No PvP at launch

As we saw earlier with DiabloWikiThe Mystic, more and more features are being cut out of the game so they can release it as soon as possible. How much will still be in the game when it ships?

As we’re counting down the days until we’re ready to announce a release date for Diablo III, we’ve come to realize that the PvP game and systems aren’t yet living up to our standards. Today, we wanted to let you know that we’ve made the difficult decision to hold back the PvP Arena system and release it in a patch following the game’s launch. After a lot of consideration and discussion, we ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would just be punishing to everyone who’s waiting to enjoy the campaign and core solo/co-op content, all of which is just about complete.

While we work on making sure PvP lives up to its full potential, we hope you’ll find some consolation in the fact that soon, you’ll be having a blast leveling characters, finding items, learning the classes, and perfecting builds…and that when the Arenas do arrive, you’ll be all the better prepared for battle.

When the PvP patch is ultimately ready, it will add multiple Arena maps with themed locations and layouts, PvP-centric achievements, and a matchmaking system that will help you and your team get into fairly matched games quickly and easily. We’ll also be adding a personal progression system that will reward you for successfully bashing in the other team’s skulls.

We know a lot of you are looking forward to PvP, and we’ll be focusing our post-launch efforts on making sure the Arenas are as brutal, bloody, fast-paced, and awesome as we know they can be. In the meantime, we’re in the process of putting the finishing touches on what we think is a truly epic campaign and co-op experience for launch.

We’ll have a lot more info to share on the PvP system in the future, and we look forward to the moment we can get the game into your hands.

Seems we’ve been saying this a lot over the last couple of months but what are your thoughts on holding back on PvP?  Even if you are not a PvP fan do you feel this is the right move?  Are you surprised and thought that Arenas were already in and just needed balance?  Do you think they are completely reworking Arenas in that case and when the PvP Patch comes we’ll get something a lot more elaborate than what we have seen in the videos?

Update: We’ve put up a quick and dirty vote on our facebook page just to get your knee-jerk reaction to this.  We may do a more elaborate poll in the main news at a later date but for now where do you sit on this latest decision?

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358 thoughts on “No PvP at launch

      • i wish it would let me give you a + but for some reason i cant. probably cause i am on stupid IE

      • Sorry, but I am a franchise defining feature like permanent character customization.  Oh, wait….

        • You can’t really complain that the choices aren’t permanent, because they are if you choose not to alter them. So its all up to you setting rules for yourself, and sticking with them. Just like the creative people that does stuff like the melee sorc, pacifist necromancer, and other wierd but fun builds. 

          I don’t see that why its a problem that some of us like to be able to test different styles of play without having to level a character all over. There are only so many hours in a day I would rather spend those even fewer away from work doing fun stuff. Leveling a 3,4,5,6,7 or 8th version of a class to test out a different spec is just not fun for me.


        • No he isn’t. He is yet another whiner who should go back to D2 and have fun with the spammers, WUGGERs and script kiddies.

    • Lack of a hostile button takes away from this Diablo feel also.  At least give us a hostile button for that scary can get attacked in the wilderness feeling or dueling right outside of town.

    • Dude…. Whatever… I havent played BETA but i heard most people are very happy with the game. Many have talked about it indeed being part of the series…. Lets just get the game…

    • Sure, I need the game delayed another month +, so some yahoos can bare knuckle brawl each other on the first night.  Seriously? 

    • well, with that being patched out (and them mystic) I should have the game already installed on my pc, shouldn’t I oO

    • And here I thought we were having a good week…..
      I love D3 and the dev team…. but honestly wtf?
      It takes them 6 years to develop this game, and by the time it is ready to launch, half the game systems aren’t even implemented. I couldn’t imagine why it’s taken them so long for such little content.
      I seriously hope this isn’t another Duke Nukem Forever.

  1. I approve. It looks like they are REALLY pushing hard to get the game ready ASAP, and I am not really PvP type, I like it but come on, Diablo is about loot mostly 🙂

    • not to jump you in the face or anything but what makes you think they are pushing hard ? i mean in like comparison to 3 months ago … ?

    • “I am not really PvP type, I like it but come on, Diablo is about loot mostly”
      And u think why loot is so important? Because it can make u godly at pvp. Only reason people still does those Mefisto and Baals runs….

  2. Sure, when you say ‘it’s either giving up PvP on launch or delaying further’, everybody are going to say cut it, but what a disappointment.

    • Think of it like this, you will need to build a char for PvP anyway and it’s almost guaranteed that the first major patch will introduce PvP, so you won’t have to wait that long.
      It’s likely that the time they’ll be working on a PvP patch won’t be that much longer than the time they would have to delay the game to include PvP at launch, so the choice is a pretty easy one. Still disappointing though.

      • This is very optimistic and I hope you’re right. Also, there’s another loss with this: PvPing while leveling up, when the game is in its diapers and not everyone have top of the line gear.

        Other pessimistic scenario: PvP gets pushed back because of more urgent bugs, balance issues, and god knows what.

    • Bashy did that when announcing the last 3 or 4 features removed too, and it’s lame. Almost extortionistic.  “X isn’t worth delaying the whole game 3 months for.”

      Is there *anything* the devs could remove that the fanboys would not accept if the false alternative was waiting longer?  Bliz could have released D3 in 2010 with 3 chars and no artisans or act 4. Would that have been fine?

      • I (choose) to see it as they now have more time to develop something I care about instead of pushing it past without aspects or elements I want to see.

        If that makes me a fanboy, I’m fine with that. I like PVP and I want it to be great, not just average. 

        • Yeah – I’m disappointed that PVP won’t be available at launch, but I’d rather it be done properly than rushed. And, honestly, it’s the sort of thing I’m probably not going to explore much until I’ve hit 60 with a couple characters anyway.

    • SHit, I was just in 4 players game and we were all talking how we miss pvp and dueling and how we can’t wait for the final game, and now to see this…

      • Yep, pretty much my thoughts exactly.

        Lets just have the damn game. The campaign will give me time to learn the mechanics, should I even want to try out PvP later.

  3. Fine, give us the game sooner rather than later!

    I’m glade that they’ll patch arenas into the game, but I really hope that this means they’ll announce a release date before the month is over.

    Oh, who am I kidding, this changes nothing in that respect.     

  4. I guess the pressure from above forced them into a situation like this.

    I wonder what the box cover will say: “expect PvP arenas…coming SOON!”

  5. I was expecting this. I’d been badgering them across all media trying to get pvp info and it was silence.

    I’m fine with this, although it sucks, as long as the system is polished and more elaborate than what they’ve shown us so far. That’s an endgame for me with twinking and LLD stuff, so I can wait. 

    • Actually I don’t think Blizzard will rush to finish PvP. I kind of get the feeling it’s one of those things they may get round to in say a few months to a year to try and revitalise the game once everyone has run through it.

      At least we can rest assured one system that will be ship shape and ready for launch will be the auction house.

      • I’m a little surprised that PvP was sacrificed over some other system. I guess they ran out of expendables to cut for a timely release. PvP would kind of help promote the auction house, need to dress your best for the arena. 

        • Totally agree — in my opinion, the highest dollar items in the AH will be gear that is best for PVP.  PVE is competitive in its own way, but after you get so much, you will be able to steamroll content. In PVP, your gear has to stay current with the Jones’s, so gear that is slightly better than what is current will always always be in demand.

  6. How in the world is this not ready yet!!??? It was already in and functioning great two Blizzcons ago!! It’s the simplest thing in the game!!  Why wouldn’t they be able to release those maps and patch in new levels, achievements, ect, later! Why am I using so many exclamation marks!!

    • that is a really good question. 

      Its probably got to be something with matching up teams of similar level
      of maybe figuring out how to make PvP matching and arenas work with consoles  😆

      but you’re right, the basics were in 2 blizzcons ago 
      what have they been doing all this time 


    • As my capcha says “back to basics”… with all the changes they introduced for skills etc they need to rebalanced the PvP from nothing again… likely the maps and other assets will be on the disk anyway, ou just won’t be able to access it until they work it over with a patch.

    • Probably the usual Bnet 2 troubles. Like the time we had to wait 6 month for chat channels. 

      lol. Thanks for lightening up the situation.
      Biggest lol irl I’ve had in a while, maybe I was too loud…..
      Kind of embarissing  😆

    • You know those are all excellent points.  We’ve seen at least 2 maps at Blizzcon… why not throw them out there with random matchmaking.  Sure, it might not be a great experience, but a mediocre experience is better than no experience.

  7. You know what system worked well in D2? The hostile button. You know what system is simple enough to ship with the game? The hostile button.

