No More Enchanting Legacy Items in Reaper of Souls

Big news from Blizzard explaining that they are going to disallow Enchanting Legacy Items in Reaper of Souls, from the next patch going forward into the live game.

In the next Beta patch, Legacy items (or items that drop prior to Patch 2.0.1) will no longer be able to be enchanted. This was a decision we ultimately made because certain Legacy items, when enchanted, became disproportionately strong compared to new items, which isn’t the intent.

However, there’s an interesting “bug,” if you’d like to call it, that will result from this change in the next Beta patch – all items gained up until the patch will no longer be able to be enchanted. This is an artifact of the fix implementation, and we felt it prudent to communicate this as soon as we could for those of you in the Beta. All items that drop in Patch 2.0.1 and forward will be able to be enchanted, so this shouldn’t be an issue as we move into the live patch and onward to the expansion launch.

As far as I know, there are currently no Diablo 3 legacy items that are flatly better than the top end items you find in Reaper of Souls. (There may be some Loot 2.0 D3 items that would be the best, if you brought them into RoS and then enchanted them?) Lots of the best D3 items are quite comparable to near top-end RoS gear though, once enchanted. The main offenders are legendaries with bonuses that aren’t found on the RoS version of that item, weapons with +damage% affixes vastly higher than that affix rolls in RoS, or else items (legendary or rare) with 6 primary affixes (you never get more than 4 or very rarely 5 in RoS).

Blizzard urges you to accept the change without fuss.
Blizzard urges you to accept the change without fuss.
Thus far in the Reaper of Souls beta all imported D3 items could be enchanted, though it’s an iffy process due buggy affix pools and weird (too low) values on attribute rolls. Blue previously said those bugs were going to be patched out, and that legacy items would start rolling appropriate lvl 70 affixes when enchanted. That seemed a recipe to make those items too good, and apparently Blizzard’s internal testing agreed. As they’ve made clear many times, their goal in RoS is for players to *find* gear. Not buy or import it.

So, for anyone who still hasn’t sold off all their D3 gear, gems, mats, etc since it’ll be useless come RoS… you might want to get on that. Gold is much less useful in RoS than in D3, but it’s still got some utility since enchanting and gem upgrading gets quite pricey. I’m down over seventy million gold in the past 6-8 weeks since the last character wipe, and I have hundreds of each gem in Marquise that I’d like to upgrade, but can’t afford to do so.

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21 thoughts on “No More Enchanting Legacy Items in Reaper of Souls

  1. That guy currently bidding millions on my tasker & theo will cry bloody tears of regret.

    So basically, AH is dead as of today. Nobody will buy items anymore in hopes of enchanting them at release.

  2. I don’t actually care. Was already looking forward to loot nice Rare items and use Rare times from 61-70 untill they get replaced with the ever boring Legendaries 🙂

    • I don’t think it’s a real big deal, in function. (It might be a big deal in psychology and player angst.) I have exactly one lvl 60 item that I’m still using on my lvl 70 chars in RoS, though I’ve got several gloves and amulets that at 60 are nearly equal to the best 70s I’ve found in those slots.

      That would have changed in the patch though, if they’d fixed the issues with enchanting rolling at too low a level. Adding lvl 70 quality enchants would have put some lvl 60 legacy items on top, and I think that’s especially true with imported lvl 60 stuff from Loot 2.0 D3 (what you see on the PTR now).

      So I think this change is less about what players have now and mostly about what people could have had in the Loot 2.0 future.

      • It’s definitely possible to make very nice lvl 60 legacy weapons through enchanting. Especially in the case of black weapons with min/max dmg and good %dmg, and high crit. Re-roll the min/max on one of these that has crappy dps and you can make it very nice. I snagged a few really cheap Skorns that had high crit dmg, high str but low dps. Re-roll the min/max and viola you have a very nice Crusader weapon. Oh well. 🙂

  3. Now I’m really sorry for those putting a ton of money/effort on legacy items, looking foward to enchant them later. (I even spent a couple million on bad OH EF and pickup radius mempos, but that’s nothing compared to people betting on CC mempos and stuff).

    Skorn, OH EF, Chantodo’s weapon, Mempo, Witching hour and friends were really beasts after some minor rerolling. (I was even considering using RMAH for the first time next month, now I won’t.)

    Imo, (ok, maybe I was just pessimistic) it was glaring obvious this game didn’t worth the “extra grind” or a crash drop since the beginning, since character and items weren’t at max level. Then they went with MP and crazy crafting (amulets and HF rings are just too unlikely).

    I can’t imagine what’s going on in the minds of the people that won’t be able to reroll the stat on their “crafted trifecta ammies that took 1000 tries”. I really feel sorry since they didn’t just buy the ammy on RMAH.

    They should make a exception for crafted gear, since it is found gear and it won’t pass a very wicked message, but oh well, cat .”jif”.

    And even without rerolls, WHs and lacunis can be better…

    • “Now I’m really sorry for those putting a ton of money/effort on legacy items, looking foward to enchant them later.”

      Making long term decisions at any stage during a beta test is not the smartest thing to do, especially when a feature interacts with other game systems in a potentially bad way. These people essentially put down a bet and lost. I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel sorry for them, but I think the risks were clear.

