No Gruesome Character Death Animations in Diablo III

Sad news from Bashiok, as he confirms that the gruesome, “bite off your head” death animations are not going to be in the game.

Unfortunately we never managed to get these implemented. They were a really cool idea, but a pretty huge amount of work. The one we showed of the DiabloWikiSiegebreaker was a scripted sequence we set up specifically for that video. It was never implemented, and never actually worked without someone sitting there typing in a bunch of commands to get it all to fire off properly. It’s still something we’d like to do, though.

All things considered there are just higher priority tasks sometimes. We’d love, for example, to have the monk display his weapons during all of his skill animations. But it’s an enormous animation and effects investment to get it done, and we have to weigh all of these things against other features and polish. A lot of the skills we could improve have multiple animation sets, multiplied twice for each gender, and then multiplied by each weapon type he can equip. That can be 40 or more unique animations, and then there’s a full FX pass, approvals, QA testing, etc. etc. and that’d just be for 1 skill.

We have our wish lists, but it’s a balancing act of resources. Ideally our choices when balancing go toward setting realistic limitations, and producing the best game possible.

The pic to the right is what the OP was asking about, and it shows DiabloWikiSiegebreaker Assault Beast making the Barbarian’s neck look like a Twizzler in the WWI Gameplay Movie, which was our first look at Diablo III, way back in June 2008. Sad to hear now that it was never actually functional, and only worked via special commands. I’d make some jokes about how they could have done those gory bonus death animations without reworking the entire DiabloWikitown portal system four times and winding up right where they began, but I don’t want to deprive you guys of that joy in the comments.

The video is after the break if you want to refresh your memory of the spectacle.


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164 thoughts on “No Gruesome Character Death Animations in Diablo III

  1. well. they have found an additional job for themselves .. by creating males and females :))) I dont see any reasons for that.

    • the only reason for this, imo, is to give an illusion of choice/ customization, whereas in fact it’s utterly meaningless or, if you will, it’s pure aesthetics.

  2. You are great Blizzard! i`m so proud of you! Continue removing everything, the mystic, the cubes, the talisman, the stats, skill points, pets, scrolls, enhancements and now this. “A lot of work to do this we need a lot of resources” huh? Then why the HELL did you show it to us in 2008 and what the F*CK were you doing since 2005? You couldn`t implement those since 7 years? Why did you show it to us and continued to say “They will be in the game” then? if that`s not deceiving then what is? Well you have some great skills Blizzard! Bravo! Blizzard will continue to remove stuff and deceive people since fanboys are ok with everything.

      • FFS i wanted that in when playing with friends cause it would of been really funny seeing one of your friends getting there head ripped off….

      • After playing the beta I’m glad pets are gone. They were pathetic… so small and such little detail you couldn’t even notice them on the screen. With the lousy graphics it was just terrible. Maybe if they could have made up their minds about what they wanted in the game and stuck to it we wouldn’t have this half-ass product that is sub-par with a release that is years late.

    • It would be nice if they could announce things they’ve ADDED to the game every once in a while instead of all the things they removed.

      It seems like ever since the NDA lifted and we found out they removed the offline mode we’ve just been getting a steady stream of “this has been removed from the game” (especially in the last few weeks).

      I imagine one of the higher ups has set some kind of date that the game absolutely must be released on, and so the programmers are slashing features left and right to make that date.

    • Looks like Blizzard hired Peter Molyneux. Anyone still remember his Milo/project Natal video bullsh*t ?
      I wonder what else is gonna get chopped out now, ’cause it doesn’t feel like it will stop here. It’s been almost two weeks of axing so far…

    • YOU are why Blizzard is so reluctant to release any information about games pre-release.  Fans just can’t be trusted to understand that part of the development process – particularly one as long and well-funded as D3’s – is to cut what doesn’t work or isn’t worth the time.
      The end result of this whining will be total media blackout before release.  And who could blame them?

  3. Sucks.  Much like the planet cracker in the first SC2 gameplay teaser, the best part about the first D3 gameplay teaser will not be in the game.  My hopes weren’t high on this feature, but overall game development seems to be heading south anyways, what’s one more cool feature axed?

    On June 28th, 2008, class of 2008 had just finished high school. Now, those same students are about to wrap up their college careers this spring, and still no Diablo 3. I think those same high school seniors will be doctors before Diablo 3 is released!

    • Thinking about it this way actually makes me angry. When Diablo 3 was announced I was in a different country doing a different job. Since then I have done an access year at college, followed by a full degree, which ended last may, and D3 might not even be out for this May again. Before I went to uni I imagined that StarCraft 2 would be released in the 1st/2nd year and D3 would be year 3 at the latest. I thought I would definitely have both games by the time I finished uni.

      I honestly believe that the root of Blizzard’s problems is their culture of not committing themselves to a release date. Nobody likes deadlines an Blizzard can afford to ignore them, I actually wish Activision had forced them to release the thing no later than 2010, with all these iterations coming in an expansion.

  4. A hundred million to spend on development, the sky’s the limit, coolest ARPG ever – until it is no longer a promotional demo and is an actual game.  Funny how things change.

