No European Beta Servers Planned

Well, this came as a bit of a shocker to me I have to admit. Lomion has sniffed out yet another post just made on the official Italian forums:

Al momento non è prevista l’apertura di server situati fisicamente in Europa prima dell’uscita del gioco.

At the moment, there is no plan to open European located servers before the release of the full game.

BattleNetIt’s short but packs a powerful punch as I was of the assumption the European gamers, in fresh possession of beta keys, would be playing locally in the beta eventually.

Blizzard must be confident with the EU infrastructure to go into launch if the hardware is not being tested before retail. I really hope that EU players, myself included, are not going to find themselves with all sorts of connection/stability issues when the game launches.

It seems a little risky to me. I know from listening to tech people burst blood vessels when they’ve set up a machine and then set up an identical one only for it to not work in the same way and I have to endure hours of listening to “but wtf is it not working?! I set the thing up exactly the same, it’s identical ffs!” This situation feels risky for Blizzard, especially with their penchant for iteration.

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22 thoughts on “No European Beta Servers Planned

  1. Well considering the Aussies are playing lag free, it probably won’t matter too much.

    • I play from EU, I have a pretty decent connection, fast and low latency one, yet I do experience lag from time to time.

      • Sitting on a 26m/bit connection and while its not ideal, its pretty fast, and yet I still do get Red latency from time to time :C
        Fear not though, EU is still more awsome… even with lag!

  2. I can aleready see the next blue.
    “At the moment, there’s no plan for any servers located outside of U.S. Enjoy your lag suckas!”
    If only there was a way to solve latency problems caused by server location… Oh, that’s right! Offline mode!

  3. EU servers never come up, we need to play on US servers ! until its fixed.
    no EU account can use US RMAH. 

  4. Well, if I were a devious Blizzard person, I would decide that there really is no additional server function data to be gathered from setting up the same situation in Europe as in USA. Having thousands, if not more, of people stress test from the “play on a server that’s on another continent” perspective, however…

  5. i think every 2nd post i do is about blizz screwing eu players and its not like they try to prove me wrong. Seriously i get dissapointed more and more each day with how they treat us!!!
    Mass Effect 3 is AMAZING!!!

  6. Emphasis on the “before the release of the full game.”
    So you have to wait a few months? Boo hoo. You’ll survive. IT’s not as if they said they’re NEVER going to have EU servers.

    • it’s all about releasing the game in europe on untested hardware. think before you ink.

        • That sarcastic comment just proves that you don’t really understand that going to any kind of release without testing the exact environment the end user will be in is a really, really bad idea.

  7. Think blizzard have had enough trial and error with server infrastructure when I recall all the times they spilt coffee on the eu servers when I played wow, vanilla was terrible for it. So hopefully…y’know, they’re quite confident and have tippee spill proof cups for their coffee now (wow servers ran great eventually!). X 

  8. Well, a question for all of you EU gamers: would you prefer that they get EU servers up and running if it meant pushing the game back further?
    Easy for me to say “No way, release it ASAP,” as I live in the US.

    • Yes, i would like having EU servers tested before release. What kind of Stress testing beta is this, where the only Stress Tested continent is U.S.
      And i think Blizzard is very dishonest for not openly announcing this piece of news. For shame…

      NOTE *yes, edited my response, misread something*

       Seeing how it’s online only, an early release where you get disconnected a lot is the same as a later release… except more annoying.  

  9. That kind of thinking is what makes you Americans very popular in other regions of the world.

    • Well no, that’s why I was asking others opinion. Since I LIVE in the US, it’s obvious what I would say. so my vote doesn’t count. I was asking what EU players would prefer.

  10. we will have server problems and then hear how shit happens and blizzard could not foresee certain problems but it had nothing to do with not testing it earlier

  11. U cant judge in beta that its maybe lag free, imagine when the fullgame is out, is the servers in US really gonna handle that many users?? i am very doubtful.. even if on a 100mbit line i doubt i will have <50ms ping… 🙄

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