This is easier in China.

    This is easier in China.

    Many fans saw the second chest icon on the Inventory screenshot in the Patch 2.4 preview and assumed we’d immediately get double stash tabs, or earn then via the Season Journey. Not so fast, and not so many, as a CM explained in the Battle.net forums today. No Stash for Cash: Season Journey for Stash Tabs:

    Grimiku: In patch 2.4.0 everyone can purchase up to 6 stash tabs with gold. However, starting with Season 5, players will also be able to earn an additional stash tab by completing specific objectives in the Season’s Journey (for a total of 7). In the next season in which they participate they’ll be able to earn another stash tab for a total of 8. Each season (starting with Season 5) offers the chance to earn 1 more stash tab until the maximum of 10 has been reached.

    Grimiku: Yes, stash tabs opened up via Season’s Journey will also unlock them in non-season. Currently those additional tabs open up immediately, and do not require waiting till the end of the season to benefit non-season stash space.

    During each season, the max you can have then during that season is going to be 7, regardless how many tabs you have managed to earn each season (to your total of 10) that would be available in non season, correct?
    Grimiku: The first season where an additional stash tab is unlocked would result in 7 total tabs, but the next season where another is unlocked would have a total of 8. Once all 10 are unlocked then every season after would have access to all 10.

    I find the questions and the explanations clear as mud, but far as I can tell:

  • Everyone has up to 5 tabs now, with gold required to unlock the 2-5th tab.
  • Starting in Patch 2.4 there will be a 6th tab to unlock with gold.
  • Starting in Season 5 and continuing in each season afterwards, you can earn one additional tab via the Season Journey.
  • These additional tabs, one earned each Season, will take you up to a maximum of 10.
  • So in S5 you could have up to 7 tabs. Then up to 8 in S6, up to 9 in S7, and not until S8 would anyone unlock a 10th tab. (10 tabs ETA, December 2016?)
  • You can only earn one tab per season, even if you miss one. You can’t just quit playing, or play only non-seasonal until S8, and then earn +4 tabs at once.
  • The main complaint, other than people pissed at only gaining 1 tab every 3 months, is that players who do not play seasonal get nothing. Once earned, the extra tab(s) are available to your non-seasonal characters as well, but you have to play seasonal to earn them. Seasonal players are already scheming how to sell tab earning rushes, and non-seasonal players are hoping to wait until a month into a season when one of their friends has built a char strong enough to easily rush them through the Season Journey.

    What do you guys think? Any opinions beyond “moar tabs naow!” I have to say I’m surprised how grudgling they are doling out extra tabs. Back when Stash for Cash was introduced in China, I figured we’d see it the US/EU as soon as Blizzard saw that player feedback wasn’t totally hostile. Much less when the saw that most players actually wanted it. And yet here we are half a year later and it doesn’t seem like that much-desired system will ever enter non-Chinese markets?

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