    • Holy god I hated the hostile button. That is definitely not a feature I want to see returned to D3. The PvP system they have in place for D3 is something I am definitely looking forward to. I’m marginally disappointed it won’t be in release, but I will definitely be disappointed if it’s not within the first month after release.
      But please, let’s not mention the hostile button ever again… 😥

    • I agree about adding the hostile button.  The lack of it feels too safe and caters to care bears.  Diablo 2 felt scarier with it that you are in the wilderness and can just get attacked.  It is another element of the game that is not there now.  The scary unsafe Diablo game feeling now feels too safe.
      At least allow dueling slightly outside of town… come on give us something in the mean time.

      • Yeah, the fact that I could be walking around downtown and get mugged or shot at any moment is SO awesome. It’s really fun to live a life where there’s someone who could just attack me at any moment.
        Granted, this is a video game and not real life – but I like being able to enjoy my games and choose when I want to duel – not have it chosen for me by some dork who gets their kicks by ruining other people’s fun.

      • “Diablo 2 felt scarier with it that you are in the wilderness and can just get attacked”

        I think thats what monsters are for.

      • The only consensual hostile button buy-in I’d have is if one of the PvP Arena types you could choose was a particular section of the game (ie – graveyard, Cathedral, desert) and it would have monsters, Champions, etc roaming about, but be closed off from going down or up a level. That way you have the added environment, monsters dropping loot and trying to kill you, plus it would be random each time (rather than a set Arena map).
        Now that I’m typing it, that would be pretty fun as an Arena option eh Blizzard? 😉

  8. They’ll get PvP in a patch, just like SC2’s map marketplace and WoW’s dance studio.

  9. “they’ll release the game when its ready, and not before” 

    😆   😆   😆   😆   😆   😆   

  10. At least they didn’t cut it out completely like they’ve done with a lot of other functionality lately.  Could you imagine hearing “PvP to come in the first expansion.”

  11. Did anybody else notice that the metric is now “days” and not “weeks” for release?

    My speculation is that we’ll get a date next week.

  12. sign of release?

    edit: I just realized that this article on official page has sign of release tag on it. lol.

  13. The most depressing thing that I’ve seen in a while is comments on the official post thanking blizzard for cutting pvp and hurrying up the game…what have we gamers become:| it’s like a competition on who can bend over the most. They had 5 years, pvp should have been in final game, they are not doing us a favor by cutting it out

    • yeah, PvP is the only thing I was looking forward to 
      I really don’t care about playing all the classes, playing each difficulty over and over and over or making money on the RMAH 😆
      I just wanted to PvP

      I LOVE doing scenarios (arenas) in Warhammer online, and I was so looking forward to this.

      My strategy has always been to rush through to Inferno, get some decent equipment for PvP and then do PvP 90% of the time. Spend the remaining 10% PvEing for better gear.

      I guess now I’ll still rush through, get some gear and then just sit and wait for arenas to open up. 

      Really disappointed 

       Yeah, but they only had a few months to rework the whole skill rune system, and they obviously didn’t manage to balance it for PvP yet…

  14. at least there is something big to look forward to between the launch and the expansion.
    i wasn’t planning to play pvp in the first few months because the more time i waste with pvp the less money i make with the RMAH;)

  15. PvP needs its own beta test, so I suppose this could have been predicted as soon as we found out that this was the version that’s meant to be fit to print. I imagine they’ll be eager to put up test servers with the PvP content, but they’ll be able to wave off criticisms if there are easy exploits.

    Who knows though, maybe this will be like the game Outpost, which shipped with unfulfilled IOUs directly in the game. I doubt it, though. Blizzard would just can something completely if they didn’t have a clear path in mind.

    I suspect the test servers for PvP will start soon after launch. 

  16. While I am not a PvP person, I am disappointed in what this means: Activision has changed the Blizzard mantra from “release when it’s ready” to “release when we tell you to”. I hope this isn’t a sign of further depreciation of service that we can expect from Activision.

    • Not necessarily. The explanation given sounds reasonable. PvP content hasn’t reached their level of perfection on time, they don’t want to delay the Co-Op and single player experiences because of that. It is, however, a sign of sloppiness, which isn’t Blizzard-like, either, and may be a more bitter pill. The only thing I can say is that balancing a game as complex as D3 for PvP couldn’t be easy. 

      • Agreed, the balance can’t be easy, but pushing out the PvP balance will likely do more harm than good. By the time that they balance for PvP, they will probably have to adjust skills, runes, and items, which will further upset people that spent real money on gear for their builds.

        It’s not a good sign, but then again, the fact that Bioware has developed, created, and released more than a half dozen blockbuster games since D3 started development isn’t a good sign either. Blizzard is likely looking at some serious changes in the years to come.

        •  Guild Wars had the right idea with modifying skills for PvP while leaving them the same for PvE… essentially having a different version of the same skill for each…
           Blizz should do the same for D3…

  17. Seems fine by me, need to get 60 and getting uber gear first before attemping PvP anyway 😀

  18. I’m not really into PvP, so it doesn’t concern me. I’m happy, that they won’t delay the single campaign because of it. But hey, what a drag for those who were looking forward to it.

  19. No big deal, PvP is for tragic virgins.

    Now leave me to my business, I need to go grind honor in WoW. 

  20. I.. uhm… ugh. I don’t know what to say.  I’m sad pvp won’t be in right away, but I wouldn’t want the game delayed purely for it.  I will be disappointed if they patch the game later and the PvP system is basically what it was two Blizzcons ago.  If they add some really cool/unique features, i’ll agree it was worth cutting.  I suppose I wouldn’t be jumping into PvP right away anyways, but I sure hope the game has longevity for a while with leveling and gearing up characters to give them ample time to get the patch ready.  

  21. 7 fucking years of devolepment + 5 years of old development that served as ground work and concept. Now Blizz “When it’s ready” Zard announces the game won’t ship with PvP, the other half of the game.

    Diablo 3 is already failed with this news. Accept this fact you shoe-lickers.

    This is beyond awful in fact. Even I wouldn’t believe Blizzard could get this low. 

    If releasing the game with the longest actual development in history without PvP is okay for you, you’re 100% one of these. Imbecile – moron – idiot – manchurian candidate – Blizz employee. 

    This is beyond discussion also. Do not try to answer with nonsense.

    • In your rant you left out one option: People that don’t play or care about PvP, which dollars to donuts is the vast majority of players.  Doubly so since it has sucked on ice in prior Diablo implementations.

      That aside, you have a very valid point.

      • The thing is if developers of Diablo 3 couldn’t make the PvP decent after 7 years, do you think they have enough talent to produce a good game? If they want to release the game without the other half of the game – PvP – could you agree with this mindset? Which game developer did something like this before? Isn’t this look very low especially for a company known with “when it’s ready” motto (or lie). What about the preorders from PvPers. Aren’t they cheated?

        Now are you still OK with this news?

        • Hey bro, I’m right there with you… these delays and cutting (and the recent reimplementation) of features have troubled me for the past 18 months.  

          That said, I just don’t think PvP has a home in Diablo.  It sucked in the past, and wow, surprise, they are having serious trouble with it now.  I’m right there beside you on most other points, just not the PvP.  I have faith in the PvE, which probably puts me right up there with the sheeple masses.

          I do feel for those that pre-ordered, but they can always opt for store credit.  A lot of gaming to look forward to in 2012.

    • Ah permaximum!

       – Consumed by futile rage
       – Prone to violent outbursts
       – Into PvP

      Go figure…

  22. So smite and whirlwind are up to their standards? Oh dear lord, I wonder how broken d3 pvp will be. Regardless of that fact, it looks like they’re actually trying to add new gizmos and gadgets to pvp. Let’s just hope the wait is worth it.

  23. “With every game we make, the temptation is always very strong to launch as soon as possible. However, we didn’t put so many years of work into Diablo III to release a game that was almost ready,” said Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime

    😆   😆   😆   😆   😆   😆  

    us dot blizzard dot com/en-us/company/press/pressreleases.html?id=3552229

  24. Looking forward to the PVP, but I’m fine with this decision.  Get the game out the door, get PVP polished, then patch it in

  25. Dang, what else can they remove so they can release the game?
    It seems like they haven’t even been working on much in the game….just taking stuff out.
    hahaha, captcha is “tickled pink”

  26. I just don’t care at this point. Just release the dang thing already! As someone who likely won’t get into the beta and hasn’t despite trying a few avenues already, the wait has become gut-wrenching.

  27. Oh no! This is madness, tragedy, travesty, slap in the face, etc. etc.
    Yeah, okay, whatever, release now please.

  28. Wow.
    That is pretty embarrassing.
    The development seems more and more mismanaged.

    I don’t really care about PvP personally though, but the signal this sends, and the potential loss in customers, ouch.

    • I highly doubt people will be buying Diablo 3 solely for PvP and will be turned away from the game because of this. I think that the campaign will be more than enough to keep people who like ARPGs happy for quite some time. If you really care that much about PvP, you’re probably not even looking at this game anyway.