  5. I really have just lost faith. They spent all of the time on details most wont care about ( really, who cares if the portal is done by a stone or by a button near the quick skills, or who cares if there are features which have no real use but convenience and do not affect gameplay are taken out?). They clearly spent hours of conference time and coding time on useless elements, when one of the major things many were looking forward to was all but ignored. The lack of animations for each monk weapon just shows how much time they really have been blowing off. In 10 years they couldn’t find the time to try and make some of the major promises and cool game characteristics work? They couldn’t animate the weapons for the monk? Blizzard has really let us down…. Oh i’ll still buy the game, but it wont turn out to be as great as they want it to be. Torchlight 2 will be even more competition for it now.

  6. It’s been 7 years since Blizzard Entertainment(not Blizzard North) started working at Diablo III and now they are complaining that it’s too much work to do to have some basic animations…they don’t have time…12 GB(space required for Diablo III install) of programming seems to be too much work in 7 years for Blizzard…

    • I am an animator. Characterizing the animation work Bashiok described as “basic” is completely ignorant.

      And hard disk space is not relative to time spent in development.

      • Let me “enlighten you”.It’s a god damn basic animation for a game in the present day(maybe you live in the past and don’t see today’s games).And excuse me,but what the hell are developing in 7 damn years?They want to revolutionize the theory of General relativity…?Einstein worked at it 8 years and they work at Diablo 3 for allmost the same time…?And hard disk space is relevant when you make a game witch is developed in 7 years!

        • soooo…… What level is your character in “Einstein’s General Relativity”?
          Oh right… They are completely different concepts and cannot be compared. /mybad

        • I’m not sure if I can compare D3 and Dota 2 but I will, a little knowledge about dota is necessary to understand what I’m saying. Valve is putting so much details in Dota 2 that they are making injured movement animation for all 104+ heroes (in the final game, not currently). Not only that, they are also making hexed animations for all heroes when someone uses sheepstik (guinso) in another player.

          If Valve can do that I don’t see how it so hard for Blizzard to add different weapon animations for the monk and “fatalities” in D3.

          • Because Dota 2 is about million times smaller and less complicated (from dev standpoint) then D3? First off, Valve´s Dota 2 is nearly identical in terms of gameplay to DotA, which means that Valve didn´t have to re-invent hot water. If D3 was identitcal to D2 I imagine it would have been out a long time ago. However, the quality of the game which would essentially be Diablo 2.5 would be highly debatable.

            Aside from not having to make any huge gameplay changes, Dota 2 as a game is simply smaller then D3. There is grand total of one map, which I imagine took some time to be perfect, that is still nothing compared to D3 devs who had to build a whole world from scratch. Yes, they had D2 as refernce, but they expanded the lore and the world so much that they might´ve as well been doing everything from scratch.

            Dota 2 will have roughly 100 heroes, and all of those need only set number of animations and lines. Dota 2 heroes don´t change their appearance regardless of what you have equipped on them while they walk on a single map. There are grand total of 3 or was it 4 minion types per side, and one tower look per side. etc.

            And do even have to mention the items. Dota 2 has limited, un-randomised item pool total, what 100, 200, heck let´s be genereous and say 1000 items. D3 has the most randomised item system ever in a game, with absolutely insane number of possible, unique (unique as in different in some way from all others, not as in gold-ish item type from D2).

            And then when you apply the randomization to that huge, open world and those billions maybe trillions of possible items, you get massive juggernat of a game. As opposed to that, Dota 2 has single map, no randomization, very limited item pool, need for very small number of animations, etc.

            Don´t get me wrong, I like Dota 2 and I will be playing when it comes out, but Diablo is my one true love.

          • “I’m not sure if I can compare D3 and Dota 2…”
            You can’t. You should have just stopped there.

          • The truth of the matter is that you can’t compare Diablo 3 and DotA 2. There are so many complexities that D3 has that DotA 2 doesn’t, there just isn’t any merit to comparison. DotA is extremely linear and has extremely limited variation. They can afford that time, in otherwords.

            While I don’t agree with Blizzard in its iterative processes and the “slow as a snail” development cycle, what I can say is that they’re identifying things that matter little and focusing on things that matter most… to them.

            If you don’t agree with their goals, so be it. If you don’t agree with their process and cycle, so be it. Feature creep will be inevitable with so many things that were cut from the product, but that aside, I think most time is being spent on itemization. Why? Because that is the source of their continual revenue stream.

            All that aside, it isn’t a basic animation. A basic animation would be considered something like… swinging arms, running, walking, attacking. This animation includes an extreme amount of variables including textures, and particle effects, meshes, lighting, voice-over, sound effects, etc that interact in a way that transcends the complexity of a basic animation. It’s a lot of work for something unique and I can see why they cut it.

            To me, it sounds more like the hissy argument disillusioned fans tend to make when they are ignorant of complexities or are blinded by rage.

            (Props to Yui for pointing out the main problems so I didn’t have to)

          • If he’s only comparing the character animations then i see no problem with comparing D3 to DotA2… i mean you can change the map a million times and the character animations don’t change…
            And it’s not like Blizzard doesn’t have the money to hire someone to just do the animation while others work on the game systems…

