Big news from Blizzard explaining that they are going to disallow Enchanting Legacy Items in Reaper of Souls, from the next patch going forward into the live game.

    In the next Beta patch, Legacy items (or items that drop prior to Patch 2.0.1) will no longer be able to be enchanted. This was a decision we ultimately made because certain Legacy items, when enchanted, became disproportionately strong compared to new items, which isn’t the intent.

    However, there’s an interesting “bug,” if you’d like to call it, that will result from this change in the next Beta patch – all items gained up until the patch will no longer be able to be enchanted. This is an artifact of the fix implementation, and we felt it prudent to communicate this as soon as we could for those of you in the Beta. All items that drop in Patch 2.0.1 and forward will be able to be enchanted, so this shouldn’t be an issue as we move into the live patch and onward to the expansion launch.

    As far as I know, there are currently no Diablo 3 legacy items that are flatly better than the top end items you find in Reaper of Souls. (There may be some Loot 2.0 D3 items that would be the best, if you brought them into RoS and then enchanted them?) Lots of the best D3 items are quite comparable to near top-end RoS gear though, once enchanted. The main offenders are legendaries with bonuses that aren’t found on the RoS version of that item, weapons with +damage% affixes vastly higher than that affix rolls in RoS, or else items (legendary or rare) with 6 primary affixes (you never get more than 4 or very rarely 5 in RoS).

    Blizzard urges you to accept the change without fuss.

    Blizzard urges you to accept the change without fuss.

    Thus far in the Reaper of Souls beta all imported D3 items could be enchanted, though it’s an iffy process due buggy affix pools and weird (too low) values on attribute rolls. Blue previously said those bugs were going to be patched out, and that legacy items would start rolling appropriate lvl 70 affixes when enchanted. That seemed a recipe to make those items too good, and apparently Blizzard’s internal testing agreed. As they’ve made clear many times, their goal in RoS is for players to *find* gear. Not buy or import it.

    So, for anyone who still hasn’t sold off all their D3 gear, gems, mats, etc since it’ll be useless come RoS… you might want to get on that. Gold is much less useful in RoS than in D3, but it’s still got some utility since enchanting and gem upgrading gets quite pricey. I’m down over seventy million gold in the past 6-8 weeks since the last character wipe, and I have hundreds of each gem in Marquise that I’d like to upgrade, but can’t afford to do so.

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