No E&S Beta Invites… Yet

A fan asked if the full non-Friends and Family beta invites had begun to fly yet, and got an amusing reply from Bashiok:

When closed beta begins there will be press releases, blog posts, twitter tweets, ticker tape parades, 30’s style boxing, confetti manufacturing and expending, spit takes, coffee manufacturing and consuming, crying, handball matches (no waterfalls), news ports AND re-ports, anger, too many emails in my inbox, too many begging threads in this forum, and potentially a few happy people.

You’ll know.

We were told (and relayed the estimation to you guys) weeks ago that the full Beta was set to begin on the 16th, and with any luck that’s still the plan. And yes, today is the 16th. Keep in mind that Blizzard hardly ever starts sending anything out before the afternoon, California time.

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43 thoughts on “No E&S Beta Invites… Yet

  1. Blizzard is full of shit, they can’t expect to start the full beta this late and still say they want D3 out in 2011. I mean, when do they think they’ll release it, 2 seconds before 2012 enters?

    • 2 Solomon Wreath: why do you think so? If they need only hardware stress-test, it should be short, imho, 1-1.5 months. If it finishes in the end of October, Threeablo will have 1.5 months to go gold and to be shipped to the shops by the mid-December.

      • Full closed beta will probably be longer than that but the time period between the end of it and release will definitely be shorter than that… I’m more thinking the beta will go from sometime in the next few days til the middle of Nov. with an early Dec. release…

        But anyways, I’d also like to know where this Sept. 16 date came from…

      • Excluding the bugs that are piling up. And that doesn’t even include the potential bugs hidden inside THE REST of the game, area-specifics. They’re only testing less than half of Act1. Unless of course they’d like to continue the charade of games being riddled with bugs upon release (far too many to list in this year alone).

        And don’t even get me started on the so-called playtesters that every gaming company likes to ano-name-drop in their explanations/excuses.

        Btw Scorchy, my mouth is bigger than youuuurs!!!

        • > playtesters that every gaming company
          > likes to ano-name-drop in their
          > explanations/excuses

          I stopped playing WoW because I felt like a full-time paying betatester. I don’t mind some bugs, that’s ok, they can fix it. But being constantly nerfed-buffed is annoying. As a PvP hunter I’d say they had no clue of the class, damnit.

    • The only reason they are hesitating or not saying anything official is because of SWTOR. That’s the only explanation. When the beta test weekends for SWTOR return they will bring the Diablo 3 beta.
      Didn’t they say the beta is basically testing the Battle net functions and stress  servers and only limiting act 1 as well? Or was the Friends and family beta limited to that

      Diablo 3 is just as highly anticipated as SWTOR. They have the strategy to hamper the sales of SWTOR. Blizzard is pretty smart with that.  They are confident in their product. they have a friends and family BETA with the NDA lifted. They have skill calculators and rune-stone effects already out on the official site. Sure things will change. Skill details will change but I don’t think they will change that drastically.
      Blizzard/activision will have release date for D3 when release date of SWTOR is announced. I think you can count on that.

      • “Diablo 3 is just as highly anticipated as SWTOR. ”

        lol, no its not
        SWTOR is much more highly anticipated
        not by me, I don’t give a crap about it
        but I’m not representative of the millions of Star Wars fans who can’t wait for that piece of junk

  2. HAHA, nice post Bashiok.  I already see some of that “anger” that he mentioned…
    BTW Loque, I’ve been a PvP and PvM Huntard (RyTEK on Perenolde) since vanilla and it’s pretty easy to pwn noobs regardless of the nerf.  What, you expect them to add new classes and gear but keep the skills the same?  For instance, when Bestial Wrath was nerfed via Cataclysm you just swap the rotation with Kill Shot and get you DoT with Serpent and Cobra Shot.  Honestly, I don’t know why people think continuous tweaking and value add is a bad thing…it keeps things fresh.  Blizz knows the class… a hunter can STILL BE ON TOP OF DPS in both battlegrounds and dungeons.

  3. As much as I love Blizz, they are kind of a joke. Diablo 3 is turnIng into the new Duke Nukem Forever. If this beta doesn’t start today were all screwed.

