Blizzard maintains an official Korean Diablo 3 twitter account, and unlike the English language one, it (apparently) reveals new game info. We know this thanks to a fan quoting it to Bashiok, who was surprised to see that the Korean feed existed, then accessed a Korean colleague to provide a useful translation of the tweet in question, thus tacitly confirming the new info.

    “[Diablo III Learning] Diablo III, the battle between the players scattered throughout the sanctuary will be at the Arena at random creatures of every arena but the uniqueness of the terrain and jinimyeo[lol, what is dat] is designed to cover the water at different rates. http://twitpic.com/4i71q7”

    Wut. Bashiok, can you explain us something about it ?

    Bashiok: What’s the account name for that?

    As far as I’m aware we don’t have an official Korean Diablo Twitter account yet.

    you just caught Bashiok unprepared!!!

    Bashiok: Yeah I guess it does exist. Asking one of the guys here that speaks Korean it seems they were just describing that the arena maps exist as locations within the game world and are complete settings with bushes and rocks, etc.

    So that’s new news. Some of the Arena tilesets in Diablo III will be set in natural areas, with bushes and rocks and such. This was widely-expected in fan discussions, but since the only Arena we’ve seen so far looked like it was set in the basement of DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep, it’s nice to have the confirmation. What other secret infos might the Korean D3 twitter have shared? Good question.

    [Diablo III Learning] New teuriseuteuram: The original is a treasure in the old cathedral to hear the legendary explorer or traveler’s against the whole, worth the trouble to see him, the place was a transient sellers gather these villages are formed gradually catching up teoreul.

    [Diablo III Monsters] desert scavengers sanawoseo the extreme, if somebody unfortunately ran into them and do not hesitate to attack. Sweep the leg in the desert is very durable, will bounce back quickly with a weak face, neck near the attack is said to stare.

    [Diablo III Monsters] little devils – they are the most common type of the fallen demon. Baby devil’s appearance and behavior is typical of the perverts can. I like to build a small flock of bulgeuseureumhamyeo, practiced for blood, but frightened.

    [Diablo III trailer Monk] Monk’s skin, hard as iron which can not penetrate as geomyina arrows, fists of rocks or people can shatter a light could kill yours is like a twig

    Google translation does pretty well with Spanish, German, French, etc, but with the highly context-sensitive ideograms used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, computer translations fall pretty far short.  As such, the Google Translation of the Korean D3 twitter page is better used for Engrish-style laughs than game info.

    If any of our readers who can handle Korean want to take a look at the page and let us know if there’s anything else new to be comprehended, hit the comments and earning of many gratitudes!

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