeing quite a few more 6/10s, as I think that’s a pretty fair score to give this game.

    2. Diablo received 8 awards from various sources.

      From best PC game of 2012 in Korea to best RPG game from

      Also nominated many times in the top 3 for 2012.

      Like the upcoming BAFTA awards…

      So HAHAHAH; you ass.

    3. Been said repeatedly, but it all makes sense now. Can finally stop asking “why the hell did they do X, and how did they take such a giant leap backwards in game design?”.

      Not really angry, glad to have an answer finally and can just let it go now. No longer do I need to check D3 news sites hoping for some miracle patch notes changing things. Can finally throw in the towel and be at peace with the biggest gaming disappointment of my 30+ years of computer gaming.

      I wish them luck with the console sales, will check back after the expansion is released.

    4. All I can say is: Fuck Blizzard. D3 was made with consoles in mind in a first place, that is why it feels so weird to many Diablo veterans. but what does thit Annoucment reälly means? That we can forget PvP, fixes or anything like that in near future, because D3 team will surely focus on console version.

      • Must say I’m quite confused about the outcry regarding this piece of ‘news’. For years, Blizzard was honest and upfront with one aspect of Fiasco III (they announced their plans for cross-platform development of the game a very long time ago), and now it occurs to players that the game wasn’t designed exclusively with PC gameplay in mind?

        Also, what kind of ‘additions’ did you expect to see being made to the main game beyond v1.7 that might be postponed now? You just got your PvP (though probably not what you asked for or thought you’d buy when you purchased the game) and avid ‘fixing’ of gameplay surely will continue at the current, racy 12-weeks-developement-plus-8-weeks-of-PTR-speed for those elaborate ‘proc coefficient for XYZ reduced from 0.482 to 0.481’ changes. =)

        • This “outcry” is from the realization the game will not have 2 separate versions, one for pc and one for playstation. All game design is for the lowest common denominator and simplified.

          Maybe the expansion reworks the pc version only, but I have my doubts. I just don’t see any major changes to the skill systems, itemization etc. At least not for a very long time.

    5. “…and also experience the hack-and-slash joy of destroying demons and collecting loot together with their friends via seamless four-player online and LOCAL co-op modes.”

      I sense tremendous s**t-storm.
      That or they will add LAN support to the PC version… right?

    6. More Lulz….

      “We put a lot of care and thought into the PlayStation version to make sure it would deliver an authentic Diablo gaming experience”

      BS again… the PC version completely failed at this… and Blizzard didn’t change a damn thing for the PlayStation version, other than the UI controls

      • oh wait… 4 player local co-op…. an offline, single-player/LAN mode… now that is going to piss off some players that bought the PC version

      • I was also gonna comment on this quote too. When are they gonna deliver “An authentic Diablo gaming experience” for the PC…?

    7. If they just released for PC and consoles day one, they wouldn’t have pissed off their (nearly) entire PC fan base.

    8. Just wanted to point out some very important points that need clarification!!!:
      1- Does the Ps3/4 versions of the game need constant internet connection??
      2- Does the Ps3/4 versions of the game have rmah???
      3- why does the ps3/4 versions have a mode similar to a LAN mode (local coop of four players!!!!!) while the pc doesnt!!!!!!!!!
      4- will the local coop mode in the ps3/4 versions need an internet connection????????????????????????????????????????
      At last i would like to say that if this new local coop mode and new interfaces for the joystick control methed really get to the audiance will the PC version get a similar kind of mode of control?????? (controlling with joysticks and local coop mode :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:)
      ps: if this didnt happen then blizzard is way beyond doomed (or is it already? ;D)

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