hob-title1The guys at Runic Games just revealed a new upcoming action/puzzle game called Hob. Runic Games, co-founded by Diablo co-creators Max and Erich Schaefer, was previously best known for creating the Diablo-type Torchlight games. Their new game Hob is reminiscent of Zelda type exploration puzzle solving titles, and does not include the endless clicking combat of an ARPG.

    So why Hob instead of Torchlight 3? An article on IGN addresses that question:

    “We’re just burnt out,” Runic Games President Marsh Lefler told IGN when asked why the team made Hob instead of Torchlight 3. “Let’s admit it, Diablo 3 is killing it right now. Diablo 3 is a really fun game. Not that Torchlight 2 isn’t a fun game, it is, but it’s just different. For us to try to compete with Diablo 3? We weren’t trying to compete before.”

    Lefler added that Diablo and Torchlight were different kinds of action RPGs, and that after a decade of making dungeon-crawlers, “we just needed a little break” to focus on “something we love” that’s even more different.

    The demos and gameplay footage of Hob look very cool and very different than anything Diablo-style, so it’s interesting to see the guys going in a new direction. The official site is here, and check out the video below for lots of game footage with audio of an interview with Marsh Lefler.

    Thanks to Arseniy for the news tip.

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