We’ve known that for years, but a fan wanted some more detail about DarkD3, the mod that adjusts the game visuals to look darker and more gothic. As it only affects the visuals without otherwise changing the game experience in any way, there’s no reason Bliz would have a problem with that, is there? (Aside from some of the artists shedding silent tears that not all fans love their creative vision.)

    is DarkD3 allowed?

    I don’t like the colour in Diablo 3… I liked how dark Diablo 1/2 were and would like to make them like that. I found DarkD3 and a lot of people recommend it and it looks great. Wondering if I can use it without getting in trouble?
    Omrakos: We can not give blanket approval on any mods for Diablo III. None are allowed per the Terms of Use but that does not mean we’d detect any used and do anything about them. If we were to approve one, who’s to say it wouldn’t be modified by the creator or another user to cheat or offer other advantages over other players? We couldn’t possibly keep up with iterations or mods to the mods. I know it’s a vague answer if you want a simple yes or no but that’s the best we can do.

    If you use ANY mods, you do so at your own risk to the account being closed.

    Though Jay Wilson said that DarkD3 was okay to use, this reply isn’t surprising, since Blizzard doesn’t want fans thinking mods are okay to use, even ones (like DarkD3) that Blizzard can’t detect anyway since they aren’t cheats and do nothing to alter the data sent/received. And I realize the tech support guy who posted this is just citing company policy and it’s not his decision to make, and he’s no doubt much smarter than the rules he’s forced to enforce, At the same time… this is such a lazy, corporate, PR-BS, dick move of a reply that it angers me.

    God forbid the developers and publishers of the biggest selling PC game of all time have one of their hundreds of CMs and tech people spend 5 minutes to check a very popular mod to see if it’s okay. Or act like humans and make exceptions where they need to be made. This sort of “one rule applies inflexibly to everyone” mindset is to be expected from junior high gym teachers, but it’s insulting and disappointing coming from a company as mighty as Blizzard. I realize that investigating features and mods that are very useful to a large block of their players would take valuable seconds they could otherwise spend not banning chat spammers, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing for them to make.

    (Note that I do not use DarkD3 myself, and that I think anyone who is still complaining about D3 not being dark/gothic/gory enough has visual amnesia in regards to what Diablo 2 actually looked like. It’s purely the principle of this corporate, ass-covering, “we have inflexible rules since thinking is hard,” bullcrap to which I object.)

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