Not Sure if Fan Art…

It’s awesome artwork featuring a pair of Barbarians who appear to have very high cold resistance, but I’ve got a question… is this fan art? It’s by DiabloWikiPhroilan Gardner, an artist who contributed a lot of artwork to the Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft universes, but who left Blizzard in 2010. This is new art though; he just created it for the Reveal fan art contest. Details on his blog.

So yes, it’s “fan art” in that he doesn’t work at Blizzard anymore, but really… is it “fan” art? If this were called official art none of us would suspect otherwise, and since the artist was involved in the creative process that produced the Barbarian, he’s as or more qualified express the class in art as anyone.

If a brand new artist hire at Blizzard created a Barbarian painting, would that be more “official” than Phroi’s work? If Diablo 3 inspired DiabloWikiMatt Uelmen to compose a new piece of music in the spirit of the game, would that be “fan music?” Obviously those aren’t serious questions, but the situation is odd enough to deserve some light pondering.

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25 thoughts on “Not Sure if Fan Art…

  1. It’s simple. Working on something professionally does not preclude you from also being a fan. So if some piece of art is produced during a time where you’re not currently employed by the company making the product that you’re a fan of, that’s fan art. Or I’d say something is fan art if the work is not being done in a professional capacity (i.e. Blizzard is not paying the person to make it). If it’s on their own time, it’s fan art.

  2. To bad nothing willl beat my The Banner Saga wallpaper.
    Sure is sexy though. 🙂 

  3. Not sure if writing article about not being sure but inside the article being sure to be sure you can be insecure I’m not really sure what to make of all the sureness you are surely talking about so sure.

  4. Whatever its classification it’s excellent.  The personality in his face is particularly characterful.

    Shame it’s so small I would have had it as a wallpaper. I’ve currently got the DH wallpaper Blizzard released last week.

  5. It’s absolutely fan art, his skills is just way better than the other submitters.

  6. It’s a beautiful piece indeed, but as fan art i probably wouldn’t vote for it.
    Being too familiar to the official artwork have the pitfall of seeming less imaginative 😐

  7. It’s high-quality fan-art. Official art is just that; officially contracted for and released by Blizzard.

  8. ::About 2 months ago::
    Gardner is digging through file cabinets, he finds a folder with the letter “B” sharpe’d on it.  He glances down at a few items, finally settling one of his favorite works from two years past.  He gently pulls it out, blows off a slight layer of dust; really just a few specs peppered over it and remarks
    “Eh, that’ll do.”

  9. i know it seems odd but the sword in the pic looks alot like frostmourne from WoW. Great job on the creativity but noticing this makes me dislike the pic,

    • Frostmourne appeared first in Warcraft 3, so maybe learn a bit about what you hate or nobody will care even more about it.

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