Official 2.0 Preview

Blizzard has released a preview of 2.0 on the official StarCraft II site.

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Blizzard has released a preview of 2.0 on the official StarCraft II site. is about to undergo the greatest update in its long and storied history as one of the world’s most successful online gaming services.

The new page consists of an overview of the new system.  We are given details regarding the three main pillars of the new multiplayer infrastructure:

Always being connected: Having a persistent character linked to your account online and in the campaign.  Showing off the portraits and decals you’ve unlocked through achievements.

A competetive arena for everyone: So that even beginner plays can have a level of competetion suitable for their skill level.

Connecting the Blizzard community: Being able to communicate with fellow gamers fluently and easily.  Including cross-game chat, in-game text chat, and voice chat.

We also get 8 new screenshots and a video interview with Greg Canessa, project director of 2.0.  Hit the jump to see all the new screenshots showcasing the 2.0 interface.

Blizzard Disclaimer:

The images on this page depict features that are currently in development, and should not be considered final.

All the frames shown in the video interview are Starcraft 2 focussed but you can get an understanding of how they want the players to communite with each other within Battle.Net as well as in game which is relevant to Diablo 3 players.

Login Screen


Leagues and Ladders


Profile Page


Pre-game Load Screen


Friends List


In-Game Friends List


Join Custom Game


Create Custom Game


You can read about Battle.Net and Diablo 3 at DiabloWiki.Net.

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1 thought on “Official 2.0 Preview

  1. To the people saying that weapon swap is just one part of the game and it isn’t critical, that’s true it is just one part.  Hotkeys for skills are just one part as well.  Potions are just one part.  When you start adding all the things up they turn into a huge shift away from hardcore gaming.

    Now I personally don’t even mind the loss of potions.  The hotkeys for skills are an annoying change though.  I like having a lot of skill choices available to me.  With the necro I often had all my Fkeys set to skills and I still needed more.  I don’t like the idea of being limited to the icons where potions used to go.

    I don’t think weapon swap is critical to the game, but it’s helpful.  It opens avenues of creativity that make the game fun.

    I think it’s fairly easy to avoid noobs clicking the key on accident.  Just don’t have the feature assigned to a key by default.  If a player wants to use weapon swap they can enable it through an options menu.  Very simple solution IMO.

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