Frisky points us to the bestiary section of the official Diablo 3 site, where flash animations of the monsters (just like the M/F versions of each playable class) have recently (?) been added to the existing concept art and info. None of the pages are new, and we’ve already seen all of these monsters in gameplay action and numerous screenshots, but it’s cool to see their animations.

    The Scavenger is the best, with a cool tunneling animation before it appears, but they’re all pretty nifty. Here’s the full assortment (only some of the pages are included on the in-page navigation on the Blizzard site), plus DiabloWiki links if you wish more details and screens about each creature.

    • The Scavenger (wiki article).
    • The Unburied (wiki article).
    • The Dune Thresher (wiki article).
    • A skeletal shieldman (wiki article).
    • A Fallen Shaman (wiki article)
    • An axe-wielding Khazra (wiki article).
    • The Gnarled Walker (wiki article).
    • A spooky Cultist mage (wiki article).

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