Not Just SC2/WoW Players in Diablo 3 Beta Lottery

The big news over the weekend was that some of the Blizzard tech support guys had said that that only players with active accounts in Blizzard’s non-legacy games (SC2 and WoW) were going to be eligible for the Diablo III beta lottery (Blizzard’s behind-the-scenes semi-random selection of thousands of players to get a Beta invite). That statement contradicted previous remarks by Bliz officials, as well as their Diablo 3 Beta FAQ, which said that all accounts, including those with only Diablo 2 access, would be eligible for selection to the D3 beta.

We hoped for a clarification on this issue, and today Bashiok provided one:

This was bad information given out by one of our tech support reps. They confused requirements to post in the forums to requirements to be able to opt-in. They’re not the same.

To opt-in you need to create a account and attach any Blizzard title that has a CD-Key you can attach. If you’re opted in then that means you do have a game attached, and you’re all set – you’re in the pool to be selected just like everyone else.

Good news if you don’t have SC2 or WoW on your account! Bad news if you do, since your odds to get a beta key just dropped slightly. (Though with literally millions of such accounts, your odds to be picked in the lottery are so low that it hardly matters anyway?)

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29 thoughts on “Not Just SC2/WoW Players in Diablo 3 Beta Lottery

  1. Was kind of hoping they announce the open beta this week but it seems they are content with milking the F&F  beta.

  2. And as so many predicted, it turns out that dozens of posters have spent the last few days foaming at the mouth over . . . nothing.

  3. I think this stinks, people that buy and play the Blizz games with loyalty should be given first dibbs. Now those of us that have supported them from the start have to get in the pool with all these other bandwagon jumpers. Utter crap…..

    • Lotto is lotto. I remember people were pissed at blizzcon that anyone who did the pay-per-view event for it had the same chances to get picked for a beta. I really don’t get all of this sense of entitlement from the blizz fan base. I wouldn’t exactly call it “utter crap.”

    • So loyal Diablo II player by your logic should not get into the loto?   I’ve played blizzard’s new games and none can hold my attention like Diablo could.

      • Contrary to popular belief being included in a beta isn’t a reward Blizzard is giving to it’s favorite customers. It’s a way to test the game / servers and get feedback. Whether we like it or not, not everyone who plays d3 is going to have been a hardcore d2 player, therefore feedback from such demographics is significant.
        captcha: “case closed”

    • Also, you say it stinks because the people who play the Blizz games with loyalty should get first dibs.  By this I assume you mean “loyalty” by this whole situation, in that the plays who play SC2 and WoW are the loyal ones.  How about the players who didn’t play SC2 or WoW, but who HAVE been playing d2 for the past ten years, up to now, like myself.  I would say that those players have more loyalty towards the diablo franchise, and therefore THEY should get first dibs.  Not you.
      Nonetheless it’s all by chance and everyone has a fair one, which is the best way.

  4. Here is what I just got after opening a ticket.

     Thank you for contacting us regarding the Diablo III beta.  I wish I could help you out, but the beta selection is done solely through a lottery process.  As long as you opted in for beta testing, and have an active WoW or SCII license on your account you have a chance to be picked.  

    Someone has this screwed.

  5. The last paragraph almost had me there.

    I wasn’t worried that my chances got “lower.” It was already that low to begin with.

    I am happy all that fuss is over now. I’m getting sick of people badmouthing here and there.

    • Plus not all WoW/SC2 players will be opting in. You can like both, but obviously not all the millions of WoW players will care about the D3 beta.

  6. A quarter of the Blizzard playerbase doesn’t know about Diablo 3 at all. A third knows but hasn’t opted in. Half of those who HAVE opted in, didn’t hear the news about updating the opt-in information.
    Maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic, but you have to agree, it’s not *that* unimaginable that some of us here can get an invite.

  7. i can’t even post in the forums and i own a copy of starcraft 2 :S

    can’t find my sc2 profile for the life of me, i can only choose my wow characters on the blizz forums :S

    • I had this problem as well, finally figured it out after about a month 😛
      Click on your characters name and a drop down menu will appear, at the bottom of the list it says Manage Characters, click it. Find your accountname and character code aaaaa#111 and press it. Voila you can now post on the forums.

  8. I have a lot of patience, and I’m typically against complaining, but over these past few weeks the suspense has been too ridiculous. I feel like curb stomping someone… just for fun of course. Maybe I’ll get a one day pass to a gym, put on some boxing gloves, and pretend that the first punching bag I come across represents the entire blizzard development team, and in satisfying my blood thirsty fists, beta will be that much closer. Actually, by then it will be soooooooo that sounds like a great idea to me 🙂

  9. i am so glad for this i hope i get picked i only have d2 on my account but my odds are the same as everyone else so gl everyone hope to see you in sanctuary soon i predict the 21st for the beta. i know its far away but i just have a gut feeling.

    • Flux said (but how official that is, I sure don’t know) that the beta will be this week.  Just look at earlier comments on this thread.

  10. Yeah I thought it was kinda weird preventing devoted D2 players from getting into the beta. So this result doesn’t surprise me.

  11. It better be this way. If it was me, I’d pull a Techland and say the idiot who gave that false info is about to get fired.

  12. I understand the support of loyal d2 players, but you have to admit that WoW players have invested more money into blizzard? Not supporting them just trying to point out at people nit picking they have been supporting d2 for 10 years.

    What about the people supporting d2 for 10 years, playing wow since its beta, buying all expansions + pets + mounts and sc2. Because these people do exist.

    But like people have said everyone with a valid bnet acc for opting in have an even chance which i fully support as long as people aren’t able to make a ton of acc’s to increase their chances with d2 keys which are readily available.  🙄

    • They’ve never given specifics about beta selection, citing that its random. I would like to believe that they do indeed weight the selection by previous purchases to some degree. Maybe legacy products could increase your chances, perhaps if you’ve tied your Diablo 2 account to an email, which happens to be the same one you use for you BNet account. Maybe I’m thinking about this damn beta too much? *crosses fingers*

  13. Although there are millions and millions of people with WoW accounts on there battle/net subscription, only the ones who redid there beta opt-in recently has a shot right?  Didn’t they do a thing like a month ago where you HAD to relaunch that program.

    Thusly, not ALL WoW and SC2 players will be given a shot at beta, especially if they don’t give a damn about D3 and didn’t re opt-in.  Or just wishful thinking?

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