October 31 Hotfixes

In addition to Error 3006 the below have also been applied.

  • all the patches and hotfixes to date “100% Extra Gold from Monsters” affix will no longer affect monsters that are not intended to drop any loot
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused DiabloWikiSokahr the Keywarden to become stuck at 1 point of health
  • Fixed an issue that caused the DiabloWikiButcher to go idle when stunned after performing his Charge attack during “The Imprisoned Angel: Kill the Butcher
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some players to continue to dual-wield two-handed weapons under extremely rare circumstances
  • Fixed an issue that caused many players to receive an “Error 3006” when reaching the Retrieving Heroes step during login
    • Please note that we’ve only resolved one cause for this error, and that it may still occur in some situations
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when gold dropped in bad locations
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game loaded the wrong zone (based on incorrect information about the player’s location) and then attempted to clear that zone

Keep up to date with all the patches and hotfixes to date in the Diablo Wiki.

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    3 thoughts on “October 31 Hotfixes

    1. Glad they finally fixed the Dual Wield issue, that was stupid.

      Now if they could only fix the RMAH so you can actually list auctions and such!

    2. What about the RMAH, I’ve returned to playing post 1.0.5 and want to spend money, it’s nearly a week for SE/Asia players.

      So far MP etc. has had me playing and I’m enjoying the new gameplay but please Bliz fix this.

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