No Titan at Blizzcon, and D3 Quickies

With WoW’s subscriber numbers shrinking, Diablo 3 “delayed” into 2012, and some other major MMOs about to launch, gaming analysts invented the rumor that Blizzard was possibly going to reveal their upcoming, still-secret next-gen MMORPG Project Titan at Blizzcon this year. This despite Blizzard having repeatedly said that they wouldn’t announce it until at least 2012. Since Blizzard games are always big news, this stirred numerous gaming sites to echo the theorizing, and even the Diablo 3 google news feed was clogged by such articles for the past couple of days.

The fun ended today, when a Blizzard spokesperson said that no, Titan would not be revealed at Blizzcon next month. That wasn’t a surprise, but I just want to pause a moment to reflect on the idiotic “logic” of the initial rumor. How would it help Blizzard deal with shrinking WoW subscribers and the imminent release of the Star Wars MMO, to announce a new MMO that wouldn’t be ready for at least 3 years?

Elsewhere, there are two new features about Diablo 3 on general gaming sites today.

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28 thoughts on “No Titan at Blizzcon, and D3 Quickies

    • Titan reminds me of Saturn’s largest moon.
      Moons remind me of Space.
      Space in Blizzard-terms means Starcraft.
      Titan = = Starcraft MMO

      • Hahaha that’s one way to think I guess. :p I think I’ve read somewhere that the game isn’t actually named titan, that’s just its “codename”.
        I’m not a huge Starcraft fan so I hope it’s a whole new game.

        • True. Diablo 3 was “Project Hydra” until it was revealed in 2008. The office door plaques in the D3 dev portion of Bliz still said, “project hydra” when I was there in 2009.

      • Blizzard said it is a new IP, therefore no starcraft, diablo, warcraft, Lostviking, blackthorn ect. You get the idea.

        I personally thinks it is restart of Nomad project, a team based Sci-fi MMO that WoW was working on before WoW.

  1. Maybe their numbers wouldn’t dwindle if they gave:

    Better service
    Better content
    Firm release dates
    Patches that don’t screw their games up (latest sc2 patch)
    Public beta

    Sorry I love Blizz but their arrogance will cost them. Watch out Activision, EA is gonna stomp soon!

  2. It seems to me that Blizzard is acting like a communist state government….they think they are beyond time and rational planning is dependent on month by month decision. They don’t care of any public opinion and they believe their staff is the best, lacking to see how lost they are in the very sense of time management and game designing.

    • That sounds like plenty of governments, capitalist or not, and company management groups for that matter… don’t bring in politics when it doesn’t apply.

  3. People are seriously harsh on blizzard, i’m not saying they are an amazing games company but give credit where credit is due. Yes they could do better, but they do pretty well considering their tremedously large and varied fan base. I enjoy their games but wish i didn’t have to wait so long for them sometimes :p

    • They’ve gone too far. They really need a good slap. These games they make will sell millions, but that doesn’t mean we’ll all be pleased with what we get. I still feel sour like “that’s diablo 3!?” all the fads kill it, I know I’ll love the achievements because im soo hot for that stuff but still. No respect for you actiblizz. Blizz died after vanilla WoW! Reptilians osama obama alqida grays leleleleeleleeee

  4. so,no diablo 3 this year, no titan… than i’m just curious why people want to visit Blizzcon at all?matybe for new WoW pets rofl

  5. WoW subscription numbers are dropping because old-timers are slowly leaving, and not enough first-time players are joining.

    Aside from the hurdle of learning an entirely new game which has a lot of depth, I think the biggest hurdle for newer players is the fact that there are so many expansions they have to buy. A new player has to buy WoW, burning crusade, lich king, cataclysm, and whatever the newest expansion is called in order to fully catch up to their peers. That’s a huge investment of money ($20+$20+$20+$20+$50).

    I think it’ll be in Blizzard’s best interest to make WoW through Cataclysm bundled for the same cost as just WoW ($20 and comes with 1 month free) as well as give out plenty of free 2 week trials for the complete set to make it easy to draw in players.

  6. I don’t get it why guys at PC world NZ get a beta key and i don’t: “(So for mages, it’s mana for spellcasting, for Barbarians, you earn rage points by beating critters up)” Mana? realy?

    L2P newb!

  7. And Gaming Illustrated joins the list of sites that publish articles while doing zero research, since they think the beta is all of Act 1.  Sigh.

  8. Why is “delayed” in quotes? I want to think it means that since the game was never promised or officially stated to be out before 2012 then technically it wasn’t really delayed, but knowing this site I wonder if Flux is using the quotes to imply some conspiracy about Blizzard spacing games for optimal sales or something. ❓

  9. Hard to believe it would be a new ip. Asian players love WoW and Starcraft so why wouldn’t Blizzard give them World of Starcraft ? They would be stupid not to. Asian players make up a huge portion of Blizzard’s fanbase.

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