Totally not the cow level.

    Totally not the cow level.

    Several interesting blue posts of late have come as shutdowns on crazy B.net whining about this or that. Not that the Blue posts add anything, but they serve to flag the weirder/angrier threads which often spur good conversation by the saner individuals in comments threads here. Today’s example is this rant about how whiners ruined the Not a Cow Level anniversary buff.

    The Not The Cow Level “Anniversary Buff” event was a fun new area. It was new content in a game where everyone is crying about the lack of new content.

    What happened? All the trolls, whiners crybabies, and D2 fanatics wrote threads and threads on what the area was not, basically kicking the devs in the balls for even trying. While the people who saw the area for what it was, and enjoyed the new content blemishes and all, said so, and wanted it left in.

    And guess what? It’s not in the game any more.

    So, the whiners and haters and trolls and crybabies and D2 obsessors won, and the only new content we have gotten in the game since RoS release has been hammered into the ground, and we will likely never see it again.

    …Proud of yourselves?
    Grimiku: This thread started off heading in a non-constructive direction, and took a turn for the worse pretty quickly. I’ve locked it down for that reason. You’re all welcome to continue the discussion, but we’d prefer it if that was done in a more constructive manner. Thanks!

    Since the Not a Cow Level was announced as a limited time feature, it’s silly to say that the devs removed it due to complaints. As for the popularity of it, almost everyone I talked to appreciated the effort and enjoyed the area once or thrice, but after a few visits the novelty was gone, and it was just another trash mob massacre with biggest reward all the blue mats you could salvage from the blue items from the numerous chests.

    Did people hate it and complain about it on Battle.net? I’m sure they did, but what else would anyone expect of B.net forum users? There wasn’t any general hatred that I noticed, and our vote on the issue provides a wider array of opinions than you can see in any single forum post, with general approval of the anniversary easter egg.

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    So now that the event has ended, do you guys have second thoughts? Did the level seem cool at the time, but now you’ve grown bitter and jaded? What would have been better for the anniversary bonus? Cow Level + double goblins? More rewarding cow level? You know that would have still had haters. People (especially on B.net) were going to bitch that it was too rewarding, or too hard to find, or not rewarding enough, or too easy to find, etc.

    Welcome to the Internet. Where we hate everything.

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