No Diablo 3 Console Auction House, Xbox Version Possible

A few interesting details from D3 Console Dev Josh Mosqueira in an interview with Penny Arcade Report’s Ben Kuchera. They confirmed that D3 is not a PS-exclusive and that other consoles may be served, and dropped some other details too. Quote:

“It’s so much fun,” Joshua Mosqueira, the game’s lead designer, said when I asked how the couch co-op played. “On a big couch, with four of your friends, drinking beers, it’s almost like a party atmosphere. There’s this really awesome social moment with a legendary drop, and everyone is cheering. It feels very collaborative.”

There was some question about the offline play of the game, something that’s impossible in the PC version of Diablo 3. It was confirmed to me that the game will be playable offline on the PlayStation 3.

Which leads to some other changes, namely the removal of the real money auction house. “The ecosystems on the PC and console are very different,” Mosqueira explained. “There were some technical reasons we had to go with offline, but again once you have an offline experience, even if we wanted to bring in the auction house, it just becomes problematic. How do you validate? How do you make sure there is no duping or any of that stuff?”

If they’d previously confirmed that there will not be any RMAH for the console, I didn’t notice it, and I’m surprised to hear it now. I figured they’d just have separate MP and SP chars for the console, allowing the Auction House for the securely saved MP ones.

Also, I had a thought about the comment that it’s fun when someone finds a legendary item in a couch game. Why don’t we have something like that in the PC version? I don’t want D2 style ninja looting back, but why can’t you see other people’s drops? At least the Legendaries and maybe the Rares? They could show up as ghostly tags with transparency, or maybe pop up on the side of the screen like text tags do now? You’d be able to turn them off with or filter them in game options if you didn’t like the spam, but I think it would be fun (and aggravating) to see who else in your game just got something nice.

(Plus it seems like every time I do some MP with strangers, or friends of friends, there’s one guy claiming he got a legendary from like, every other boss. Or some Rare with amazing stats, and they spam the chat with links to the item… but how do I know they’re not just carrying that around already? I’ve got a stash full of great items too, but I don’t pretend I just found them every time frickin’ Baazal the Chudermonger keels over. Can has in-game notification of his roxor l3wtz, plz?)

Update: Additional interviews have made clear that there will be no Auction House of any kind for the console version of the game. Trading yes, GAH or RMAH, no. Could this be a trial run for future changes to a no-AH PC version of the game?

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33 thoughts on “No Diablo 3 Console Auction House, Xbox Version Possible

  1. There’s this really awesome social moment with a legendary drop, and everyone is cheering……until they identify it and ends up being a piece-a-shit like most of them lol

    • Seriously. Of course it’s just some marketing yaddayadda, but i have played with friends in party with Teamspeak, and at the very start, finding a Legendary was exciting until it came to identifying. Real anticlimax. I didn’t take too long to figure out Legendaries are just some very rare crap you don’t need.

      Again, they are picturing the game how it should be and not how it is. Way to fuel the rage, Blizzard.

  2. “How do you validate? How do you make sure there is no duping or any of that stuff?”

    Is this guy serious? It’s called an offline and online mode…Wow. Did people forget video games existed before the internet?

    • And that made Diablo 2 the most secure and cheat free game in history.

      Also, b/c there are spazzy nosy weirdos on the internet, I’d rather not have them see my drops, even if they can’t get them.
      /w Hey, gimme that drop
      /r No, I need it for my alt
      /w Shuddup, noob, it’s not even that good
      /r Then why do you want it?
      /w Need brimstones, noob

      • The irony here is the D3 console dev is either bashing the PC version of D3 or he is completely retarded.

        Mind explaining your comments about RMAH and dupes to the PC customers, Josh?

      • UM i am not sure if you are being serious or not, sarcasm doesnt translate through text well, but diablo 2 was the MOST hacked and MOST botted game in human history.

        In my opinion the cheats (the never ending variety of them,) and hacks and duped items were what killed D2. They never did anything to even try to stem the tide of botters/ hackers and they literally let the game go to the wolves.

        That so far is the ONLY success they have had with Diablo 3 that they did not with D2, the actual lack of cheats (and yes I understand and have seen the duped items on the ah, all five of them… a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what was duped on d2.)

    • That’s not the point! Right NOW duping does happen…how do they validate that? That hasn’t stopped the Auction House from being run.

  3. “How do you validate? How do you make sure there is no duping or any of that stuff?” Seriously? How do they do that now, since every time I go to the auction house there are at three postings for the exact same item, usually going for a billion gold or so.

  4. Blizzard screws PC gamers on a whole new level. I hope none of their future products sell and they die in flames. And after the chaos Runic gets to buy the diablo rights. But that will never happen, you guys love diablo too much and don’t really see all its flaws. Cause that’s how love is.I remember playing the diablo 2 demo a lot of hours every day and the game was limited to only two quests. I really really loved it. I remember watching the diablo 3 first gameplay trailer every day for like a year. This is too much, worst drm ever, balancing the game for RMAH, cannot play single player when there’s maintenance on the servers or other problems, it’s a mess and it doesn’t really deserve its sales and fan love!

  5. My hopes for ESO are high. We shall see. I am surprised I am on break from D3 and not missing it. These news do not really encourage me to pick it up again… Otherwise, what the people above me said.