        • Before you try to “enlighten” anyone, maybe spell check that gem of wisdom you just posted.
          You’re making a mistake in believing that because we are so advanced with today’s modern new-fangled technology, animation work must be really “basic”. It isn’t.  In our industry, we often joke about how uninformed people (you, for example) think there’s some magical “make-cool button” that we push, and our computers magically spit out refined, high quality work.  I regret to inform you that this is not the case.
          Take the death animation mentioned in the article from the siegebreaker biting a character in half. To animate this scene there are several factors that add to it’s complexity.  The monster has to reach down and grasp the character- is it a stout barbarian? or a hunched over witch doctor?  It would need to reach down differently to grasp each.  Then each character model would have to be appropriately animated to be torn in half- if it’s carrying a sword, what happens? does he drop the sword? what if it is wearing fist weapons? what if a shield is on its back? does the shield stay attatched to the upper half of the corpse, or the lower half? by now you should see how this process can continue ad infinitum.
          So, all of that trouble just to have one fancy death effect. What happens if there’s a dozen different bosses, and each has multiple special death animations that need to be done?  And as Bashiok stated, after the insane amount of work is put in to do all this, everything needs to be tested.  Test out all the class/race combos running through each sequence with every combination of weapon and armor type, make sure it all works the way its supposed to.
          And what do we get after all this effort? A cosmetic effect that doesn’t alter the gameplay at all.
          I hope you feel enlightened, Rainhaufig. If you’re going to respond, please don’t just blather out mindless speculation.

          • “And what do we get after all this effort? A cosmetic effect that doesn’t alter the gameplay at all.”
            Seems to work for certain FPS’s and action games that sell way too much…
            They could also only put it in for a limited number of bosses, and just make a weaponless model for the character, most people wouldn’t notice anyway…
            It’s not like they don’t have mounds of WoW money and way too much time already…

          • Thats a poor assumption, to imply that because WoW makes a lot of money they must have infinite money to do everything.

            The topic at hand would add months of work to animators, as well as to programmers.  Blizzard may have expanded a lot since WoW was released, but keep in mind that their staff is divided between Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo/Project Titan.  Within those titles, the staff is further divided by skillset, so you have your designers and directors, concept artists, animators, programmers, composers, writers, etc.  Then amongst the animators you have lead and senior artists, as well as people working below them.

            Animating the main playable characters of the game is going to be something reserved for the most skilled animators there- not each and every animator on the team.  When you get down to it, there’s probably only a small handful of people who would be capable of doing all this new hypothetical animation work. Hiring new people out of the blue is not practical- with any technical job, hiring new people doesn’t speed things up immediately, as new hires need to be trained on all the procedures and methods that are proprietary to that particular company and job (which requires an existing employee to stop what they’re doing and teach the new person).

            I’m not bullshitting you guys when I say that this is hard work, that wouldn’t be done quickly on a whim.

          • @Hypersapien
            They had 4 years, and it’s obvious that the WoW money is the reason why they can take so much time already…
            But i didn’t mean to imply they should do it now, it’s obviously way too late, what annoying it’s that they could and should have done it ages ago… which makes their excuses sound hollow.
            At the very least they should have said they won’t 2-3 years ago… because they’ve obviously decided a long time ago if they haven’t worked on it since 2008.

  7. If you guys are seriously implying that blizzard should have spent less time refining game play mechanics so that they could implement purely cosmetic features, then I defy you to go purchase a copy of Duke Nukem Forever and see what kind of games result from that.

    • Maybe they should have spent time on concepts they planned on using in the game instead of wasting time and money. It seems like this development team needs someone more decisive in charge.

      • Are you faulting them for not being psychic?  This is a complex game, its not like they’re going to make a beta and then say “yup, we got it right the first time. The thousands of pieces all came together to make the perfect game”.

        Blizzard is a company that likes to push the envelope. They try a lot of crazy things, knowing that not every single thing is going to work, but occasionally they’ll try something crazy that does work.  I think it’s disingenuous to imply that blizz was wasting time, as though they were putting things into the game they KNEW were a waste of time.

        • I applaud you for trying to bring some sanity to the droves of armchair game developers (read: clueless gamers) that rage in every D3 discussion on the internet.

    • I agree 100%.  I’m not even sure why they’re spending time rendering specific models for player classes, monsters, NPCs, etc.  A single placeholder model (say, the bartender at the inn) should have all those bases covered.
      BTW, you ever play Pong?  Now those are some tight gameplay mechanics.

    • And you really think one can’t point out plenty of other games that went with the cosmetic features and didn’t skimp on the gameplay (or did and sold anyway)….

      • If the developers of any of those games had planned awesome visual features that they later ended up cutting, how would you ever know? Most companies don’t reveal that much of the development process.
        Despite the removal of special death animations, D3 is hardly a visual wasteland.

        • Thing is, this was in an announcement trailer, not some development feature
          Blizzard shared with us that others wouldn’t…
          And i doubt God of War cut much, the 80% of the game consists of death animations… 😀

    • For someone supposedly working in the gamesbusiness you are DUMB! You think the people that are doing the coding are also the people that are doing the animating? You think a team like that of Blizzard has to fucking choose between “refining game mechanics” and “animation”? Answer me again how the fuck a supposedly skilled team of animators with a budget most can only dream of still after god knows how many years of this game having been in development has to fucking choose beween “animating a character wielding a weapon” and “scripted death animations that were fucking hyped 4 years ago when they announced the game”?

  8. Well. It would have made hardcore better, but to be honest I can’t really complain that they aren’t taking time to put it in, and in the same post complain about a release date. So I’ll take lack of special gory death animations and be quiet.

    • We CAN complain that they haven’t put it in already. We might also ask “just what the fuck have they been doing for the past 7 years?” These are the types of things on which development time is meant to be spent.

        • oh that’s right, because death doesnt mean much in softcore does it?

          if your post was a woman and we were in the 1920s I’d slap the b*tch.

