Three more @Diablo tweets from Monday, all about items. The first contains an interesting piece of news; no DiabloWikiEthereal items in D3. (They were added to D2 in the expansion, and that could certainly repeat in D3.) There’s also another “maybe but not yet” comment about DiabloWikiSet Items, and a tidbit on the inventory DiabloWikiinterface.

    Assuming there will be ethereal/socketable items, is special care given to making sure they be worth finding?—IconianSD

    We aren’t incorporating the ethereal mechanic in Diablo III.—Diablo

    How prominent will set items be in diablo 3? And how rare? Like in diablo 2, you wouldn’t find a full clvl 10 set til clvl 40+XSlevinn

    We haven’t completed a design for sets. We’d like to have them, but as you show they have some inherent issues that need solving.—Diablo

    With the Salvaging system/lore in place, will there be more useful items that go in that empty space revealed @ blizzcon?—Xexorian

    Potentially but we don’t have any current plans. Most things the horadric cube did are now on the Artisans.—Diablo

    The DiabloWikisalvage cube question concerns the open space beside it, below the DiabloWikiinventory grid. It sure looks like a good place to tuck another icon or two, as efficiently as the display window space is used in D3. No plans for it probably means nothing though, at least not in the initial game. Moar expansion goodies?


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