      It is a bummer though. I’m not one for PvP but Diablo 3’s PvP looks like something I’d enjoy.

  29. I feel like the massive delays are for taking things away from the game… not adding them.

  30. Flux and I were discussing this very thing not 10 hours ago when we were told by da da dahhhh a ‘source’ to expect a ‘big blue post today’.  We were pondering that, if it it’s not release date (which we were told it wasn’t), what could it be and he said well they’ve been suspiciously quiet on PvP, and I said well perhaps they’ve removed it. Oh how we chuckled at that.  You know when you wish you’d just kept your fat mouth closed? 🙁

    I’m not a PvPer anyway but I reckon this’ll be disappointing to those who are chomping at the bit for some Arena play.

    • This shouldn’t be disappointing to just PvP lovers. This should be disappointing to all Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft fans.

      The line has been passed now. There’s no turning back and games from this mindset and skillset have 0 chance to be good. After 7+5 years of development you couldn’t make the PvP decent and decide to release the game with the one half of the game. Former screams their skillset, latter screams their mindset. Two of them combined makes THE END.


      • Well it’s pretty impossible to make the PvP balanced when after working on it for a few years all of a sudden the way skills work changes…

      • After a lot of consideration and discussion, we ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would ..”  deja vu-tastic  Makes me a little wearier every time I have to read that sentence lately.

        I know, I know, what would you rather… they delay the game and spend time working on Arenas (I was under the impression it was a matter of balance now) or put that to one side and get the game out without?  I’d rather they had done both to be frank. It’s not as if there hasn’t been time.

        SWtoR had a team of writers begin on it in 2006, then later the devs began development (announced Oct 2008) and Diablo 3’s dev team started development (from the ground up) on D3 in 2006 (announced June 2008).  Whatever you think of SWtoR it shipped end of last year featured packed and I can’t help but wonder why it’s been so difficult with D3.

        • Eh, I’d suspect a release date announcement “soon” but that’s what I thought would happen when they removed some of the other features, so at this point I don’t expect anything. They say this will allow them to release the game quicker, which is fine with me, but I’m not sure I see that happening at this point in time.

          If there’s a release date next week then I’ll certainly be happy, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.     

        • To certain extent though, “release early” is just a new distribution model. Valve are sill adding things regularly to Team Fortress 2. It was released in ’08.

          At the other end of the scale, Minecraft just keeps getting better, whether you jumped on at version 1.0 or much earlier.

          Once everything is on-line, as it is now, there’s no reason to consider the initial release version of a game to be the “final” version in any way. I’d go so far as to say that the “release early model” is good for business. Every time you add content, you pull back a bunch of players who had previously gone idle. This happens to me with every Minecraft patch and I’m thinking Valve do this deliberately to increase player attachment/retention in TF2.

        • “Whatever you think of SWtoR it shipped end of last year featured packed and I can’t help but wonder why it’s been so difficult with D3.”
          If i was betting money on it i’d go with the fact that they keep changing the skill system and other stuff all the time…

  31. As a lover of all things PVP … I seriously can’t hit my head into my desk enough.
    I’ve rolled with the punches over the years with game… but….holy mother of god….

    • I’m not into PVP, but I could imagine your frustration especially if you pre-ordered based on PVP being in the game when shipped.

    • Well, it’s not like you’d be PvPing just at level 1… I imagine you’d be trying to top the internal charts at level 60?

      • Well it would certainly be nice to break things up between leveling and pvp’ing. I understand that pvp at 60 is more logical. But my option to pvp before that is kinda puffed out of existence right now.

  32. I don’t really want pvp-arena. I wan’t to chill in town, chat with peeps and duel with them just outside town. 

  33. Well, they cut other features to release the game early, and that didn’t seem to get us any closer to the release either.

  34. Of course, this is the right call. Its just sad that this call has to be made, and makes you wonder what the Dev team has been doing all these years?  The arena system was in good shape at Blizcon years ago.  Why haven’t they been working on it?  Or did it require the whole game to be done before they could do it? Ultimately, the decescion is the right one, but the impact of it will only be known when we find out how long after release the patch comes.  2, 3.. even 4 months.. it won’t hurt to bad.  But if I have to wait 6 months.. or longer.. my gosh its going to hurt. WTB a hostile toggle.. and thats the first time Ive ever said that in D3’s development     

  35. I don’t see what the big deal is.  Although I’ve never been a fan of PvP in Diablo 2, I thought that the arena system with matching making might be fun for Diablo 3 but that doesn’t mean I’d jump into it on day 1 with a level 5 character and I don’t know why anyone else would do the same.  Delaying PvP for a month or so isn’t going to break the game since the vast majority of players (even those who plan to focus on PvP) would be leveling their characters first.

    • Heck, no one’s going to use the RMAH for level 5 items. They should just patch that in later too.
      Edit: Ooops, didn’t see ADest’s post right below this.

  36. 1) I’m hoping this arrives as a free content patch rather than as DLC, or in the expansion pack (which can technically be considered a patch too).
    2) So much of the success of a game depends on reviews. If PvP is lacking/too short on features, having it in could actually result in lower review scores than having it out.

  37. At the rate it’s going, soon it’ll just be the RMAH (Real Money Auction House) with the rest of the game becoming a “value added feature”.

  38. “We’ve decided to take out the Demon Hunter, he currently isn’t up to our standards. We should be releasing this class “soon” after release”

  39. Not a problem, PvP is for entertainment when the end-game stuffs get boring so I’d not use it until way later anyway. Just release the damned hell on us 🙂

  40. It would be one thing if we hadn’t been waiting what seems like forever for this game, but since we have – this is crap. It’s like Blizzard thinks that since everyone wants release so bad that if they preface everything they take out of the game with “we didn’t want to hold up release for this” that it makes everything OK. It’s not OK. It’s crap. It is yet another failure of this development team to deliver on an aspect of the game that could have made the game better upon release. I sincerely hope that all of these feature removals don’t go unpunished within the company.  With all of these feature removals, can Blizzard honestly tell me that they released this game when it was “done”?  Seems like “done” now equates to making sure that what’s released is a solid foundation for a game that they can patch/expand down the road the way they want to.

    And I’ll tell you what else it is – last I checked, PVP doesn’t drop items that can be bought & sold on the RMAH. Therefore, one could make the case that leaving out PVP for a while could very well end up putting more items on the RMAH if players choose to farm items until PVP arrives. Everyone will want the best gear when that day comes. Blizzard hopes you go to the RMAH for your upgrades. End result = No PVP means more profit for Blizzard.  I don’t hate on them for wanting to make money – that’s what they’re in business to do.  I just don’t like that they wouldn’t admit that how much money they stand to make from a decision doesn’t factor into the decision when it’s made.

    • Last I checked, PVP doesn’t drop items period. Just achievements, banner customization and other vanity features. That was last I checked.

      • And here I thought people posted on forums to add something meaningful to the conversation.  Guess that’s not for everybody…

    • I dunno, I get the feeling the vast majority of RMAH purchases are going to be PvP people upgrading their gear. Why waste a second fighting monsters when you need to be practicing against real people? You need to buy your gear to keep up, at that point.

      • Correct, but I think leaving PVP out early on keeps people from PVP play at low levels when Blizzard would probably rather they farm items and level their character.  Granted true PVP competition will happen between max level players, but that won’t keep people from wanting to try PVP before then.

        Maybe Blizzard wants the newbie to get practiced at the campaign before they try PVP so that when they do, they won’t be put off when they do try it?  Probably a stretch, but I do think there are a lot of angles to this decision none of which are included in the official explanation.

    • — ‘Seems like ”done” now equates to making sure that what’s released is a solid foundation for a game that they can patch/expand down the road the way they want to.’

      That’s actually a really good way to do software. It lets you continuously work feedback into the product. Like, say if you had a beta release and the customers said “we want hardcore mode up front” and “the early levels are way too easy”.  You listen, you release the changes and then you start listening again.,_release_often 

      • Don’t worry mate the cut out shit will be back in the expansion so you can pay twice for the stuff you should have had in the first place. Some people are so naive.

      • True except they don’t need user feedback to tell them that having PVP (or additional ways to customize your character) is good for the game.  They are cutting things that have been in the game for quite some time that they know are good features that they can’t seem to get to function quite the way they’d like them to function.  Cutting things because you fail to be able to implement them properly when implementing them properly is a reasonable expectation of the community is just that – a failure. The other possibility is (as grunge suggests) holding things back that should be included in the initial purchase price just so you can charge people more down the road for the stuff they should already have gotten when they made their purchase to begin with. Either way, not admirable.

        • Agreed. D3 development has clearly not well at all. 

          I wanted to argue that writing a “solid foundation for a game that they can patch/expand down the road” is not automatically a bad method, but I won’t argue that D3 has done it deliberately or effectively.

