Patience, Grasshopper.

    Patience, Grasshopper.

    In the old days of Diablo 3 classic, the PTR was inaccessible except during the rare times when a patch was up for testing. Back then you had to download and install what was basically a second copy of Diablo 3, (which you still do) and launch that to connect to the PTR and do any testing. That system was upgraded shortly before Reaper of Souls launched, and these days players see the PTR displayed all the time as one of the selectable realms in the B.net launcher, with the same “Play” button they see for their normal realm (or “Install” if they haven’t set up the PTR client yet.)

    This can be confusing, since the PTR shows in the drop down (up) menu whether or not there’s a patch available for testing. Thus players who aren’t following the news can click the PTR button, think they’re about to log on, and instead get a Battle.net failed to connect screen, same as if they try to play when their regular Realm is down, with no indication why. No Diablo 3 PTR… Yet:

    The battle.net service is down for maintenance – PTR Help!?

    I get this message every time i try and log into the Diablo 3 Public Test Realm (PTR). And the forum server check says everything is online and working… Is this a problem on my end i can fix? Thank you.
    Omrakos: I believe you’re referring to the Blog report concerning the upcoming PTR for 2.3. It’s not been released yet. Keep in mind, when it is, it’s a PTR (Public Test Realm), not the retail game.

    In an ideal world, the Diablo 3 launcher would tell you if a realm was up or down before you bothered to click “Play.” Failing that, just follow the news to keep up with the PTR’s status. It’s not available yet, but with any luck it will go live later this week. Bear in mind that the PTR is a separate realm, so when it gets patched and goes up or down doesn’t necessarily coincide with activity on the live realms, such as the weekly maintenance that goes on early Tuesday morning.

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