          Well it’s not like they’re an indie developer that doesn’t have enough money to do both… especially in 6+ years… i mean if in all that time they where just trying out game systems to see what works they could have hired some people to just work on the animations…

      • Sure, you can complain about anything you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s valid or it makes sense.

        • It doesn’t make sense to complain about *anything* – which you’ve done a lot. Don’t like it? Fine, move along. They’re in it to make cash.

          Don’t like that others complain? Then don’t do it yourself either. 🙄

          • You’re right, by George! I must travel back to the early 1900s and inform every union-less worker about this revelation immediately!

            I mean, seriously? Are you trying to sound…ugh, just nevermind. You’d think I’d be used to the main page hurpaderp by now.

            On the off-chance you were actually serious, please learn how to read, and then think about the funny little pictures that are beamed into your brain. They have meaning, believe it or not.

  9. Now, I just hope they don’t remove skill runes…

    PS : RMAH killed Diablo3 a long time ago. I bet they took a LOT of time to implement this silly feature!

    RIP Diablo3, we’ll miss you.

    • *face palm*

      They killed it so hard that you’re still here, right? 

      PS. Hey look at that, the answer to my captcha is “Narrow-minded”

        • I’m not ashamed to say that I am most definitely a fan of Blizzard. They’ve given me years of  enjoyment and quality games.  

          Your claims, on the other hand, that blizzard has “killed” their game is ungrounded and based purely on speculation.

          So, I’d much rather be a fan boy than a doomsaying crybaby, any day.

  10. GG Bliz.

    You showed us this 4 YEARS ago.  Babies have been born.  Nations have undergone full scale revolution.  And yet it wasn’t possible to get a few cool looking death animations coded into the game?

    Epic, epic fail.

    • Maybe their just getting rid of the animations in order to deliver the game for the corean friends and other countries without problems!

      Im sure it has something to do with this…

    • What’s more upsetting is that the promotional trailer was fake. They never had that working, but yet they showed it. They didn’t obviously have a solid plan on how to implement it either.

  11. It has been interesting following this site and forums over the years and seeing how fan expectations have been shifting. It seems every day Blizzard slips us another piece of dissapointing news.  I use to come on this site excited to see what was to come, and many of the forums post reflected my excitement. Over the past 5 months however my expectations have dropped lower than i ever could have imaged for the next Diablo installment, and sadly a majority of the post seem to reflect my pessimistic mood. Even our fearless leader Flux seems to share in our overall dissapointment. I have high hopes for Diablo III and there is nothing Blizzard can do to make me not buy this game; but with all the axing and seemingly endless, and oftentimes (seemingly) pointless iterations for the first time i am starting to worry that this game will not be great.  I really want to say that i trust Blizzard to make a great game because hey thats what they do.  Unfortunately for me however the last blizzard games I have participated in have been Diablo II and Warcraft III both of which made by different development teams.  I am tired of waiting for this game to come out and sadly the magic is lost, i really dont care anymore what they take out or leave in, because it is already starting to not feel like a Diablo game.  I am finished making opinions about this game and am now just going to patiently wait like i have been doing for many years.  Blizzard i hope you make a great game and i hope your development moves smoothly, and i hope a meteor smashes through Bobby’s roof and Deckards his money grubby self.

    • and that’s how you write a constructively critical post with out sensationalism.  Flux could learn a thing or two from you.

      While I’m not worried like most people here, I can relate to some degree. I thought that fancy death animation in the very first play through video was awesome, and I’m sad they had to cut that out of the final product.

      But I also understand their reasons for doing so.  It boils down to risk vs benefit.  Is it a good idea to add additional months onto the development schedule to add minor cosmetic changes? No, its probably better to focus on the important things and get the game out sooner.    Just remember that some of the changes blizzard makes are because they HAVE to, not because they want to.  They wanted the custom death scenes in the game just as much as we did, its just not feasible.

      • That video was from almost 4 years ago… you’d think that would be enough time to do at least half a dozen death animations like it for a few bosses here and there… instead they just focused on changing mechanics over and over, delaying the game anyway…  why not use all that WoW money to do both…

    • You’re worried but nothing will stop you from buying their game. That sums it up quite well I believe. You are the perfect customer and people like you make them confident in axing features because you’ll still buy the game.

      So stop complaining, vote with your wallet or grow up.
      Of course they’ll axe features when they know you still buy their game, it’s cheaper for them. More revenue.

      • You are truly ignorant if you think Blizzard is “axing” features due to overconfidence, or merely out of spite.  If you had bothered to read Bashiok’s post at all it would be quite clear that this was a feature every one *wanted* in the game, but higher priorities took its place.

        A lot of you who don’t know anything about this industry are dead-set on insisting that blizzard has infinite money, infinite resources, and that any feature that had to be pulled clearly could only have been pulled as a deliberate jab at the fans who purchase their games. You sir, are the one that needs to “grow up”.

  12. *sigh*
    Well they better work on those animations post-release then, the monk’s dissapering weapons are kinda lame 😕

  13. everyday i come here now, more and more depressing. this game will not live up to the preparation..
    reminds me of super smash bros. melee waiting for super smash bros. brawl. not terrible but not great.

  14. HAHA this looks like a total fail. WTF 7 years, SHITLOAD of money and u cant even make weaponanimations for the monk with graphics running on comps 5-6 years old. Just lol. And spec death animations, 1-2 for each boss, HOW hard or timeconsuming can it be? Guess all that wow money is already gone on hoes and shit.
    Blizzard isnt about by gamers for gamers anymore. Its by greedy fuckers for casual nooby consolers…. 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

    • Probably because they’re working on important things like hundreds of background pieces, monster animations, character animations dozens of spell effects, and, of course, about 500 unique pieces of armor. You really want to argue that a few death animations are more important than those things?