          EDIT: I also _strongly_ agree that charging for a PvP “upgrade” at this point would be an egregious abuse of faith. Blizzard should absolutely release PvP as free content.

  41. lol if you were looking forward to the pvp in D3 you’re dumb, if you want good pvp that plays like Diablo go play DotA2.

  42. I totally support this. I’d much rather be playing Diablo 3 for a few months and then get access to PvP than to have to wait all that extra time just to have immediate access to a game mode I’m not even a high enough level to really play.
    It sucks that PvP isn’t already done, right now, and ready to ship, but in a choice between Game first, PvP later and everything later, well…that’s a clear choice.

  43. Two things:

    1. Blizzard should really rethink their design philosophy, because it sucks to wait so long for a game, hear so much about nice features and then see so many things removed/saved for an expansion. It’s just lame. This is not a rant.

    2. How is this decision bad, exactly? Guys, it doesn’t change anything (I hope). There were 2 options:
    a) They cut PVP and the game ships in Q2, so that everyone can at least play PVE.
    b) They wait for PVP and the game ships Q4 or 2013.

    What changes? Well… Almost nothing. PVP, in both cases, would be enabled at the same time. The only difference is that we get PVE sooner. That’s it.

    I’m happy they’ve decided to cut PVP to release PVE sooner and you should be too. At least you’ll have something to do while waiting for Blizz to get the PVP done.  

    • Hype features and remove them before release? It’s called the “Peter Molyneux” strategy.

  44. Fine with me, but i dont plan on getting into pvp right away anyways. It dose suck but at this point just get the game out there if PVE is ready.

  45. As much as I understand everybody saying it’s not that bad since we wouldn’t play on day 1 anyway, or that PvP isn’t the game’s core..  This isn’t right.  They should not have to make the decision to delay or cut, it should just already be there.  And the new skill system isn’t a good excuse, I’m sorry.  If they have to balance the PvP again, it’s just because they changed the skill/stats systems too many times.  They should know by now that trying to reach for perfection and scrap systems X number of times isn’t the best thing to do.  I still do not understand a lot of things they did, since they said “the current system is good enough but we are still exploring it.  We wouldn’t delay the game for it though”. Sure thing, is that I understand they failed to properly organize the development of this game.

    I am not a PvP guy, I hate but HATE dota games, I did not PvP a lot in Diablo 2, but the arenas in Diablo 3 just look SO FUN, that it’s part of what excited me the most about the game.  I was looking foward to play it the second I reach level 60, at least taking breaks from gear hunting to have some fun in the arena. We have absolutely no idea how much time it will take to level up to 60, so we can’t say we don’t need PvP during the first month.  We also have absolutely no idea when Blizzard will add the PvP.  It could be 2 weeks after or it could be 5 months after.  The only thing we will hear is “soon”.  Even once the game will be out, we are still going to be waiting for the game to truly be “done”.

    I’m also scared that they will screw it up if they take too much time to make it.  They will take their time thinking there’s no more rush and then change and rechange the system and try different things and finally the will release something worst than the version 1 (I’m a bit exaggerating here).

    And please, stop saying Diablo 3 is NOT a PvP game.  Arenas are part of it, even if you don’t like it, that’s a fact.  Anyway, with some recent debatable changes, Diablo 3 isn’t really a co-op game anymore for me and the social aspects of the game are horrible.  That’s a reason why I want the arenas!

  46. We had the same sobstory with Starcraft. We are still waiting for online replays and bnet tournaments. You know, features that existed back in 2004.

    Preorder cancelled. It’s not so much about whether I’ll really need PvP at launch, it’s that their inability to pull off a feature-complete game with the largest budgets and longest development cycles in the industry makes me seriously doubt their competence. Arenanet just won themselves a new preorder.

  47. sory guyz but the left and right mouse click wont make it into the game on release. may be patched in later. and keyboard support

  48. Non competitive PvP isn’t really that important anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.  I seriously question their decision making for the past six years though.  Something that was displayed over two years ago wasn’t ready?  They can claim that it will lack balance and competition, taking away everything that makes it “awesome”, so I don’t see what magic they will bestow upon it in the six months+ it will take to get put into the game. 

  49. D3, it’s really becoming quite the farce. If I was leading the D3 project I’d probably be having a break down right about now. They must be under a lot of internal pressure to hurry up and get it released, even at Blizzard with their “when it’s done” attitude. Their are limits and the cost of making D3 must be pretty high at this point.

    If they were saying the same things to management internally that they were saying publicly 6 months ago about the readiness of the game then I expect patience within the company is wearing as thin as it is with their customers.

  50. Bittersweet news. I want the game to be out like, right now, but I was looking forward to PvP. If they turn around and announce the game won’t be released until 3+ months from now, they better have it patched in immediately after release or they’ll have a raging shitstorm on their hands no amount of golden showers can counteract.

    And they might want to shy away from a Diablo-related April Fool’s joke this year. No need to emphasize the wasted-time-and-effort theme that has occasionally stunk this whole project up over the years.

  51. pvp is my main focus in diablo 3 but if i dont get it right away its not the biggest deal in the world. that being said wtf blizzard??!?! you’ve had so flipping long and got us soooo excited just for letdown after letdown. ive been on the edge of my seat since 2008 and it just seems like one poor decision after the next with you guys. btw elly your voice is very cute. 

  52. Don’t understand anyone having a problem with this, ofcourse just the automatic troll responses invoked in the very few morons out there
    Even as someone who plays most Games for the PVP — Diablo 2 probably not being 1 of them, I was and still am looking forward to PVP Arena Diablo 3 — will probably spend thousands of hours in there, at first abit disappointed but the fact they don’t want to delay the game for it is 100% correct, and the fact that this will give them a chance to just polish it up and making it that much more awesome, Aswell as I probably wasn’t going to worry about seriously hitting the Arena until after Inferno on my Main and atleast rolled my hardcore/ other characters, so thats a good months or so, Best possible situation is that they patch in the Arena just as I’m getting ready for it
    Alot of people seem to labouring under the delusion that the PVP system has been cut and they will never get to see it, It’s a delay, it will be in the game before you know it, most of you probably will still be playing through the PVE aspects of the game before you realise it’s not even there, and then it will be there before you’re even finished, yet you have to react like spoilt little brats (Wow… should we even be suprised by this behaviour?) harden up play the game and deal with it, or better yet, go play something else lol “”Herp Derp cancelling pre-order””” pathetic……. you’re all going to play it, and play for a very long time to come, so shut up

    Bring out the oh so iconic shaded “fanboy” comments out fluxie, it’s oh so ironic

  53. Not including a huge part of the game at release and then later patching it in…What other developer could get away with this kind of crap? 

    • Capcom. Street Fighter X Tekken DLC is on the damn disk already. I wonder how long it’ll take for people to “unlock” those characters…

  54. Eh. No loss to me. I’ve never been involved in the PVP scene in the last few Diablo games other then getting ganked in town by hackers in D1. I’m confident it’ll make it in a few months after release. I imagine I’ll be more engaged with playing with my friends and leveling all my characters up and toying with their builds first anyways.

  55. I don’t mind the pvp feature being delayed. I can use that time to prepare!

    I seriously don’t expect myself to be as good at it as I was with dueling in D2. The two systems are just too black and white. You know what I mean? So it’ll be crawling, walking and then finally running. Catch mah drift brahs?

    Learning from scratch! 8)

  56. demonstrate PvP for 18 months plus and have it be playable at various expos.
    not ready for launch

  57. I’ve never done much PvP in Diablo, I prefer other types of games for competitive play. I was looking forward to trying some PvP atleast, a long time ago when I still had high expectations for the game. Announcing now that there won’t be PvP at release is very anticlimactic.
    Well they better show what they’ve spent all this time doing, before release, I haven’t seen anything awesome yet. The D3 development is starting to look like a complete meltdown at this point tbh.

  58. I never did PvP in D2, but I was kinda looking forward to the arena. However, I honestly think people are fooling themselves if they think this will get patched in a month after release. Chat channels, in their gimped form, didn’t get to SC2 for almost 6 months. 6 months. To make some chat rooms. I could jump on Google and find out how to get a chat room up and running in 60 minutes.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if PvP never made it in, just like SC2’s map marketplace. I think it’s more likely to end up in the expansion than be patched in. I wish I could say I’d buy it when they put out the full game. I wish I had that kind of willpower, but alas, it would probably be a lie.

  59. Another major feature removed from the game?  NO WAY!  It’s not like they had the time to work on this…

  60. Cancelled CE. No use. A pity I took the year long subscription for this “game”.

    I think Morhaime should resign. He is sitting on a throne and doing nothing but lay off people.

    I want Rob Pardo in command before it is too late for Titan.

    Blizzard is incapable of delivering great experiences since 2009.

    I consider Wintergrasp their last masterpiece. Sc2 and the Cata PvP joke Tol Barad were unworthy crap to me.