    • this game has a LOOONG way to go to become duke nukem forever.   that game started development in 1996! The same year Diablo 1 came out!   The only reason it feels like this game is taking forever to come out is because Blizzard, for whatever reason, likes to announce there games so far in advance. Not to mention the fact that the folks on this site (myself included), clamor for this game so badly.  Checking this site daily for the tiniest morsel of good news.   If they were a normal development house, they’d announce the game and have only around a year to release.  We’d all say “hey thats cool” and go about our business.  Next thing you’d know the game is released and we’d be all, “oh yea, I forgot about that”.

      If the beta doesn’t start today, which I doubt it will, life will go on.  Their reasons will be pretty good for delaying.    This beta is all about stress testing their servers.  We do not want a release where we are all queuing up just to play.  I remember those days from WoW and they were quite irritating.

  4. I will not click refresh like a monkey going for a banana. I will not click refresh like a monkey going for a banana. I will not click refresh like a monkey going for a banana.

    Yes I will… 😉

  5. Well in theory they could release the game the day after the beta ends with a 10^6 GB patch to sort out all things found during beta.

    • Oh you mean like Witcher 2 did? Only one tiny fix and it forces you to download a 9gb file, because that tiny fix is inside a huge directory-file and the whole thing must be updated

  6. Up until which date could someone do the Beta Opt-in??
    I remembered I had another Cd-key to use as another account, so I was thinking in opting in today, 2-3 hours from now… do I have a shot??

    • yes apply.  IF the beta were to start today, it is unlikely you’d get in on this round of invites.  But keep in mind, they will be slowly ramping up the number of people in beta.  They are testing their server structure. they aren’t going to just invite 50,000 people to beta in one day. They will do a few thousand one week, a few more the next…seeing how their servers react.   (50,000 being a number pulled out of my one knows their target number for beta)

  7. The part about your info still being the 16th… is that based on recent information, or based on the fact you haven’t heard anything otherwise?

    I mean since this information was originally brought to you, has anything else come up, or are you sticking with the prediction of today solely because nothing else has been brought up?

  8. Why does everoyne think, it will start today, I was actually looking at news constnatly, but cant remember seeing anything even semi-official abotu the 16ths.
    Finaly, is it even realistic? Why would a company release a beta at friday… wouldnt it make more sense to do it at monday?

  9. you’re assuming that every star wars fan is getting this game. if that was true wouldnt lotr online have sold more copies than it did? as far as who sells more copies, my money is on diablo 3.

  10. seriously flux, if you write something like “We were told (and relayed the estimation to you guys) weeks ago that the full Beta was set to begin on the 16th” you HAVE to give sources. or at least say that youve been told by someone who want to stay anonymous. but to give no information whatsoever on where you have it from is poor journalism.

    • It was me who pasted that bit in the end of the news item back on the 10th (re 16th)  and the source was Blizzard.

      • alright, so would you be as kind as to provide us with a link that shows the blizzard source that told you it was set to begin on the 16th, please?

        • If it was a forum post then I’d have simply linked to it at the time on the 10th. This was a source from Blizzard who mentioned it when talking numerous times about things in general and confirmed it was still on track for 16th. I added it to the news post from the 10th naturally without dropping the person in trouble.

          As I alluded to at the time there could be slippage (because of the AH test although I wasn’t able to be specific at the time) and as it turned out that’s exactly what happened and the AH didn’t go up on Monday as planned.

          I had thought that even though the AH going live slipped it might still sneak in today.

  11. you’re assuming that every star wars fan is getting this game. if that was true wouldnt lotr online have sold more copies than it did? as far as who sells more copies, my money is on diablo 3.

  12. I’m hoping that by the release of beta, they’ll have fixed the issues with nvidia optimus… Otherwise I cant play! 😥

  13. If I could punch a blizzard employee right now, I would; even though I know my impatience is my own fault.

  14. I know that the beta will come eventually.
    I know that it could be today, tomorrow, or a week from now.
    I know that my chances of getting into the first wave of invites is slim.
    And here i sit, with the rest of yous, refreshing my inbox.
    I’m ready.  Let me in!

  15. Guys stop wet dreaming about public beta, because it will not be out in September. D3 is full of bugs and they are still developing/changing the game. Just keep in mind…..It’s not ready, till it’s ready.

  16. When has Blizzard ever released a major patch/beta/whatever on a weekend? Any idiot knows you do that shit at the beginning of the week so if there are problems, you have time to fix them BEFORE the weekend. E.G. their WoW maintenance/patch schedule: it’s always on Tuesday.

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