    • I think you’re absolutely right.  Much like teenage girls are driving movie production, consolers are definitely driving video game production.  Health globes, character customization being slashed and slashed, these are definitely game mechanics of an arcade or console game.  No depth, no skill, no brain required.  Diablo 3 will resemble the old game Gauntlet more than a true ARPG. I was hoping Blizzard would put the RPG back into ARPG, but I think thats asking for WAY too much at this point.

  15. This is just retarded. Blizzard is constantly making statements like “Were not going to rush the game because we need to make a release date”, but seemingly every day I log on to be updated on news fronts, Blizzard has removed something ELSE from the game. It only makes me feel as if they’re removing things JUST to make a release date. I’m still very excited about the game, but I mean C’mon, really?! Watching that video got me hyped about DIII but the Seigebreaker death animation was indeed my turning point from “This game looks awesome”, to “This game looks F**king EPIC!”. Now the spiciness has surely been turned to sweetness. :/

    • oh man, you just nailed it with “F**G EPIC”. I had exactly the same sensation back then. Now, thus, the announcement about NOT BEING ABLE TO DELIVER ON THE PROMISE…that’s EPIC FAIL.

  16. Not to defend blizz, since I also agree they could have found the time to put this in, but I’m pretty sure they already told us this was a scripted animation and was probably not going to be available in the actual game. Probably on some blizzcon QA, and they might have said that they would try to implement it, but at least this is not news to me.

    edit : saw on a 2008 news on a fansite that the death was indeed scripted. Can’t find anything that says more than “we would like to get these deaths in game” so I guess I must have dreamed the part where they said it would probably not make it in. Guess it saves me the disappointment :p

  17. lets rage some more.
    RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE. Gonna view 300 and see some shit get killed 👿

  18. Are you seriously that ignorant? Yes, the theory of relativity is entirely different than programming a video game. One was revolutionary, completely new, and only capable to be done by a genius of the likes we’ve never seen, and done by him alone. The other, by a huge company of programmers who were simply improving a concept that already existed. Ridiculous that you would even make a comment like that, you clearly are one of the dumbest fanboys to ever be born.

  19. It’s not even worth reading the white text that accompanies these articles any more. You just know it’s going to be some baseless bitching and moaning.

  20. WoW, I am quite amazed at the hypocrisy of these comments. Just few weeks ago, as everybody raging here, seems to have forgotten, Blizzard delayed the game in order to improve a system that wasn’t necesserily flawed but that had room for improvement. And then “fans” here acted like the sky had falled on their over-entitled hineys.

    Since there seems to be a collective case of mass memory loss, I’ll recap the events. Everybody and their grandmother (no pun internded) raged over Blizzard delaying the game for iteration. There were lot of (rage) posts imploring Blizzard peoples to “just release the game already as it is now”. So I am at loss how are these people giving themseles the right to rage at Blizzard for trying to release the game as soon as possible, like you asked. The system wasn’t working, it would’ve taken too much time to animate all the character classes and genderes against all the bosses and mini-bosses.

    They are cuting a not so important feature that wasn’t going to appear all that often in favor of releasing the already overly delayed game sooner. Something everybody on forums and in comments were for, which is also plainly visible from results of the poll (last weeks, not the newest one, if that wasn’t obvious). And that they’re doing just that, forums and comments were filled with people asking, no demanding, from Blizzard to return and implent all the animations regardless of the consequences to game release. So, like I started this reverse-nerd rage, Hypocritical much?

    • Its called being angry. Nobody can blame the followers of D3 for being raging lunatics at this point.

      • I can. Anyone who has been transformed into a ‘raging lunatic’ by the extended development cycle of a video game needs to take a serious look at their priorities.

        • I disagree. If Diablo 3 is important to you then this development cycle will drive you crazy. Its turned some people into devout fanboys, and others have lost all hope.

    • They’re cutting a feature they had 4 years to work on and didn’t… and still no release date, when once they said it’s likely to be ready by the end of 2011… at this point i’m all like WHAT?????

  21. I am pretty sure this just caused enormous rage in the Diablo 3 community. 

    The death animations were a selling point in D3 imo. I would like to see this feature back in the game at some point. I mean you demoed it and EVERYTHING. I realize that the “nothing is final” clause comes into play here, but that is just bulls***.

    Then you go and make my favorite class (monk) look horrible on his animations for his attacks? NO. That needs to be fixed.

    And flux, you made an excellent point. If you redo a system 50 BAJILLION times and just end up where you started, YOU ARE JUST WASTING YOUR TIME. 


      • It was important enough for them to show it when the game was debuted at the WWI. It also drew one of the biggest reactions from the audience out of everything they showed that day.
        Was it going to be listed in a bullet-point on the back of the box? Probably not, but as much as this development team touts how this game is so “badass”, this is a pretty harsh blow.

  22. We rage because it was something we thought was already taken care of and now they just tell us they never even touched it! Of course, right now the best decision is to just leave it but it leaves us all disappointed… Blizzard, what have you been doing all this time?

    I feel sad because, as others have pointed out, besides the release date, it seems there won’t be any more good news about Diablo III until we finally just damn play it.

    Frustration level rising.