    I play 80% for pvp in the long run.

    Oh and fire that Jay Wilson or … Let him make trips. Because ever since he went on voyage it appears the game has at least a more positive evolution.

    The guy is an idiot apparently.  If you are incapable of delivering 50% of your game in 4 years, you simply failed as a coordinator. 

    Rob Pardo for CEO or it’s too late…


  61. Sorry but we need to cut development down so that we make our release date. We don’t want Mr Kotick to cut another 600 because I might be one of them next time. Oh and sorry for milking development for 7+ years!

    I think that pretty much sums it up.  

    • Stop talking about Kotick. Blizzard has its own structure and identity and this one is ALL up to them.

      At least Kotick is doing his job and is paid for what he did great for 17 years now: leading Activision from bankrupcy to the most successful publisher. 

      I am quite sure there will be a LOT of explaining to do at Blizzard and it won’t end with that one D3 producer leaving a few weeks back.

      The most frightening thing is that in the last 6 weeks almost EVERYTHING changed in mechanics and … this at a time Jay Wilson was sent cruising around the world …. It is as if someone redesigns the game from scratch in these last few weeks. THIS FACT proves the game was totally mismanaged and is good on its way to become a disaster.

      Time to change things at the top of Blizzard before it is too late. Kotick has nothing to do with this mess.

      This mismanagement was already seen in CATA (no consistency between the leveling systems which resulted in too fast levelling per zone story and a joke called Tol Barad Pvp), but at least Wow still worked. I wonder if D3 will even be a playable game from 1 – 50 as everything beyond 20 is not even tested. In fact the EU server structure will not even be tested …! Imagine this! 1 million players and no testing of the EU infrastructure. One typing error and one router problem and the game is unplayable because it is on line only. Imagine the scenario …

      And burning candles is not helping much in an IT world.

  62. I am beginning to wonder what the development team has done the past years. There must have been some serious problems.

  63. Ya know, if I was in my right mind, I would be pissed as hell.  There is no valid excuse for this.   Buuuut…..

    I’m too damn tired of waiting around while Blizzard twiddles their thumbs.  Just release the damn game. 

  64. I don’t think PvP will end like it, but with Diablo II there were several features they said they would do, that ended up don’t happening. Like guilds for example.

  65. Like it or not, but this must have been a tough decision and is a definite sign of release. *shrugs*

  66. Pathetic Blizzard taking 7 years to create a simple RPG and even then removing half the features they announced before.

  67. ok downgrading from CE to normal. No reason to give them extra if the serve horse sh23. IF there would be alternative i probably wouldnt buy the game at all as its big piss joke with all the content being cut off.

  68. I personally never pvp’ed in diablo 2 and I am ok with this news since the game will finally be released. However it worries me that in the last couple of weeks, so many stuff have been changed. The fundamental of the rune system was decided like less then month ago. Now they are trying to deal with the mess with that decision. I think delaying pvp arenas are result of complete change in rune system. 

  69. Very bad news, but I cant say Im surprised. Developing proccess of this game is one huge failure, everybody knows that. Chat channels took 6 months to develop for Sc2, some features like guild support, co-op repleay watching are still not there. So how long will it take to release the PvP patch? I will not buy this half-product.

  70. You buy it, install it, select a character, start the campaign… and Rick Astley appears.

  71. Srsly considering swapping to GW, can´t rly afford both games and Diablo just seems to offer so much less… I´m still playing D2 with friends though, so peer pressure will be hard.

  72. I approve.
    While it pains me to see that PVP won’t be available at launch, it matters to me more that the game can be released sooner. As long as they will definitely add the system later, I am OK with that.

    • “Sooner” 😀 It’s already soooooooooooooo late. It should have come on Late 2011 and now soon will be middle 2012 and they are cutting main features from the game to release it “sooner” =D 

    • I like the use of the word “sooner”.

      Seriously, they showed the game with 4 classes in … 2008. And in the last few weeks they changed basic design features from scratch.

      The let go producer was probably the scape goat behind which Jay Wilson sought shelter. Since that time Wilson cruises the world and everything is on a hurry up mode. Deleting 50% of all kind of features, DOUBLING boss damage at a time you should tweak things up to 0.05%. The system was based on the rune system and they deleted it just a few weeks ago. Until the latest patch your grandma could run the game to 50 blindfolded controlling the mouse with her foot…

      I am convinced someone INTERVENED and now it is panic mode, deleting the pvp part totally.

      I see a hand of Rob Pardo in this. But I doubt even he will be able to save it in such short notice.

      Let’s HOPE the savior can make it work, but I predict one thing: Jay Wilson will no longer be working with Blizzard in 6 months time…

      • Yep. I think a serious head-kicker has been brought in to get the damn thing out the door. They will be terrorizing the devs and maximizing the pressure on everyone.

        Lead producer gone, then sudden, violent changes in features with aggressive use of the “red pen”.

        This has all the hallmarks of an upper-management intervention.

  73. I don’t really care much about PvP.

    Just like back when D2 was first released, the game content and various classes kept me satisfied for a few years, I did not touch PvP until 2-3 years later.

  74. Honestly…I couldn’t care less about having PvP at launch. When the game is new and fresh 99.9% of the players are going to level up their characters and experience the game anyways.
    It’s not like there’s gonna be lvl 18 Paladins waiting to PK you in Act2 Sewers anyways LOL
    So I’m fine with having no PvP at launch since the majority of players aren’t gonna be interested in that game mode anyways right at the start.

  75. While I am happy that they are doing everything possible to release the damn game, its getting ridiculous. What the hell were they doing all these years??

  76. I haven’t read everything and it’s probably already been suggested but they could at least get a little private dueling function in for launch. It’s after all the most important part of duel, settling things with friends 😀

  77. The way I see it:

    1. PvP was pretty dumb in the previous games, so it’s not an essential release feature to have it in the 3rd game. Especially when the alternative is a delayed release on an already long overdue game.

    2. There WAS a PvP feature in the previous games, so now that they actually have a possibility of having proper PvP content, so when they DO add it, it should be as a FREE patch.

    3. Given the long development time of the game and the exceedingly huge resources of Blizzard, it makes you wonder why this stuff isn’t done already. What’ve they been doing all this time? Making the other game content incredibly huge? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I also agree with the sentiments that it’s odd they’re doing so many major changes to the game at this point in time. Monster damage being so out of whack they had to double it, the rune system overhaul and now complete removal of PvP.

    • They’re postponing the game anyway. What you get on Day 1 isn’t the full game. You’re only getting a piece of the whole game. Now they’re just postponing parts instead of the whole thing.

  78. What is that PVP reward that he talks about, able to get items from PVP?? I sure hope not..

  79. “Even if you are not a PvP fan……” a non-PvP fan wouldn’t give a shit…….whos the dumbo that wrote this article?

    I’m not a PvP fan and I don’t give a shit :), I’d rather have the game much sooner than wait on them to fix that shit

  80. Most dedicated players will hit level 60 in week, and If PvP patch will be developed at same speed as game itself then we might wait for it a long long time. 

  81. Right or not, I simply do not care anymore. Being an old time single player (and I will always remain one even in D3), I have long ago accepted the fact that we are going to have to deal with playing online and all the other factors that result from that, but the one thing that I DO like about being forced to play online only, is the accessibility the developers will have to hot-patching the game anytime it is needed. Whether it’s some new items, nerfing the new Buritto Cannon or adding and balancing PvP, at last will we get a game that draws some of the positives of an online only game.

    Lets put it this way, we have waited since June 2008… how sweet will it feel getting that release date announcement next week? Let us play for a month or two, get the hang of the game, the skills, inferno and all that, and PvP will be there before you know it.

    Keep those chins up, fellas. Game’s right around the corner! 🙂

  82. Absolutely freaking pathetic is what it is. Develop a game for 5 years and still ship it without major parts ? L O L

  83. They’ve already warned us ad infinitum that PVP is going to be not balanced and non-competitive. Why on earth not go forward with what they have?!

    /canceled pre-order
    Next thing they will remove item stats.

  85. Well seeing as they just gave melee classes 30% damage reduction and have rebalanced the skills then it only stands that pvp is going to be a balancing nightmare now. I agree that they really should have had it pegged by now but it’s reasonable for them to cut it until they sort it out, who knows they may even had some features…

  86. I think blizzard will add this arena in future, “BUt maybe in Expansion or something you muste pay for to get!!!
    Blizzard is big Money company they only think how they make more money!! Sad but its true!

  87. What a fucking frustration, every time i come to inc gamers to check if there is release date I become more and more mad. FUck off blizzard, is all i can say.
    Fucking retarded faggots implemented retarded skill system with primary/defense/secondary skills but they didnt have time for PVP. Really this is the dumbest shit I could ever expect from #1 game develover.

