No Diablo April Fools but there are plenty more to enjoy

Blizzard gave up on Diablo April Fools posts a while ago but there are still plenty of good ones to enjoy this year.

Over on PC Invasion there’s a compilation of everything that’s appeared that’s video game related as well as some of the other general ones that are quite amusing. The list is being continually updated today so check it out.

As far as we can tell, the only Blizzard related one in the list this year is for WoW and their special mini-events.


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  1. There’s this April Fools patch for Starcraft Remastered:

    Choice highlights:
    * Goliaths will now occasionally fall over when walking over difficult terrain.
    * The voice line “You must construct additional pylons” has been re-recorded to sound a bit less angry.
    * Overlord supply cost is now 2.
    * Fixed a bug where Zerg units could not move while burrowed.

  2. Actually…some of those “April Fool’s Day” things came about! Thank goodness some did not, but there was the Pinata, that is in Diablo 3 in the Rainbow lands, playable Pandaren exists now, and some other, older ones.

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