  23. Death animations were stupid anyway, so good riddens. Not like I wanna watch some friend of mine get brutally murdered a billion times.

  24. Those death animations, besides looking good, served no good purpose. Considering just how much time devs would have spent trying to animate everything, iron out the bugs, etc, and all that for essentially flawed system. How flawed, or why flawed? Simple. If the animation were made to be very, very rare, special moment, like they were meant to be, then there is no justification for such small element that people are going to see so rarely costing so much development time and developers money. On the other hand, if they increase the ocurrence of these animations in order to justify spending so much time on something so small, then they become common, lose their appeal and become nothing more then “somewhat fancy” death animations, ones that costed significantly more time and money then “normal” death animations. And, at this point in D3?s development proces, time is worth more then money.

  25. I’m guessing they decided to put their animators to work on more important things first, and had long since decided it was best to “postpone indefinitely” aka reconsider for the next expansion if they don’t have better things to add instead.


    What do you bet that the metric goat-load of unique skill animations from Rune modifications pushed this feature off of the priority list? =P

  26. The game “looked” better to me in 2008 than now. Lots of monsters, and instead of simply appearing, climbing walls and shit, like in the beggining.

    • They still do that.  Skeletons climb over the cathedral’s railings, Unburied sometimes explode from the floor in an explosion of guts and blood, summoners raise skeletons from piles of bones, zombies crawl out of coffins in the wall, etc etc etc..  In an hour long demo.

      The game looked better in 2008 because it’s the only time we got a long, rehearsed gameplay video.  Everything since then has been un-edited beta footage.

      EDIT: I don’t disagree that it’s stupid PR to show your best at the start, and slowly degrade the quality of what you show since then.

  27. Pretty deceptive of them to be putting in scripted events in something they label a “gameplay trailer”.

    That is my biggest problem with this.

    • Depending on how broad your definition of “scripted” is, 99% of the game can be considered scripted.

  28. Nothing new from Blizzard, their initial trailer for Starcraft 2 was extremely misleading as well.  Just part of their process of reaching for the moon in the first year and then slowly back-peddling from there.

    From a customer perspective, it’s nonsensical and frustrating.  From a design perspective, trimming the fat is a lot easier than getting to a point and wishing you had the foundation to add X or Y feature.

    Personally, I’d prefer they just don’t announce their games so early in development.

  29. I think it´s much more interesting to wonder what tileset was used for 2008 presentation, rather then pointless and highly annoying rage comments.

    We obviously still haven´t seen anything like that and I don´t think they would have developed a single tileset just for the presentation. So, my guess is, it´s from later on in the game then we´ve so far seen. It looks really interesting though, with those statues and blue/greenish tilt. I am guessing that they placed enemies mostly from what they had available back then, so it´s highly likely that the enemies don´t fit into it.

  30. why the fuck, they removed that animation ? so big company BLIZZARD … cant make one good animation in game ? wtf
    you can make this when someone die … beast come and brake you on two pieces … why is that so hard ?
    ffs … you can make 4 exp packs for wow , but u cant make one good ingame bloody animation for d3 ?

  31. lmfao.

    I also love how people are arguing it’s a completely superficial effect but they would probably get pissed if you couldn’t choose your gender. When it is so easy to argue that death animations add a lot to the feel of the game while different genders are actually detrimental to the game as a whole because they make each character feel insignificant in the story as well as doubling every single animation unnecessarily just because some greasy nerds want to jerk off to a female monk while they play.

    • ” different genders are actually detrimental to the game as a whole because they make each character feel insignificant in the story as well as doubling every single animation unnecessarily just because some greasy nerds want to jerk off to a female monk while they play.”

      Um, no. Offering females who enjoy the series a chance to play a female character isn’t  “Detrimental”. It’s a cosmetic difference, that’s all. The only kind of person it’s detrimental to is the kind of person who is ignorant of the fact that females have just as much a right to want to play a female character as you do a male character. It’s not about greasy nerds wanting to jerk off, it’s about the fact that we live in a socially progressive society where women happen to play games too, just like guys. It would be nice if more developers acknowledged that. Welcome to the 21st century, please stop making the rest of us gamers look bad by being sexist.

      • srry dude, i do not mean to sound offensive, this is bullshit. my 27yrs old sister been playing d2 forever, and she never bitched i wanna play a female necro…;(

        • Just because your girlfriend doesn’t care doesn’t mean that some people shouldn’t be given the choice. Answer me does having a female character in game have ANY effect on YOU? And don’t answer ‘the game takes longer to make’ because you’re not owed an earlier release date.

    • @Septar
      Shows how much you know… it’s obviously the female barbarian they want us to jerk off to…

  32. Well, I liked the effect back then, but why the sudden rage?

    As far as I know they already told us that these animations wouldn’t be in the full game, I’m pretty sure I was disappointed about this a few months ago.

  33. Whats this all about??   I usually play hardcore so I don’t worry about \death scenes\ I don’t die.  If I do then I guess I could whine.  You either want a polished good game or an early release with tons of patches and then you charactor walks in the air and all sorts of crap.   Blizzard in its worst day can make a Diablo game better then any other company and if you can’t stand the wait then get out of the kitchen.  I know most of you are a little wet behind the ears and 6 months seem like 10 years but its really just a short little time for a game you will probably play for 10 years.   :mrgreen:  Yes I know I am hurting your feelings but the 99% of you don’t have a clue what amount of time it takes to code and design this size game and test it.   Thanks Blizzard for working your ass off to bring out the best game since Diablo 2 and don’t listen to the whiners.   My birthday is in April and I hope this is my B-Day present.   🙄

  34. They’re not taking anything away form the game that was part of what made the series so enjoyable or memorable, and there’s no saying that at some later date, they won’t end up adding some cool animations. Diablo was never about gory deaths, at least IMO. There was really very little gore at all in the original games. Maybe a little on the ground. No massive blood sprays. Sure, there were bloody areas but there weren’t incredibly graphic deaths.