  88. by far the worst cut until now.
    i couldnt wait to have my charackter finding new items or unlocking sth new and directly putting those things to the test in the arena. pvp was always my main motivation i cant begin to imagine how recklessly blizzard is treating it.
    they better have 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 FFA modes, full clan support and verry diverse arenas with maybe some kind of betting system in it… but i bet they wont, it will just be a stupid “press 1 button and play a round of random 3v3” with no option to compete with other teams/friends/clans… Oh great idea, why dont we put a lvl restriction in for pvp, so that you dont get too frustrated when youre getting your ass handed to you the first time you play it?
    ive always been defending blizzards questionable decisions but this really pisses me off… sry 4 bad english

  89. i dont care for pvp the game is already delayed it would suck if the release affected cause of this .. it just draws lame kiddies thinking they own the world.

  90. One begins to wonder what the hell Blizzard has been doing with the game for soon 4 years now. I mean, it’s not a huge game like say Skyrim so either they’re extremely inefficient, or we just haven’t seen its magnitude yet. Considering they’ve stated it’s about the size of D2, i’m beginning to think the first.

  91. If you seriously want to delay the release of the game to add some stupid arenas, you are an idiot.

    Diablo has never, and will never be about PvP.  If you want to whine about PvP balance, please go back to HoN, LOL, or DoTA2.  Those communities would love to have you. 

    • Delay? They announced PvP 2 years ago and had functional PvP already then so how much more work did they need to do in those 2 years? They prolly put huge ignore on PvP long ago. 

      I can bet you when they implement PvP we will have 1 stupid 4v4 DM mode and that’s all. 

      I can quote Jay: “…it will add multiple Arena maps with themed locations and layouts, PvP-centric achievements, and a matchmaking system…”

      All those things should have been implemented long ago. It does not really matter how many arena maps we will have on release. Who cares about achievements. And matchmaking system, did it work in Blizzcons? If yes then they have all of those thing, I seriously don’t get why they cut it..

  92. Really good news. Diablo is NOT A PVP GAME  and im glad they wont let PvP fixing delay the release of the game. Sure it will be fun to try now and then arena but in the end, Diablos are always been PVE games, people should really get this. THis is not wow.

  93. Seems like they should charge something like 20 euros to buy the game at launch. Half game we were told we’d play, will be absent...

    • LOL watch Blizzcon dev. panel from ’09 to ’11, pretty much every thing they talked has changed. Dunno why even bother with all those development panels if you cut and change everything anyways before release.

  94. I laughed soooooooo loud at fanboys when I saw the news. When I saw the comments I laughed even louder.

    I’m not a PvP type of person, but this is simply unacceptable. The truth is that the Diablo community is really soft and anything but demanding. If this was at corporate level, heads would be rolling all over the place. I really have to say that D3 development was/is an absolute anecdote. I’ll be astonished if Bobby doesn’t get more people fired after release.

    Hey, to hell with that: +1 to the sooner realese! That’s all we care right! lol /facepalm

    Don’t get me wrong, I rejoice that the game will hit the markets “soon”… but i’ll be paying for an unfinished product.

    Hi5 for Blizzard’s messages. We can easily see that they’re directed to fanboys and children. Not mature hardcore fans. Good to know once again. 

    Ok, then. Bring the game on! I’ve laughed enough on the all suportive Blizzard fanboys. Every time it seems a tower defense game.

    • Aren’t you one of the biggest supporters. your money speaks a lot louder than any comment so by and by you are the blizzard fan boy willing to dish out cash for the unfinished  product   🙄

      • No, my friend. I have the courage to say I’ll buy it. I’m not a coward nor an angel of justice. So, I have the due right to speak my mind. To lash all my criticism at Blizzard.

        You, on the other hand, can only be one of two things: 1) a fanboy who is too dumb and oblivious to criticize  Blizzard; 2) a troll who lashes at the game and says it sucks and, in the end, will buy it anyway.

        Nevertheless, I will continue with my criticism. I’ll buy the game and I’ll evalute. If it sucks, Blizzard will have hard time to suck my money again. If it’s good, I’ll buy more. i’m not a fanboy, I’m a consumer who wants a good product and evalute his options. Good = more buys; Bad = Goodbyes.

        So, not everything is perfect (fanboys). Not everything is disgracefull (trolls). 

  95. For those who aren’t getting the hint yet, the reason PvP isn’t going to be in at launch is because they’ve been in crisis management mode on the rest of the game for quite some time. Why do you think they haven’t shown anything past the tutorial? Yeah that’s right, because people wouldn’t be impressed if they saw it.

    • they havent shown anything beyond the sk because there is a dramatic plot twist after and they dont want to have it known before release, do your homeowork

  96. This feature was presented at previous blizzcons and it looked awesome:
    If you’re going to scrap features just because they are not absolutely perfect you can throw out 1/2 the game. It’s a bullshit argument that only has one reasonable explanation: this previously implemented feature is conflicting with current features… which is a bloody retarded design mistake… if you can’t maintain functionality between the different features you implement it’s time to look for new programmers.
    Also, justifying this cut with the argument that it would delay the game is beyond cheap… ofcourse it’s going to pacify the throngs just waiting for the game… sad that most of them just blindly take it without thinking about the topic critically.

    Edit: this just occured to me after posting… it’s quit possible that the Blizzcon demo footage was staged… just like the Siegebreaker execution footage from the intro gameplay. This would probably be a new low as far as PR would go. At this point, how am I suppose to get hyped or even believe ANYTHING the Blizz people say?

    • nah it wasnt staged, there was a playable 3v3 pvp demo avaiable at some point, but i strongly agree with the rest of your post

  97. If pvp is like pvp in D2 i honestly don’t need it even though i prefer to play pvp. If they patch it later in and it still sucks i will just play Guild Wars 2. Yes, we have options … Well, if GW2 is being released in time with an active pvp Part that is …
    i may add that the pvp part they have shown so far isn’t exciting at all and i hope the come up with some groundbreaking new mustplay pvp.

  98. Old Blizzard: Release game when it is complete
    Activision Blizzard 2010: Removes tailsman/charms
    Activision Blizzard 2011: Removes mystics
    Activision Blizzard 2012: Removes Pvp system 
    Activision Blizzard 2013: Battle 2.0 (now integrated with twitter) ?

  99. I can only imagine trying to balance that many skills in PvP, it’ll be a nightmare but I believe Blizzard will pull it off well.

    I do love how they are so concern about making sure the game (although it contributed to delay in release) is flawless, maybe the gaming industry should start learning from them, instead of rushing to release their games only to have it burned to oblivion a year later.

    It also seems like the release date is imminent.

    • “I can only imagine trying to balance that many skills in PvP, it’ll be a nightmare but I believe Blizzard will pull it off well.”

      Agreed, but when?  The problem is when you tell people to wait for years for a game because you don’t want to give it to them until it’s “done” and then you turn around and start removing features and making major strip-down changes at the last minute that people tend to notice the hypocricy of it all.

      Bottom line – Behind all of the PR trying to explain all these last minute changes away, Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves as a result of all this.  At the end of the day, these people do know what it’s like to be in our shoes even if they aren’t when they go to work.  My guess is deep down, they know we have every reason to be (at the very least) somewhat let down by now.

    • Flawless game… Flawless like a car with just the steering,wheels and motor? What should the game industry learn from them? That it is ok to fuck around for 5 years and do a rushjob at the last minute? Mate, it’s the other way around, Blizzard is learning from Activision, Bioware, etc.

    • OK, but where does that get you?  You’ll be leveling your character and learning the game while everyone else who bought on release day is at max level and ready to throw down in PVP…

      • Well, I’ll see how the game holds up to people expectations. After recent joke from Bioware called Mass Effect 3, I don’t believe a single word coming from developers mouth. Maybe Diablo III is crap. Who knows. Time will tell.

      • They were toying w/ a full blown character auction on the RMAH. If they release A) PvP and B) full character sales at the same time, dedicated (and slightly crazy) PvPers could kill each other w/o stepping a single foot into PvE (maybe once in awhile to pull bought gear out of the stash). That’s actually a good thing for PvPers. Of course, these things have to actually be in the damn game in the first place…

  100. Anybody else remember all the stuff they promised to patch into SC2?  Yeah, its been almost two years now, hows that goin so far Blizzard?

  101. OK there’s no justification for this. They should just delay the game a little longer. No chat channels in SC2 was one thing…but no PVP??????????

  102. Totally deeply disappointed. Just what the fuck did they do in last years? They had it working for at least… what… 2 years? Why not include it in the current version?
    Post release could mean another few months of waiting for PvP, maybe even waiting for the first expansion pack (looking at the D3 development cycle and the StarCraft II expansion pack development cycle that wont be funny).

  103. Very good decision. I want to play this game at last, cause it’s fucking awesome as it is now. I don’t need PvP on the begining anyway, cause i want to finish SP campaign first.

