In another blow to the already under-utilized and much lamented state of Diablo 3 public games, Blizzard has revealed that the new DiabloWikiMonster Power difficulty adjusting system will not function in public games. You *can* use it in multiplayer games, but only private ones with friends.

    Ok.. so I’m not sure I’m clear whether monster power is multiplayer games or solo games only? I do hope it’s multiplayer or it will certainly affect the cooperative play that Blizzard has been striving for.
    Lylirra: Monster Power will be available for multiplayer games. If you join a multiplayer game, you will adopt the Monster Level of the party leader. When you leave the party, your Monster Power level will automatically revert back to your previous setting.

    This seems like a bad idea for public games… so if I’m on MP1 and I queue for a public game I can randomly be stuck in a MP10 game?
    Lylirra: It doesn’t work for Public Games. If Monster Power is on, you cannot make your game public. Similarly, when making a public game, Monster Power is disabled.

    As you’ve noted, there are a few issues with allowing MP in Public Games:

  • In general, harder content tends to be less enjoyable with random strangers.*
  • It would make matchmaking more difficult by increasing the number of matchmaking pools (one new pool for each MP level). In turn, that could increase wait times for Public Games.
  • Issues associated with “leeching” or similar behavior could be exacerbated, especially if under-geared players chose extremely high Monster Power levels for the games they wanted to be matched into.
  • Although we love and support co-op, since Monster Power is a new system, we didn’t want to open it up to Public Games just. We’re definitely open to revisiting that idea down the road, though.

    *Your mileage may vary.

    The issues are fairly-stated and legitimate, but it still sucks to have yet another reason *not* to play public games of Diablo III. The MP thing is actually kind of ironic; players X was added to D2 in order to let single players simulate large public games, since everyone wanted to play in those (when possible) since the exp and items were so much more prolific. So now D3 adds a players x style feature… and it doesn’t work with public games at all, thus further boosting the numbers of players going at it solo in D3. Alas.

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