No Stash for Cash: Season Journey for Stash Tabs

No Stash for Cash: Season Journey for Stash Tabs

This is easier in China.
This is easier in China.
Many fans saw the second chest icon on the Inventory screenshot in the Patch 2.4 preview and assumed we’d immediately get double stash tabs, or earn then via the Season Journey. Not so fast, and not so many, as a CM explained in the forums today. No Stash for Cash: Season Journey for Stash Tabs:

Grimiku: In patch 2.4.0 everyone can purchase up to 6 stash tabs with gold. However, starting with Season 5, players will also be able to earn an additional stash tab by completing specific objectives in the Season’s Journey (for a total of 7). In the next season in which they participate they’ll be able to earn another stash tab for a total of 8. Each season (starting with Season 5) offers the chance to earn 1 more stash tab until the maximum of 10 has been reached.

Grimiku: Yes, stash tabs opened up via Season’s Journey will also unlock them in non-season. Currently those additional tabs open up immediately, and do not require waiting till the end of the season to benefit non-season stash space.

During each season, the max you can have then during that season is going to be 7, regardless how many tabs you have managed to earn each season (to your total of 10) that would be available in non season, correct?
Grimiku: The first season where an additional stash tab is unlocked would result in 7 total tabs, but the next season where another is unlocked would have a total of 8. Once all 10 are unlocked then every season after would have access to all 10.

I find the questions and the explanations clear as mud, but far as I can tell:

  • Everyone has up to 5 tabs now, with gold required to unlock the 2-5th tab.
  • Starting in Patch 2.4 there will be a 6th tab to unlock with gold.
  • Starting in Season 5 and continuing in each season afterwards, you can earn one additional tab via the Season Journey.
  • These additional tabs, one earned each Season, will take you up to a maximum of 10.
  • So in S5 you could have up to 7 tabs. Then up to 8 in S6, up to 9 in S7, and not until S8 would anyone unlock a 10th tab. (10 tabs ETA, December 2016?)
  • You can only earn one tab per season, even if you miss one. You can’t just quit playing, or play only non-seasonal until S8, and then earn +4 tabs at once.
  • The main complaint, other than people pissed at only gaining 1 tab every 3 months, is that players who do not play seasonal get nothing. Once earned, the extra tab(s) are available to your non-seasonal characters as well, but you have to play seasonal to earn them. Seasonal players are already scheming how to sell tab earning rushes, and non-seasonal players are hoping to wait until a month into a season when one of their friends has built a char strong enough to easily rush them through the Season Journey.

    What do you guys think? Any opinions beyond “moar tabs naow!” I have to say I’m surprised how grudgling they are doling out extra tabs. Back when Stash for Cash was introduced in China, I figured we’d see it the US/EU as soon as Blizzard saw that player feedback wasn’t totally hostile. Much less when the saw that most players actually wanted it. And yet here we are half a year later and it doesn’t seem like that much-desired system will ever enter non-Chinese markets?

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    18 thoughts on “No Stash for Cash: Season Journey for Stash Tabs

    1. Tin foil hat warning.i do believe the team when they say that adding tabs poses a technical issue. They do some kind of computationally expensive check on your gear when you open your stash, so the more you have the more stress on the server. They've never elaborated on the topic but if you play with a slow internet connection (e.g., hotel) it's very noticeable.So one of two things. They've fixed the issue so that it's less expensive, or more likely, they're adding better, faster servers to handle the task. Since doubling the amount of tabs overnight would be a bit much, they'll be doing it over the next year or so, and even then, not every player will acquire all tabs, and I'm sure they've figured that in their rollout plans.I'd love to hear counter arguments, but I'd bet money that this is exactly what's happening. It's actually great, because better servers solve (or help solving) other issues such as lag.

    2. I am a casual player who does not play a lot. I have a p580 wizard and no other character in non-season. So playing a season for god knows how many hours just to get the one thing I need on my other char seems frustrating. I don’t care if it’s only 1 tab per 3 months but don’t make me do what I don’t want to. Offer something similar in non-season.

      In the my little free time I want to enjoy the game and not spend 10-20 hours getting something that is basically a QoL change. Not to mention doing it every 3 months.

    3. I too am upset. I've now got a full stable of reasonably well geared chars, all HC, all classes, and I have zero interest in playing seasons!Stash tabs be damned!

    4. While I am strongly of the opinion that season rewards should be cosmetic or early play (like getting legendaries before they go to the main game, not that that is a thing anymore) only, considering how incredibly easy it was to complete the seasonal path I honestly don’t care about having to play season to get the tabs. It will take maybe a day played, tops, then you can just drop the season and get back to the main game. If you can get rushed it would take you two or three hours, maybe even less, to get the tabs.

    5. Not to mention it's one step forward and two steps back (again) as players are now squeezed to find space for any ancient item they find, because rings set. Facepalm.

    6. I'm glad that we're getting anything at all, but… If new tabs in seasonal journey are rewarded at the "conqueror" level they are forever out of my reach. I'm not that good. I haven't even finish "slayer" this season. Sad panda…

    7. @ Flux: Why do you imply assuming that its a closed design? It would make no sense, closing up the game to that degree. Or maybe I'm reading too much into your ETA 2016 comment …It wouldn't make any sense for the design, if you couldn't start getting your first seasonal stash tab at, let's say season 12, the second at season 15, the third at season 16, then the final one at season 23. (Or something like that …)

      Though it may indicate an internal date important to the diablo franchise set at the end of next year, it's certainly not enough to base any hopes for the future of the franchise upon.

