Note from the Server Hamsters

The server hamsters dropped us a note earlier to say they are ending their strike and service will resume as normal here on Diablo: IncGamers.

We have had a few issues this past week with site outages and we have worked over the weekend to get things sorted out. We have now added an additional server to the Diablo server pool here which should, fingers crossed, resolve the issues with the outages. Things will not take effect probably until the end of Sunday/Monday morning so this is just a quick heads-up.

Elly and Flux have subsequently fired all the hamsters involved in the strike and a new batch are now in place.

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1 thought on “Note from the Server Hamsters

  1. I honestly don’t think the cinematic looks that grim, it is afterall only the culmination of the entire Zerg storyline, how we get there will be just as interesting. I find it highly believeable that Mensk could be some sorta large mastermind behind alot of the happenings in the StarCraft universe.

    This is even hinted at in SC1.

    When thinking of the SC2 storyline I don’t think it was horrible at all. I even found it quite captivating. If one stops looking at the overall storyline and start looking at how much the store affected alot of the people involved, then it’s actually quite epic. And we have to remember that it’s hard to create the epicness of the other games when we only see this grand struggle from the perspective of 1 race.

    I think another problem is that people expect ever so much. Yes, we might be floated in cheese here and there, but if people would stop focussing on that and stop thinking “Oh god! The horror! The cheese!” every time they see something which is just slightly out of proportions with what they expected.

    Or what do I know, I might be that lowest common denominator everyone keeps talking about.

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