October Kill Score Ladder Closed, November Opens & Most Used Skills

If you cast your eyes to the right hand navigation column you’ll notice that the Kill Score ladder has begun for November, what with it being November and all.

October’s Kill Score Ladder has closed now and it ended with nyf#2542 sitting at the top of the pile with a total score of 15,3718.5. Stooge#2962 finished up not so far behind with a score of 11,1851.0.

diablo 3 kill score ladder october
October Kill Score Ladder

Your personal kill score tallies for October can be found at the foot of your profile page as you can see on OldSkool’s page for example.  Remember, the monthly Kill Score ladders automatically monitor members only, so if you don’t see your own account listed that’s why.

If you want to be included in November’s Kill Score ladder and have an account here simply log in to Diablo3Ladders with those same details, find your battletag and claim it.  If you don’t have an account, well then get one.

Dorjan pushed something else live today. Most used skills. As those three words suggest this set of pages provides statistical data on the skills used by level 60 characters.  The figures are presented in percentages from most to least used skill and divided by class types and by Softcore and Hardcore.

most used diablo 3 skills
Most Used Skills, by class and mode


One final thing is the addition of your skills on  each of your character pages.  The “Copy This” box allows you to embed it into forum posts here on IncGamers or where enabled on other Diablo websites so it’s easier to share with others.

characters' skills
Character Profiles now with skillzzzzzz


Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for more updates as Dorjan adds other shiny thingies.

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    4 thoughts on “October Kill Score Ladder Closed, November Opens & Most Used Skills

    1. It’s bad that the first 4 skills of the DH are all defensive ones. I really think this class (and surely others) needs some refinement around the \We want you to use other stuff than defensive abilities\.

      Same goes for the passives, everyone uses the same 3

      I imagine the ones not using any of them are the ones so powerful that defensive abilities/passives are useless cause they kill faster than anything.

      • Using Vengeance, Perfectionist and Custom Engineering.

        And some of the others are better then the look due to some changes to them or other skills. Though it would be nice to see some more passives updated/overhauled for even greater diversity.

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