No Playable D3 at Leipzig

The massive European Gaming Convention is kicking off in Leipzig, Germany later this week, and Blizzard will have a presence at it, but unfortunately for us D3 fans, they won’t be showing much new from our game. Bashiok previously stated that their booth would be more akin to a Comic Con display than a full gaming show spectacle, and today Kotaku is reporting that there will not be playable Diablo 3 machines at the show.

It sounds like the best we can hope for are some D3 team interviews, and probably a few new screenshots and artworks. If anything, this should heighten anticipation for Blizzcon, since that’s apparently the first place anyone outside of Blizzard will get their hands on a playable build of D3. Speaking of Blizzcon… Blizzard sent us several several tickets to the sold out event, to distribute as we see fit. More contests coming up!

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