A fan asked about a character wipe for the beta, and Blizzard said there’s no Reaper of Souls Beta character wipe planned. Not just for mercy, but because they want us testing Torment and higher level stuff, and taking away all our new gear and lvl 70 chars would not help with that.

    People always have mixed reactions to a character wipe, but most of the time they’re pretty understanding of the necessity for it. We try to avoid wiping characters whenever possible, but there are times when there are both technical and design reasons to do so.

    At this point, however, we don’t feel like we need to do another wipe. Having one would give us a lot of great additional information on the leveling experience and early Torment, but we’ve already have a fair amount of that data available. You guys have been great about providing excellent feedback in that regard. What we’re really looking for right now is that high-level experience. We’re going over data and feedback on how everything feels for players at level 70 in or around Torment 2 and above. Since it would take a while for most folks to level/gear up again after a wipe, we don’t have another one planned at this time. We can still monitor the effects of recent drop rate, balance, and Adventure Mode changes without a character wipe.

    Good news there in my opinion, and not just because I’ve got 3 chars who can handle Torment 1 pretty well now, (especially when partied up with others in the Clan) and the potential for loot upgrades are making that difficulty an enjoyable challenge.

    Update: Since there’s some confusion in comments, this refers only to wiping characters on the test server during the continuing beta/PTR test. Accounts can be copied to the test realm, but not the other way. No one playing PTR or Reaper of Souls now gets to transfer any of their gear or characters back over to RoS or D3v2 goes live. In fact it’s actually a sacrifice, since everyone playing on the test realm is doing that instead of advancing their live characters.

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