“No Plans” for Reaper of Souls Beta News from Blizzcon

A fan tweeted Lylirra asking if that Battle.net icon change meant we’d get some Reaper of Souls beta info at Blizzcon. Apparently not…

Lylirra as Elle Driver.
Lylirra as Elle Driver.
So…we see tha Blizzard change Diablo icon ti ROS icon, but can you give us more details about this..? pic.twitter.com/kcZyuKIRDl –vaskobgn
No details to share right now about a Reaper of Souls beta. Sorry, sir (or madam)! –Lylirra

I’m Sir..no problem. Can you give us hope that we can hear good news for ROS Beta at Blizzcon?I’m just so excited about D3: ROS! 🙂 –vaskobgn
I don’t believe we’ll have any additional news/updates about an ROS beta at BlizzCon either. (Me = party pooper, I know.) –Lylirra

Of course if they were planning a big RoS beta announcement (or start) at Blizzcon, there’s no way Lylirra would spill the beans in advance… would she? Eye patch or not…

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6 thoughts on ““No Plans” for Reaper of Souls Beta News from Blizzcon

  1. Right?

    Remember when they said they were not going to make anymore class videos, and then I watched a Demon Hunter’s bola shot decapitate a demon on a movie theatre sized screen two weeks later …

    • Remember when they said they were not going to add any other class besides the Crusader, and then datamining revealed there was no other new class besides the Crusader?

  2. Why would they even do a closed or public beta? The one they did for D3 was only to test server stability / market hype and that they don’t need to do now (and they might as well have not done it back then ;)).

    They will also get their beta once they release the final classic patch with the new loot and such. They will then take a few months to internally test RoS and fine-tune with the feedback from the patch.

    I think the release date will be close to May again so they can do another 1 yr WoW subscription + D3X deal. Blizzard can’t really afford to lose too many WoW subscribers.

    I actually think they will share the release date at Blizz 😉

    • Well as far as I know, they do betas for each of the WoW expansions. A big part of it is definitely hype and trying to make it seem more alluring to even be allowed to play the game, as you say yourself, but then there’s also the fact that 1000s of players are way better testers than any in-house team. For one reason or another, beta tests or “early access” promotions have become a pretty standard thing in PC gaming, especially noticeable in Kickstarter rewards.

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