    I don’t see them pulling the series away from what it was. I see them getting rid of a lot of what they were experimenting with that just didnt fit the series or that would take way too much time to implement and test.  I thought thats what people wanted. Its Diablo, not Mortal Kombat. They got rid of the companions-which. while looking like a fun and useful concept, really aren’t a big deal (for me, at least) to lose. They might have removed an annoyance but I didn’t see them adding anything spectacular. Please correct me if i’m wrong, however, as I haven’t played the beta.

    Now they’re getting rid of over the top, really silly cartoony gore. I’m all for it, really. Gore has gotten so common place, it’s boring I can understand if people were excited for this sort of thing but it’s really irrelevant to the gameplay and would end up causing the game to take a hell of a lot longer to come out.  im more of a Torchlight fan nowadays tho Ill always love the Diablo series and am looking forward to hopefully getting both games.

    I’ve mostly been trying to ignore a lot of the negative that ends up on forums like this one and even over on the Runic games forum. Sure, a lot of people seem dissapointed but unfortunately, no game is going to ever please everyone.  At any rate, I hope to run across some of you in game some day. Despite some negativity, there seem to be a lot of cool folks here.

  35. Neutral on the death animations, but getting the monk to use his equiped weapon for skills would have been a good use of time, imo.

  36. I actually understand the position Blizzard was in. I remember them talking about the runes and how people didn’t enjoy the runes if there was no visual difference for the effects.
    I feel like making unique rune effect is more valuable than having special death effects; especially since in hardcore we never get to die, at least not often 😛

  37. im pretty sure someone’s grandma or pa got confused (O.o) when a boss ripped him in half, so they removed it;)

  38. Ok, we don’t complain because Blizzard doesn’t add this feature now, we complain because they started to work on this game in 2005, because they showed a death animation in 2008 and because they say us now (2012) that they have no time to do it…

    Even if the game is good (I hope it will be), their communication team should be thrown in a pool of lava.

  39. Yikes, Blizzard.  This one hurts, and considering recent trends, that’s saying something. What seemed inconceivable a year ago now seems much more plausible: D3 might be a “wait for the reviews” title. :/

  40. I always wondered how that Siegebreaker finisher worked. Was it upon your health dropping to a certain amount? Or was it a proximity thing? Looks like it was just scripted, My hunch was right.

  41. All I have to say is….. Your mums a death animation 😀 diablo is going to rooooooooooooooock! Love you blizzard <3 x

  42. lol, I can’t honestly say I was surprised by that. I’m waiting to hear them say, we decided to remove the Witch Doctor. After numerous trials, he doesn’t quite fit the Diablo universe. SORRY FANBOIS!!!!!   -Sincerely BLIZZARD.

  43. “Yeah guys we’re getting rid of the scroll of companions, and identify. Just didn’t work, y’know? What evs.”
    but then,:
    “All things considered there are just higher priority tasks sometimes. We’d love, for example, to have the monk display his weapons during all of his skill animations… filler filler filler...”
    Blizzard’s attitude: Ugh and it’s so tiresome to actually code stuff and put it all together to make an awesome boss rip your characters head off, which totally fits into our design philosophy of making things more awesome, but… ya y’know, we were just pissin around for 7 years hahaha so WHAT. EVERRRRRRR! lol. *awesomeface* I guess since it’s been three and a half years since announcement, and about 8 years in over all production, I guess we should “go toward setting realistic limitations” (oh yay! a release this year!) “…and producing the best game possible”  (Ahhhh hahahahahahhah nevermind, 2012 release date out the window!)

    (My captcha: question everything)

  44. My own theory, sparked by this, but quite likely unrelated due to the nature of the feature, is that recently there was a high profile meeting between Jay and his people and some senior management people (SM). And the conversation went like this:
    SM: So, Jay, we hear thing are coming along pretty well and we are about to wrap this up, right?
    Jay: Uh, yeah. That’s about right.
    SM: So how many hours of gameplay in single player do you get from this game?
    Jay: Well, if you consider all the difficulty levels that’s about 100, multiplied by 5 classes that’s about you know, like…500.
    SM to some other guy on their side of the table:…and how much do we plan to charge for this game?
    Nobody in particular: 60 bucks.
    SM: Are you f****g kidding me? How long has this been in development again, Jay?
    Jay: e, 7 year but…
    SM: <cuts off Jay; to the other guy> call somebody form sc2 marketing department
    <connection sound> john speaking
    SM: hi John, this is SM speaking, we are having a meeting here with d3 team ironing out some details…would you be so kind and brief me on couple of details on sc2 content..?
    John:..sure, sure
    SM:… how much gameplay was in that game in single player?
    John: well, if you are an idiot, it’s pretty much an infinite gameplay experience <lolz>
    SM: yeah, right. Can you give me some actual statistics…
    John: our data from suggest that average single player spent 30-40 hours on single player campaign…this is data derived from user activity and achievement section…
    SM: ok thx John <disconnects> ok, look Jay, its Monday, right, ok by Wednesday you and your team come up with a list of all the stuff that you think is still pretty shitty or whatever in the game, but make sure you are honest and thorough. This stuff will be removed from the vanilla product. And then this guy <points at Bashiok>, Mica, right, ok Micah will make sure that the potential buyers will learn over the next two months about these feature being removed due to your unsatisfaction of their development and your concern for the overall quality of the product or some other bullshit, alright? Perfect. Thank you guys. Keep up the good work 😀

