The CMs are still getting back up to speed after the three-day weekend so there’s not much Blue action yet and the Patch 2.1 Known Issues haven’t been updated since last week. Not every fan knows all the issues though, and the DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder, one of the new DiabloWikiLegendary Gems does *not* proc from kills made by your pets. No Diablo 3 Pet Gold via Boon of the Hoarder:

    At first i thought the gem was a little broken since i played on my WD pet build. Gold rarely “exploded”. Then i played my DH without sentry build and it dropped A TON. This is hardly intentional since many classes use pets as main source damage and therefore will get alot less gold then others, disadvantage much. Plizz blizz fixx
    Blizzard: As already mentioned, there are existing threads on this topic. If you’d like to add anything further, please continue the discussion in one of those.

    As Rankil talked about on our Diablo 3 Seasons podcast, how he was lucky to find a Boon of the Hoarder gem shortly after he hit 70, and how it made a huge difference on his fortune. (He was not playing a Pet Doctor or Sentry Hunter, obviously.) Thanks to the gem and some luck hitting DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain, Rankil was up over 80 million gold by Paragon 50, with a hardcore seasonal character.

    Boon of the Hoarder battle aftermath shots are drool-worthy.

    In the past, especially when Reaper of Souls launched, most players were constantly broke as they leveled up new characters, upgraded the Artisans, and then played level 70+ on low difficulty levels where gold drops were tiny, item enchants were regular, and gem upgrades were constant. Blizzard has made many changes to Gold Find since then; cutting gem upgrade costs, reducing Artisan training and Enchanting costs, boosting gold drops, adding Gold Find to more items, and most impactfully, changing DiabloWikiGold Find to a multiplicative rather than an additive property. And of course they timed the Gold Find/Double Goblin buff for the first weekend of the Seasons, to give players an extra currency boost.

    Did it work? Was it enough? Too much? How are you guys doing on gold with your new Seasonal characters? And does anyone want to rhapsodize about the wonders of the Hoarder gem?

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