Offical Diablo 3 Voices: Visualized

Lately we’ve seen a lot of posts and communication from CMs Lylirra, Grimiku, and Vaeflare the new voice of the developers, Travis Day. Now we can see their faces, thanks to some recently posted photos.

Fmulder found the shot of Travis Day out on an event with some lucky fans; he’s the bald guy in the black jacket, 3rd from left. Grimiku and Vaeflare shared their own pic, engaging in some Pi Day festivities.


Click at your own risk if you feel this is a spoiler. Some of you probably prefer to maintain your own mental image of what these people look like, which is why I made the thumbs small. (I completely understand that impulse, which is one reason I’m happy the Diablo Podcast is radio, not TV.)

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6 thoughts on “Offical Diablo 3 Voices: Visualized

  1. SPOILERS! Next to Travis Day (to the right in foreground) stands Wyatt Cheng, and this last one (far right) woman is the microphone holder from Blizzcon. And the rest?

  2. Three of them are twitch streamers. Second from the left is DatModz, tall guy in middle in the back is ArchonTheWizard, and the short guy up front on the right is d3_inigomontoya.

  3. Travis looks like a kind of pal I’d like to drink a beer with one day.
    Anyway, I’m really jelly of the streamers, I’d really like to take a look inside Blizz HQ. Also, I’m curious what secret things they saw there they can’t talk about yet 😀

  4. meh they’re all fugly anyway. I actually had pictured all of them with snail heads, because they’re a godamn slimy bunch.

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