    8. Of course I want to wait one year playing seasons instead of buying 5 tabs for $10. Sounds like a legit trade-off…Without sarcasm: I would rather pay to get all the tabs now instead of having to clear the whole seasonal journey 4 times to unlock all the tabs. The last chapter is annoying if you like to play solo on the majority of time or if you're HC only. And slapping red on the last portrait make it just ugly, imo…

    9. It's really not an issue that they're only seasonal. Seriously. Firstly it's not going to be *that* deep into the Seasonal Journey that you're actually going to have to do anything – I’d go back to when the Journey debuted and everyone was saying about how easy it was to get onto the first few pages without actually looking at what was required.

      Secondly the bit "Currently these tabs open up immediately" sounds like it should come with a "but I'm not sure if it's going to stay that way" asterisk attached to it (that may just be tin foil hattery). If we have to wait until the end of the season for the extra tab in non-seasonal then… well… we'll have to wait.

      Thirdly, I hang out in the Powerlevelling channels for the EU servers and it aint that hard to get someone to boost you to 70. For nothing. The guys that run the channels stream on Twitch and, yes, they will ask for a follow before they will boost but in fairness to them it does tend to be hardcore boosts which are more difficult. But I've spent the last two seasons boosting people and then, if they want, chucking the 200 achievement points in with the boost for them just because that's how nice I am. And with no trading or anything what can someone like me who does do boosts take in payment anyway?

      Lastly, seasons need to have some kind of point to them. "WE WANT SEASONS" was the cry. So the devs gave us seasons. "WE DONT WANT SEASONAL LEGENDARIES" was the cry that followed from part of the player base. So the devs have taken out seasonal legendaries. But they do see a big spike of players returning for seasons (it's talked about in Quin's video interview) and they do want big player numbers so there has to be some kind of carrot because if you strip out everything that makes seasons different to normal play… why have seasons?

      • @CymraSeason rewards should be cosmetic only! Period!I should not be penalized for not playing a certain game mode. I don't like playing seasons because starting over to me is not fun. I fully respect those that enjoy seasons but tying increased stash space to seasons is like making it so only certain legendary items drop in campaign mode.

        • Guff you're not being penalized. That would require something to be taken away from you, which is not happening. I don't actually have an issue with legs only dropping in certain places but it's not a great comparison imo because that violates the principle of RNG which is slightly more crucial to the game than stash space.As I tried to explain, Blizzard have emphasised multiple times that seasons are what they want to focus on for D3. That's something we have to accept because a segment of the community did spend a long time asking for them. When seasons start the player base spikes upwards (which is good) and the Journey is about keeping players in the game for longer each season (which has been discussed here and elsewhere at length – two weeks into a season the number of players drops off quite spectacularly) Players need something shiny to keep them in, achievements not withstanding because they're a niche thing, and they've gone with stash space. If it's a massive issue for you then I will personally boost you, The Chosen One and anyone else that doesn't want to play seasons through the journey. The only thing is it'll have to be on the EU server because that's where I play. But if you are EU based we're sorted 😀

      • Yes it is an issue since I dont want to play seasons. Period. I don't want to waste my time on characters I don't care about. Plus my characters are maxed out, and no rebirth is not a solution.

        It takes quite a decent amount of time to get the journey. MULTIPLE times.Also I never wanted the TEMPORARY season leg to go away. Never saw any big fuzz about it either. Everyone got them in the end anyway. Now this is not the case.

        The fact that they made season legs temp shows they knew people hated the Diablo 2 ladder items. Why they removed them all together and did this I have no clue…I could only imagine the outcry of everyone if you had to play hardcore instead of seasons. 😀

        • I do play HC as well. I've taken a break for the last two seasons (after logging into an Act 4 bounty and getting obliterated by a pack of armoured destroyers on the waypoint it kind of killed it for me for a while) and there's the lag to consider which has put a lot of people into SC while they sort it out. I disagree with you about the journey. We're going to have to agree to disagree on it, at least for the moment. As I said in my post, assuming that it's along the lines of "Get to lvl 70 and get a couple of achievements" it'll take all of an hour to do (if it isn't like that then I can be convinced it is a bad thing but let's just see what happens first). If stash space is such an issue… people will find that hour. I know a lot of people find the boosting thing difficult to comprehend but I do actually enjoy helping people out, especially a month or two into a season when people who don't follow the game like we do log in, want to give seasons a go but can't find anyone to group with.

    10. It’s ok for me to get 1 tab every 3 months since behind, there must be some development iterations/issues to optimize the opening of the stash. So ok, let’s see it as release issue. Fine for me since it’s far better than nothing, particularly with the new rings set items, making you store much more legs.

      On the other hand, I’d don’t see any reason making it a season reward. It’s just part of the game (and it should be since a long time) so why punish people who are not playing season. I do, so not a real problem for me but maybe many people do not. It’s just not fair for them.

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