No Monster Power in Public Games

In another blow to the already under-utilized and much lamented state of Diablo 3 public games, Blizzard has revealed that the new DiabloWikiMonster Power difficulty adjusting system will not function in public games. You *can* use it in multiplayer games, but only private ones with friends.

Ok.. so I’m not sure I’m clear whether monster power is multiplayer games or solo games only? I do hope it’s multiplayer or it will certainly affect the cooperative play that Blizzard has been striving for.
Lylirra: Monster Power will be available for multiplayer games. If you join a multiplayer game, you will adopt the Monster Level of the party leader. When you leave the party, your Monster Power level will automatically revert back to your previous setting.

This seems like a bad idea for public games… so if I’m on MP1 and I queue for a public game I can randomly be stuck in a MP10 game?
Lylirra: It doesn’t work for Public Games. If Monster Power is on, you cannot make your game public. Similarly, when making a public game, Monster Power is disabled.

As you’ve noted, there are a few issues with allowing MP in Public Games:

  • In general, harder content tends to be less enjoyable with random strangers.*
  • It would make matchmaking more difficult by increasing the number of matchmaking pools (one new pool for each MP level). In turn, that could increase wait times for Public Games.
  • Issues associated with “leeching” or similar behavior could be exacerbated, especially if under-geared players chose extremely high Monster Power levels for the games they wanted to be matched into.
  • Although we love and support co-op, since Monster Power is a new system, we didn’t want to open it up to Public Games just. We’re definitely open to revisiting that idea down the road, though.

    *Your mileage may vary.

    The issues are fairly-stated and legitimate, but it still sucks to have yet another reason *not* to play public games of Diablo III. The MP thing is actually kind of ironic; players X was added to D2 in order to let single players simulate large public games, since everyone wanted to play in those (when possible) since the exp and items were so much more prolific. So now D3 adds a players x style feature… and it doesn’t work with public games at all, thus further boosting the numbers of players going at it solo in D3. Alas.

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    22 thoughts on “No Monster Power in Public Games

      • This game was made in China seriously who is coding this and why is it so hard to have more public game features.

      • I’m not on the ptr myself (, as the download is quite a bit too much when having a 5 gig-limit), so I don’t know how Monster Power is displayed ingame or when joining [a private game], but this solution of yours could quite easily turn out to be a simple way of playerkilling and could effectively kill multiplayer alltogether. (Especially in the realm of HC!)

        Ok, if mp-lvl is displayed in a way that it can’t be overlooked at/before joining, using a naming strategy to pk trusting players would be a non-issue again.

    1. If I was on the development team and had the same tools available to me, I’d make the same decision.
      This decision makes the most sense to appeal to the widest audience.

      At the same time it’s easy to realize how this would agitate some people.

    2. You can always leave the party and join to another if there are undergeared players, also the “kick” option is available, so whats the problem? So we shall now all become friends and play privates? Bizarre…

    3. Unfortunately I said this was going to be a problem with the monster power level the moment they announced it. It further fractures the mp player base and makes it absolutely pointless to play mp. Do they not learn from their mistakes?

      • I play multi-player Act 3/Act 4 Inferno every day, and none of my games are open to the public. While I don’t mind helping people out, getting matched to game filled with under-geared people is not any fun. Now I sometimes venture into public games, but this is only when I have 30 minutes or so to play or I’m looking for new people to add to my friends list.

        Currently I’m fortunate enough to have a good list. Someone is always on.

    4. Does Blizzard not get the endgame of d3 is not looting, its having fun with friends and showing off to people?

      They really need to lay off the multi-player hate.

    5. Aww man, another factor thatโ€™ll discourage playing with other people.

      Perhaps they can change the scale. Rather then MP 0 and 1-10, they can do 0 and 1-5. That way wile matching you up, thereโ€™s only going to be 6 possible settings to consider rather then 11.

    6. Haven’t been playing in open games since may, so the changes will seem positive for me anyway. However, I’d like to play multiplayer in open games but this just puts that further and further away….
      I guess the LFG part of this forum will start to get more active ๐Ÿ˜›

    7. I don’t think it’s going to have that big impact. I will go back to more Act1 (and some Act2) farming after this patch and act1 is a bit different to farm than act3 in my opinion. It’s going to be difficult to get an effective public game going festering woods -> moon clan cave -> run to see if the tower level is present in northern highland -> Leorics passage … Act3 is easy to organize since you can just run from the bridge or after Siege.
      Farming alone or with friends is more effective than public games. Socialization hardly exist in this game anyway because the interface for it is terrible. Yes Blizz, that is also something you need to fix ๐Ÿ™‚

    8. Dafuq Blizzard. “harder content tends to be less enjoyable with random strangers.” Completely false. Take Borderlands 2 for example. More people join, the harder the game gets. I played lots of public games with stranger now and most of the time, they are pretty capable.

      But then again, D3 community was always terrible.

    9. Any undergeared player would leave by themselves if they were being 1 shotted every chance a monster got to them in a hard MP level, they can’t even leech “effectively” and would be very costly to their repair costs. I guess if Blizzard have issues with pooling then perhaps make at least 2~3 MP levels instead. One for MP5, one for MP10, and one for MP0, instead of individual levels.

    10. “It would make matchmaking more difficult by increasing the number of matchmaking pools”

      1) Matchmaking sucks ass and everyone knows it and it sucks ass in every PC game to date
      2) There would be no need to increase the matchmaking pools if that god awful matchmaking system did not exist in the first place; bring back the chatroom/hub system from Diablo 1 & 2 because that thing kicked ass

      “In general, harder content tends to be less enjoyable with random strangers”

      Way to deflect the issue Blizzard. The issue is not how enjoyable grouping with, “random strangers” is, the issue is your shitty match making service and how much better the old chat room system was. The old system In general, harder content tends to be less enjoyable with random strangers _encouraged_ players to get to know, “strangers”. The matchmaking, “feature” encourages forever alone.

      With that said the matchmaking feature would be great as an alternative to the old system, not an entire replacement. I am sure some people like the idea of quickly hopping into a game via matchmaker while many of us would like a list of games to browse through.

      • very true but i have met players fairly easily in my time of playing some public games – friends of friends maybe its cus i started at Launch and im a good player myself but i did not find it hard at all to find random strangers online to be friends and kill shit with, who doesn’t like to kill stuff very fast? haha.

    11. if your at the point of most players in inferno – ie you are farming gear.. which is basically everyone in 1.0.5 uhm, i think if you are willing to farm in a public game you are not very smart as that is the intention of monster power to increase loot rewards. (public games are NOT as efficient as solo or with friends you KNOW, sorry it’s a FACT unless ur really really bad). So i will still be able to farm in solo and with FRIENDS I KNOW – with the new monster power system. i do not see an issue – there is no reason to farm public games in diablo 3 until they add some weird incentive which i dont think will happen for some time so trust me and just make some online friends. will be enjoying monster power ๐Ÿ™‚
      *how did my captcha know that im “white as snow”

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