  45. I can’t wait for the next Diablo podcast. Follow this logic.

    We keep waiting forever for the masterpiece that is Diablo 3, because it has to be perfect (not because of RMAH oh no ofc not)
    …..but wait! there’s bits chopped off to save time, so they can plan for the end of the project. …aaaaaaaand there is still no release date. What the hell. How does this make any sense at all.

    just cut a couple of classes already, the witchdoctor isn’t a necro so cut him, if you take a couple of months to remove him from the game you can still get D3 out for late September. ( this was not a serious suggestion )

  46. Well, sucks it’s gone but seeing as it’s something you wouldn’t see all that often or WANT to see all that often I don’t mind the removal of the over the top death animations so much. But we all know how much people on the internet love to complain and conspire about crap like this.

  47. an easter egg hunt in candyland, as i mentioned. the corporate scallywags at work here. the same ones who produced a blade and shanked blizzard north by design. but behold marshmallow head and his gang of circle jerk-offs to save j.w’s face!

  48. As I said on the first page: i expected them to drop the character death animations, though I – too – am pretty sad about this. It was THE highlight of the first gameplay trailer. They specifically said they wanted to see the reaction of the viewers to judge how far they can (and should) go in terms of gruesome. The reviews and reactions were mindblowingly positive, of course. Still, having 5 classes with 2 genders means every class and gender needs his and her own death animation. This can be the same animation (f.e. siegebreaker biting of the head of the player), but has to be done for every class and every gender so it fits.

    So lets do some math:
    – 5 classes, each having 2 gender options = always 10 animations.
    – Lets say we have 4 acts in the game, each having 1 act boss and maybe 2 mini bosses (Siegebreaker, Thousand Pounder). That equals at 4+8=12 monsters needing special animations.
    – 10 class-gender animations times 12 monsters with special animations = 120 unique animations.

    Thats just alot of work – though something that would have definitely paid off. As I said: sad :/

  49. I just have to add, if they wrote their tooltips properly the first time round with some decent QA and patched em up after, then they’d have more time to work on the animation features. The town portal shoudn’t have been touched to begin with. Hope the animations are built into the game later on. It’s becoming too much reading most the “resources” and efforts go into making the game for grandmas to be able to pick up and play.

  50. The death animations were cool as hell, no one can deny it.
    But i prefer the game being released one week earlier because they cut it?

  51. These death animations are insignificant compared to monster death animations, now those are really important!

    The game is about killing not dying.

    Also they should ship the Collectors Edition with a pack of antidepressants because following this developement cycle I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. 😐

  52. This site has gotten too big. While percentually, the percent of the morons against overall population is small, when expressed in numbers it is large enough to be detrimental to mine, and anone else with working brains, reading experience. But thats the price of popularity, I guess. Sigh.

    “The morons are coming, the morons are coming!”.

  53. So the Badass Axes of Awesomeness that you spent forever grinding disappear when your Monk performs a dumb skill, but at least the mobs drop “fountains of useless loot”. GTFO Bash!

  54. “We’d love, for example, to have the monk display his weapons during all of his skill animations. But it’s an enormous animation and effects investment to get it done”

    geez, then what the hell have they been during all these months? watching porn at work?

  55. Oh, you mean triggered death animations like those little Relic had in Dawn of War back in 2004? Yeah that shit is way beyond the capabilities of the world’s largest game designer. I mean it’s not like they have much longer development cycles than other studios, where could they possibly find the time?

    The worst part is that they showcased the animations at the reveal while planning to do shit about it, it was just a scripted event to hype up the game. Idiotic marketing, blizzard.

  56. It’s starting to feel like we’re getting Diablo 2.5
    If that’s the case, why is it taking so long?  Way to piss away time and money, Blizz.

  57. Graphics don’t make the game. What makes the game is fluid and addicting gameplay.
    If I want EPICNESS and BRUTALITY I would watch 300 and IMMORTAL.

  58. Seriously, it’s like persecution complex all up in here.   Blizzard is FUCKING US, specifically US, the GAMERS who WANT GORY DEATH TO WANK TO 😥
    The best part? D3 will break sales records, garner high reviews and recieve praise from most media sources. Have fun raging against shit that doesn’t even matter. Oh to be 13 and posting again…

    • Somehow I feel sorry for you when you say it like that, with the wanking stuff. So basically for you it is as if they told you there would be sex in the game and they cancelled it. Seriously you should play like god of war or something; it has more brutality than I would care for.

  59. PHAIL!

    Anyone remember  “Project Ego” (later renamed to “Fable”)? That game was also a shell of it’s former self, except one could forgive Lionhead for not having the budget of a Blizzard and having taken only 4 years to release.

  60. The Monk displaying his/her weapons is easy to animate. It’s just the weapon object attached to the fist as a starter, then a bunch of little tweaks depending on weapon type. Let’s get working on that now, stop messing around with less important things, and then introduce the unique character deaths as a patch post release.

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