    • And how long are you planning to finishing SP campaign? For a 4 months lol?

      PvP is a part of the game, and we are going to pay 60$ for a half finished product. 

          • They already have it working for over 2 years. They had working pvp versions playable at blizzcon. Why not include it in the current state? Just patch it later, add more PvP modes later, balance pvp skills later.
            Let me guess: The obligatory pvp item blizzard store TM is not ready yet?

  104. Yeah develop game for 7 years, delay several times, and then cut main features before release. If they decided to include PvP they would prolly release in on 2015.

  105. At this point, it’s the right decision.

    It just makes me incredibly disappointed that they took 8 years to develop a game that has the same content length of Diablo 2 and will have normal difficulty beaten in a couple of hours.

  106. This really irks me.  Yet another feature axed from the game.  Seriously, what the hell have these guys been up to for the last few years.  If little studios like Runic Games (Torchlight series) and Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile) can create a completed project on a WAY smaller budget and smaller development team, why can’t Blizzard who are lamented as the number one PC game company. 

    The amount of money that must have been sunk into Diablo 3s development at this point must be huge…Which further irks me because some 600 Blizzard employees recently lost their jobs.

    And they STILL don’t have a release date set after all these cuts and omissions.  They really must have misled us about how far along they really were in their development cycle, because as it is now, if the game were to launch with all the features they planned, we’d be looking at a 2013 release date.

    I also find it amusing how many people have posted that they are okay with this. That they are going to level their character, gear them up, and get ready for PVP! It wouldn’t at all be surprising if and when the PVP patch comes, Blizzard introduces a whole new slew of changes which prevent certain items from working in PVP, or introducing PVP only items, or something like this. Sort of like what they did with PVP in WoW. That awesome axe that took you three months to find? Yeah, it’s cool and all, but this axe with + resilience is better.

  107. You have a point. After all D3 is more of a coop game if not SP. I don’t see why people are bitching about PvP. I want to experience the story, I dont want to play against a no-lifer 15yo asshole who thinks he is the shit.

    Fack PvP! 

    • because PvP is fun 
      but doing the same quests over and over and over (just with a different class in a different difficulty) gets boring fast 

      so what you’re saying is, if you play a multiplayer game,  you’d rather play WITH the no-lifer 15yo asshole who thinks he is the **** than AGAINST him  ❓

  108. Genius idea came into my mind. They must make another difficult decision – hold back the price of the game. For $15-20. That will be fair.

  109. That’s because you play worse than a person with Alzheimer’s disease and get your ass kicked constantly in PVP. It doesn’t mean that the rest of Blizzard fans should suffer because of you.

    • Dude!


      It’s just a gimick that is there to entertain bored players. Developers must let their games die. PvP (unless it is the primary mechanic of the game) should not be added to SP / coop games. It ruins immersion and it’s inherently unbalanced.

      Stop bitching about PvP. I hope they never patch it in. 

      • Diablo is a PvE game, why bother with PvP. Diablo is a coop game, why play alone. HC is the only way, you must be a wuss. Ladder is a cesspool, would never poke it with a stick. Real players prefer PvP, only terribads like PvE snoozefest…

        And the list goes on. Stop telling people how to fucking play already, there is no right or wrong here! Personally I don’t care much about PvP but it IS part of the Diablo series whether we like it or not, and many people enjoyed it. It is not PvP that threatens with yet another delay, it is Blizzard’s mismanagement again. Of course instead of saying “yeah we fucked up, 6 years weren’t enough to finish PvP for launch” they say “PvP would delay launch so we will add it later”.

        And that small twist is all it takes to make selfish little muppets like you piss themselves with joy and give PvP players the finger. What you seem to forget is that those guys waited just as long for Diablo, and now they have to wait even more so that we can play sooner. If you don’t like PvP that’s fine but keep it to yourself instead of kicking those getting the shaft for Blizzard’s complacency.

        • This, along with Bnet 2.0’s lack of features, only shows me that Blizzard has some serious management problems. It’s pretty absurd when 6-7 years still isn’t enough to make a functional PvP system. And a PvP system is probably one of the easiest things to implement. A simple hostile button was more than enough for D2, and I honestly don’t think people would be all that upset if D3 simply had one arena at launch.
          It really makes me curious as to what the heck Blizzard is doing that’s causing so many things to be unfinished, especially when you look at other games which have several times the content at launch. Just look at DotA2 for example, whose (beta) online service has so many more features than Bnet 2.0 that it’s downright sad. I don’t know, but Blizzard’s long development times are starting to look more and more like laziness and poor management rather than dedication to quality.

          • That “simple hostile button” was the reason I stopped playing hardcore Diablo II in the end – TPPK being the worst result of it, and I’m glad they’re not repeating that mistake.

            On a semi-related note – something just occurred to me – they’ve exactly copyied Left4Dead’s multiplayer setup!  (except that shipped with the deathmatch..)  <disclaimer>I know this probably occurred to everyone years ago..</disclaimer>

          • /snap

            + Given that Left4Dead is an absolute, dead-set winner of a co-op game, I’d say that’s fine 🙂

          • Yep, except L4D is built around survivors vs. SI in versus mode and has actual coop mechanics. Whereas in Diablo it’s more for the lulz.

          • After reading the ‘day in the life of a developer’ posts on the Blizzard site I’d say the problem isn’t laziness but ‘design-by-committee’, slow procedures, too many business meetings etc. Maybe Bobby was successful in removing the ‘fun’ from game development?

        • [I give up, this post is intended as reply to nailertn]

          Here here. I don’t play PvP but I think that people who like it should have the choice. Everyone should get to play the way they want to.
          That’s why I’m a big fan of the arena. I probably won’t use it but I like it because it respects the player’s decision to PvP or not. This is a huge difference from the old Hostile Button, which lets a player decide that _someone else_ is going to play PvP. That’s not Freedom of Choice, it’s Imposition of Will.

      • So your excuse of a brain inhibits you to imagine a fun and up to date player versus player mode, whatever.
        Fact is Blizzard couldn’t even get a decent PVP mode working for a game that’s been in “development” for god knows how many years. Pathetic.

  110. Another thought for our PvPers: Mind that they will definitely implement it and they want to get it right. So You WILL get Your fix. Maybe that means they will provide you guys with a fine ladder or even league game or whatnot. Sure PvP was part of Blizzcon presentations but if that was not up to Blizzards standards perhaps they will give You something better. I wouldn´t be surprised if the final PvP will include something awesome we not yet know about. So: Heads up !

    • Blizzard”s new policy – “we will not release any game until its ready (and by ‘ready’ we mean cutting all features that get in the way of our release date)”

      • That’s not true. Blizzard still goes by that. Problem is that something happened during development and the game is f****** late. If they kept their mantra Diablo III would be released in 2015. Not even “until it’s ready” motto can excuse an 8 year development cycle.

        At this point they’re making the right decision based on the current circumstances. That doesn’t make them any right overall though. Blizzard or even Activision screwed up something along the road.

  111. If only Blizzard had more time… they’d have been able to have more features in rather than cut things out at the last minute.

    oh wait, they had 4 years.

  112. Sign of release? 🙂 YEAHHH BABBYYYYYY! Some retribution. Finally!!! Loves coming back for uuuu Blizzard :* <3

    Finally some big news!

  113. Does anyone else remember when arenas and guild halls were cut from D2?
    Oh age and cynicism…

    • i remember the guild halls, and their promise to include so much awesome clan support, and then their promise to release it with LoD, and then them saying it’s still on their wishlist for a future patch, and then everlasting silence.
      but hell at least they did have SOME form of pvp implemented at release, dueling and world pvp, which is stuff i’ve always thought should have been in D3’s plans since the beginning, but i guess since they only had somewhere between 6 and 11 years to build D3 that would have been way too much to ask, on top of all the other features they’ve taken out halfway (or more) through development.
      i also remember people complaining about act IV in D2 being so short, and blizzard north admitting that yeah they wanted to ship sooner, now blizzard has rewritten their own history to put a positive spin on the issue, saying they did it for design reasons to make the pace of the game seem to accelerate near the end. … yeah… i guess that’s why the final hardest “acts” or areas in every other game ever are always so much shorter than the one’s before it.

  114. oh well, i guess that WoW players got a pretty nice deal. 1 full year of MoP with Vaporware D3 bonus.

    I know, i know, raging.. but i’ve been protecting this dev team for the past 4 years, but all of the sudden i don’t agree with everything they throw out.

    This iteration process only means that after 10 years of looking into their own game, they get bored of how things are before players try the full game themselves!
    Let us f…ing try it and change things in some patch or expansion.

    I know people that still pay SWOR because they’ve promised to implement character migration in the future, they don’t even play it anymore.
    Hell, WoW has always been about promising features in expansions, class tweaks and revamps..

    Release the game, let us get bored of it, then go back to your iterations.. for expansion.

