The “what will D3 have if not skill trees” debate keeps rolling along. Blizzard teased about it in a couple of more tweets today, and Bashiok used a forum thread to shoot down yesterday’s moment of skeptical speculation about the Dungeon Seige style “use a skill and it improves” mechanic.  Here are the tweets:

    • Can you say why you guys decided to drop the skill tree? What deficiencies did it have that you felt another system could do better?—by JeffKamo
      • Focus.


    • That is hard, so many games rely on skill trees. My guess would have to be… “skill” items that you find or even create for skills.—by CaptainCasey
      • Sounds like you’re talking about our skill rune system, which is still very much a part of the game. 

    And here’s Bashiok’s latest forum post, in reply to someone who didn’t like the possible Dungeon Siege style mechanic at all, since it would force grinding and practicing to improve skills outside of regular gameplay.

    I’m guessing you’re saying this because I quoted one guy on twitter proposing this type of skill system and I said that it was a popular guess.

    Well, I think I can pretty safely say that we would never use that type of skill system.

    It works for some games, it just wouldn’t work for us. We’re dropping too many items, we’re moving too fast, and we’re opening up too many avenues for customization and re-customization.

    You’ll note that none of this even hints at what they are doing. It just refutes guesses about what they’re not doing. Which means the floor is entirely open for us to speculate. Have fun.

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