      • You are correct. As my bet was selling off everything 2 months ago, especially gems and mats (D3 gems/mats have almost zero value in Ros) I’m sympathetic, but in a hypothetical “I feel your pain distantly, while consumed by pleasure.” sort of way.

        I did AH a few cheap Mempos with pickup radius, planning to import and upgrade them, but oh well.

        Related issue: I don’t miss big pickup radius in RoS. I’m actually glad not to have it. It was awesome in D3 since all was faceroll and you wanted gold pickup convenience, but gold doesn’t seem to drop so widely-spread in RoS. Also, you often want to save health globes for later, now that every fight doesn’t end with you full hps thanks to Life Steal. In tough Torment fights I often run back to get globes I left behind, or am glad one halfway across the screen isn’t instantly consumed, since I need them for healing or resource refresh.

        • I’m holding on to about 1000 mats to roll new chest armor. That seems to be the best upgrade for lvl 60 chars just entering act 5.

  4. “Gold is much less useful in RoS than in D3”

    Your down 70 million gold in RoS in 7 weeks and can’t afford to upgrade gems.

    Sounds to me like gold is just as important in RoS as in d3 vanilla to be honest.

    What’s worries me though is that the players that already have billions of gold on their accounts will have such a huge advantage early on.

    • “Sounds to me like gold is just as important in RoS as in d3 vanilla to be honest.”

      I actually think gold is more valuable. We can’t accumulate it as quickly without the AH and Enchanting is a very useful and effective gold sink.

      “What’s worries me though is that the players that already have billions of gold on their accounts will have such a huge advantage early on.”

      I don’t think we have to worry about this at all but we’ll see. My thinking is that these people will spend most of their gold on constantly enchanting items, to get those perfectly rolled affixes. Doing this costs a *LOT* of gold for jewelry even early on, but the price can quickly reach millions of gold for other item types as well if you want absolute perfection.

      Legendaries are the primary way to reach Torment viability with our characters and they can’t be bought for gold, only for Blood Shards and everyone starts with zero of those.

  5. Fantastic decision, and one that is mandatory for the health of the game, upon merging two completely different item bases!

    Funny thing is I bought 1Bil just 24 hours ago, in preparation to RoS, and after having monitored the gold prices for the last couple of weeks, I’ve only seen them rise and rise (at least on EU).

    I do wonder what will this decision cause and how it will affect gold value on the AH in the last 50 days or so before it’s closure.

  6. Very happy with this decision as well. HardRock definitely speaks the truth in terms of who got the short end of the stick in regards to legacy items and the inability to enchant them.

    Keeping a close eye on how gold prices fluctuate in the next couple days, as there is a very real possibility that its’ price is going to skyrocket.

  7. Well, I hoped to enchant my Skorn in RoS, but I’m not really mad about the change.
    The mad guys are those, who worked towards having a huge advantage on day 1 and now feel robbed.

    Well, I got my 300m gold and my 200 Paragon 2.0 levels. I am happy.

  8. Here we go….

    Now this makes the mystic and paragon points EVEN MORE hyper important to offset RNG early on.

    XP should be optional, and the mystic (basically gambling) should be optional.

    Without a fleshed out Jewel/Rune/Charm system (things that drop from monsters and help with stats) the best way to modify stats and close gaps from missing affixes is to be a power gamer(XP) and rich (Gold).

    They really did not close that gap as much as people are touting and true flexibility comes to the few, nothing has changed.

    • Keep in mind that these legacy items are still trad-able and that would give a new player a head start in offsetting lack of gold and Paragon.

      But that only works when you can re-roll a stat to offset whatever you are missing.

  9. I’m not personally worried about it since low damage, high everything else weapons were cheap and ended up costing less than 1% of my flipper wealth.

    It does show Blizzard is a bunch of idiots for several reasons.

    First, if not for the attack speed nerf and altering weapon damage to higher base values + lower % values old items would never be better than new ones because you couldn’t take a [insert high aps weapon]. reroll the damage value (designed under the assumption most of your damage comes from this), and that + the up to 50% damage gives you a solid weapon that is still level 60 required. What they should have done is just make base damage + %damage one affix instead of two. Level 70 weapons won’t deal more damage, but level 60 weapons won’t be boasting similar damage. This also means rubies won’t become useless again, as the %damage modifier boosts those.

    Second, the attack speed nerf is responsible for the rest of the examples. Not only is it yet another thing making play slow, but being able to get ias on all sorts of slots and aps on a few makes up for less damage per hit.

  10. agreed Steven Hazani … agreed … the attack speed nerf just feels bad as do so many of their new ideas. Big mistakes by bliz. Why don’t they stop bitching about how OP items will be and just make the monsters harder to kill. Then they don’t have to take away our 9% IAS and the ability to enchant legendary items

  11. If they’re going through all of this trouble, stop being so chicken spit and just “ban” old characters from RoS. Make it like D2; you want to play the expansion? You need to create expansion characters w/ expansion loot and expansion stashes w/ four expansion tabs and 12 expansion character slots. Segregate the game. Stop w/ the half-measures.

  12. Well thank god I sticked to low-value items when AHing for Mystic gear.

    Still, probably 100M down the hole or so, and many hours carefully studying what would be best and deal hunting. I knew there was a risk they’d do this though, part of the game.

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