  115. i thought of another cool new rule you can set for yourself that will totally fix this issue: make a rule for yourself that you simply won’t buy D3 until pvp is implemented. that way your game experience won’t be gimped in any way from day 1. it’s like choosing your own custom release date. i’m not being entirely sarcastic, i do have a friend who is refusing to play through SC2 until all the expansions have been released so that he can play the missions straight through. what sucks for him is that he was doing a really good job of avoiding spoilers, but (SC2 spoiler alert!) he accidentally saw the logo with de-zerged kerrigan that debuted for HotS, so now he’s like what the hell happened with kerrigan?  

  116. How is this surprising?
    They just overhauled the skill & stat systems for the twentieth time. Now they have to balance it for PvE and redo the item mods for the hundredth time over. Once they complete that they’d have to balance PvP, hence it was cut.
    I really think they bit off more than they could chew with the runestone system. If you think balancing D2 was impossible, just think of all the skill variations they have now. Big mistake in my opinion, especially since the main game systems were never fully ironed out.

  117. PvP will be offered later through DLC.; $15 / arena.
    Hope they release the game asap. I’m glad the PvP aspect of the game won’t delay the release.
    They can just patch it in later.

  118. Im rly looking towards 5 years from now, when finally all the fanboys forget about Diablo and once again only the true community will remain.

    • Congratulations.
      In 11 pages of posts, yours just took first place for the dumbest one.

  119. I think only a minority of people will play pvp in diablo3. Well it’s an PvE game isn’t it? So why delaying a game  and annoy the majority of gamers  with further delay if this majority of gamers doesnt even care about this feature? 

    It’s there right decision, i think. It’s getting my hopes up that this game will make it in Q2.  

  120. Personally, I don’t play PVP so I don’t care too much about whether it is there or not. I feel for those that do though, and I think it is totally unacceptable how they handle these cuts.  It’s in poor form to lay it on OUR hands and say, “Do you want this feature or do you want the game on time?”

    No, don’t ask us that.  It’s been SIX years since development and FOUR since announcement.  It’s mindboggling that you are unable to provide both.  How monumental a clusterfuck has development been that a relatively straight-forward ARPG takes you six years and you still can’t finish it?  Heads should be rolling with this.  It’s just incomprehensible how long it has taken, and how ENORMOUS gameplay changes are being made in the final weeks while the team leader is on a business trip.

    If these team leaders are ever let near another Blizzard project, I’ll be surprised.

    • Harsh words, sir, harsh words. Do you really know what is going on behind the curtain? I don’t, but for me it becomes more and more evident that the whole Diablo 3 release circus we have seen so far is due to the big cash cow: World of WarCraft and its next expansion “Mists of Pandaria” (MoP).
      Look at the schedule: The MoP press event is next week from March 13 to 15. The NDA for that will fall March 19, and the big news will be that the MoP beta starts in April, along with the Diablo 3 release. Diablo 3 is such a threat to the WoW subs that the Diablo 3 team was simply not allowed to launch before the MoP beta. The rune system and all that last minute changes? I highly doubt that. The final plans have certainly been in the drawer for a long time and were just *revealed* and implemented last minute (because the MoP team was finally ready for beta). The financial decision makers are to blame here, and no one else. WoW first, and then the rest.

  121. since you won’t be in the arena, you can spend more time in their profitable RMAH.  the development team is under strict orders that every conceivable aspect of this game must be rooted in the blueprint philosophy  that “All paths lead to the bank of blizzard”.

    • Which is weird, b/c PvP provides a huge demand/market for the RMAH. If all you want to do is PvP, you’re not going to spend any time in PvE trying to find gear. You’ll pay cash on the RMAH and buy your PvP gear, so you can spend all your game time in PvP. W/o PvP, there’s not as many buyers. Pretty short-sighted on Blizzard’s part.

  122. O.M.F.G   

    PVP won’t be in at release, so what???????

    It will come later, and probably not that far behind release and that’s fine!

    This part is nice though 
    After a lot of consideration and discussion, we ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would just be punishing to everyone who’s waiting to enjoy the campaign and core solo/co-op content, all of which is just about complete 

    Those that can’t live without PvP at launch, well be my guest and don’t buy the game until PvP is released LOL….
     And FYI this ain’t a PvP game and that’s been said so many times before, be happy that you even get PvP in the first place 😉

  123. I can’t speak for everyone but for me the thing that makes me upset is that this is yet another feature either axed or coming “soon”.

  124. God tier comment thread. Wonder when’s the last time there was this many? UnicorNDA reveal? Diablo 3 announcement?

  125. Hmmm, I preordered this game based on a description of the features it would have. Since it’s no longer shipping with all of the features that I paid (in advance) for, shouldn’t I receive a partial rebate on my preorder? I mean, I know that I won’t … and that the features are coming eventually. But still …

  126. “the campaign and core solo/co-op content,”
    Uh, what “solo” content would that be? Blizzard kicked single players to the curve.

  127. Wow… another thing cut from the game, and this is a BIG cut. The entire PVP arena is GONE. Seems like they are really struggling to meet their own deadlines, so they’ve started cutting features as a result. FAIL.

  128. Lolrocket cannon!!! I cannot imagine one article that wouldn’t invite **** responses. Even if anannouncement saying its released go get it now! Came out…. People would still bitch…. It’s not the end of the world! 

    Go watch The Walking Dead or something. 

  129. Inevitable fallout from the rune system.  5 classes with equivalent of 125 different skills each combined within a given build and combinations between.  Getting this running smoothly in 4 difficulties plus building items that make most skills compelling – is a ridiculously huge amount of work.
    That said, I’m disappointed there will be no form of PVP in game at release.  I was looking forward to the Arenas based on everything I had read.
    I also think this will hurt the RMAH sales considerably – especially if it’s not patched in as soon as they say it will be…

  130. … i think we all can agree that we just want the game to come out. and if that means that people are just going to have to play pve for a month then oh well. blizzard games last way longer then a month

  131. I do sympathize with the folks who were so looking forward to PvP in D3, but for me personally I never thought of the Diablo series as great platform for it anyway. I always loved the game and sometimes the co-op play but never really cared for the PvP aspect of it. There are tons of other great games out there better suited for PvP, IMO, and I would much rather log into one of those to get my PvP jollies. So for me I’m quite happy that Blizzard decided not to further delay the release of D3 just for the PvP mod.

  132. Would be interesting to see blizzard cutting a whole class to release the game faster, because of all the positive comments… The fans surely wouldn’t mind…

  133. If the leveling speed is anything like WoW, and it probably will be with a cap at 60, then people will probably hit max level in a week tops.

    PvP probably wont be patched in til weeks after, if not months. Definitely not buying this game until PvP is in because I’m not waiting a random period of time from 1 week to….. god knows when to play in the arena. 

  134. Seriosuly? This game has been in production for 4+ years. A Diablo game has never been released without a PvP aspect. What have Blizz been doing at their HQ? Getting wasted all day?

  135. I’m not too disappointed about the pvp delay,  but all the changes/cuts from the game had got me more than a little worried about the state of Diablo III and Blizzard.  

    So you say that you’ll add pvp in a patch. Okay… How long should I expect to wait for this? If you say it’ll be done in 2 months, should we expect you constantly delay it until its a year after release before we get pvp? Will it even be “perfect” or “awesome” like you say or will it have to be cut down to make a reasonable patch release date.  

    And what about expansions. If I’m not mistaken they scheduled 2 or 3 expansions for D3 to come out every 1-1.5 years. How long is it really gonna take for those?  

    I’ve lost all faith in Blizzard to deliver on their word. All these things they have announced to be in the game, and then changed, and then changed again, and then removed…i I understand that it’s the development process and all but DAMN… should I believe a single damn thing they tell me about this game? I feel like the horse chasing after an apple on a stick that Blizzard is holding over my head while enjoying a free ride.

  136.   lol, no PVP at launch? What the hell does BLizzard do for the  6+ year development time they spend? They spend 10 years to make a game and they say, oh you know what, actually, we aren’t quite done with that aspect yet so we will add it later AFTER you buy the game. Lame.


  138. It’s not a matter whether PvP is relevant to Diablo or not, it’s a matter of yet another feature being cut from the game, even though it was announced and presented in working mode few times already. Coupled with mystic, gems, runes as items, and few other features, we have so far ‘lost’ at least 30% of initially announced game features.
    I’m not a Blizzard fan boy, and will never be a fan boy of a gaming company, because they are not doing me a favor by publishing their game. It’s a bussiness transaction, where I pay them for their work, and if I pay a full price for something, I would expect to get a full product.
    At this point, I will still buy D3 on release, as I do think game presented in beta right now is fun and interesting, but after buying SC2, I will not be buying SC2 expansion, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens with D3, if it comes to be that they take too much time to patch PvP and not deliver on their promises.

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