The big news over the weekend was that some of the Blizzard tech support guys had said that that only players with active accounts in Blizzard’s non-legacy games (SC2 and WoW) were going to be eligible for the Diablo III beta lottery (Blizzard’s behind-the-scenes semi-random selection of thousands of players to get a Beta invite). That statement contradicted previous remarks by Bliz officials, as well as their Diablo 3 Beta FAQ, which said that all Battle.net accounts, including those with only Diablo 2 access, would be eligible for selection to the D3 beta.

    We hoped for a clarification on this issue, and today Bashiok provided one:

    This was bad information given out by one of our tech support reps. They confused requirements to post in the forums to requirements to be able to opt-in. They’re not the same.

    To opt-in you need to create a Battle.net account and attach any Blizzard title that has a CD-Key you can attach. If you’re opted in then that means you do have a game attached, and you’re all set – you’re in the pool to be selected just like everyone else.

    Good news if you don’t have SC2 or WoW on your Battle.net account! Bad news if you do, since your odds to get a beta key just dropped slightly. (Though with literally millions of such accounts, your odds to be picked in the lottery are so low that it hardly matters anyway?)

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