Where there is a will, there is a PK. Hardcore is filled with challenges and the main objective is to avoid death. Normally that just means monsters, but unfortunately it also means your fellow players. As I’ve covered before , and before that, Players can exploit monsters to lead to your demise. The newest versions preys off players looking to be power leveled in Hardcore. As Flux covered recently, and I did previously there are communities devoted to helping people level through utilizing T6 bounties.

    However, not all of those people are there to help. Some players have taken to tricking players into bannering to them to their demise. Players are told simply that the area is safe, and as they are trying to level as quickly as possible they trust whomever clearing. As they teleport in they can be quickly overwhelmed and are too underpowered to save themselves.  Unlike previous PK methods this one really only preys on those looking to hit 70 quickly, and more than likely lacking quality gear or time invested. At most they are losing a few hours of time, but the more important loss is trust in their fellow players.

    I’m not a fan of any of D3’s Pk’ing but out of all the iterations we’ve had, this feels the most harmless. However the season is in full swing and people hoping to level a character quickly back after a death, or level an alt, should be wary. Sometimes the easiest way isn’t always the safest.

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