With WoW’s subscriber numbers shrinking, Diablo 3 “delayed” into 2012, and some other major MMOs about to launch, gaming analysts invented the rumor that Blizzard was possibly going to reveal their upcoming, still-secret next-gen MMORPG Project Titan at Blizzcon this year. This despite Blizzard having repeatedly said that they wouldn’t announce it until at least 2012. Since Blizzard games are always big news, this stirred numerous gaming sites to echo the theorizing, and even the Diablo 3 google news feed was clogged by such articles for the past couple of days.

    The fun ended today, when a Blizzard spokesperson said that no, Titan would not be revealed at Blizzcon next month. That wasn’t a surprise, but I just want to pause a moment to reflect on the idiotic “logic” of the initial rumor. How would it help Blizzard deal with shrinking WoW subscribers and the imminent release of the Star Wars MMO, to announce a new MMO that wouldn’t be ready for at least 3 years?

    Elsewhere, there are two new features about Diablo 3 on general gaming sites today.

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