  6. Blizzard haters out in full force.

    You guys are idiots. Simple as that.

    And btw actiblizzard doesn’t even exist.

    There is only Blizzard on the Blizzard boxes. Learn to read.

    • i’m not a blizzard hater, but if you think activision has not influenced MANY of blizzard’s decisions, then you are truly blind.

  7. So, it’s possible to have offline version on a console but not on PC.
    Thanks a lot Blizzard, too bad that the game is abysmal and will flop pretty hard.

    • Don’t be a tool. It’s possible to have it on PC too. They don’t WANT too. Because, you know, giving hackers all the vital code to your game is a good thing.

      Please stop before you go “but therez dem duping on live nowz!” yeah, from people rolling accounts. It’s not nearly as wide spread as it was in Diablo 2. Guess why? (see point 1)

      Also, The ONLY reason they are doing offline for PS3 is because of hardware and integration problems with the PS3 system.

      To the original topic: I don’t want to see other peoples drops. There’s enough spam on screen as it is. Last thing I want is to see “ghost” drops from other players. Really lame idea.

  8. Blizzard totally fu-ck-ed up. Console players will never accept Diablo and I doubt it will ship more than million or two units on PS3. So what did Blizzard achieve with this? They alienated those 10mil+ players on PC, since it is now obvious D3 was oversimplified for consoles from the start of development.

    • yea, but even if its only 2 million copies bought on console, that is still 120 million spent on buying their game. (dont care to figure out around how much the company actually gets from their games when sold in retail).

      and on top of the 10 million or so that bought it on pc, that is still a lot of cha-ching

      • Its still chump change for a company like blizzard, with all the trouble of marketing it (once again) and fighting against the terrible word of mouth that the game currently has, 120 million is nothing to them, WoW subs (even in decreased numbers) can do that in like, 1 month. And we are being generous with 2 million copies sold, this isnt a hyped AAA title anymore, its a widespread dissapointment and that wont change just because they are not releasing it on the PS3, Xbox, Ipad or Calculator. The game is still Diablo 3 and all the magic from the previews era is dead.

        For all the trouble that the D3 development went through, I also think they expected more, the RMAH is certainly not returning too much revenue for them otherwise they would be boasting about it. The game itself doesnt even has a fraction of those 10 million copies still playing the game.

        If Diablo 3 was intended as a cash-grab, it certainly worked but I dont think its smart business to taint one of your most beloved franchises like that specially when you have a cash cow as WoW, they are even milking more of it by making WoW TCG… Now if D3 was intended to have a good player-retention, to be “in for the long run” as the devs said, well… it is certainly not working at all.

        And Blizzard is delusional if they believe that the console crowd will embrace diablo, for most of the console players diablo is a game only for “PC Nerds”, the franchise has a big history on the PC platform, it was foolish of blizzard to give so much attention to design choices that would facilitate the port to consoles while allienating their biggest crowd. Plus, ARPGs on the consoles are something much bigger and more immersive than an isometric hack and slash, it just doesnt have all the bells and whistles to accomodate that crowd, which isnt an easy crowd to please as Blizzard is thinking.

        • Argh, no edit button! Correction:

          “and that wont change just because they are now releasing it on the PS3, Xbox, Ipad or Calculator”

      • It is already 12.000.000 on PC since Dec last year.

        And guess what: D3 on Play Station 4 is top 2 (!) in pre orders on Amazon already.

        So add another 5 million for the rest of the market.

        Probably 20 million by this time next year …

        SO good luck Blizzard for making an incredible succesful game.

        • Since every fansite about D3 is pretty much dead why not bite the trollbaits as well?

          Anyway… every person in the world could have bought D3, kudos to blizzard! Too bad the game feels like a wasteland once you actually log-in online.

          • A wasteland ? With 5000 public games going on each night per region ?

            And those are just new Public Groups forming, no solo, no pricate games count etc…

          • Correct, right now, and for a long time, I haven’t seen more than 1000 games going on, most are horrible and shit to play imo, since when i played d3 all i did was farm by myself since that was the only way to actually make progress. As for 5000 public games? Lol. Im sure this games online population is dwindling and staying around 100-400 public matchs, I literally logged in just to see, 436 public matchs, its been like that for like 8 months, stop kidding yourself thrall.

  9. Hm, starting to wish I had a ps3. The version for consoles sounds like a refined version of the pc version.

    Better drop rates, better control system, no ah. Play on couch with friends. Offline mode, hardcore mode without lag. Etc

  10. Wait, so the PS3 version will have better drops and no RMAH? My tinfoil hat is telling me that Sony guys asked for a game, not a port of a PC cash cow.

    I was thinking about getting a PS3/4, but the game looked so, so horrible imo that I kinda gave up on that (better graphics = whatever, I’m looking for fan, not for a 3d animation; dialog box on the middle of screen = the horror).

    I’m playing solo, self found, no AH on EU. I’m annoyed with the idea that a PS3 user will get better loot than me doing the same thing, while listening to podcasts, livestreams or whatever.

    Is there another fun game around to play? Nooooo… It fells like Rainbowdash (iirc, it’s the name of a char from My Little Pony)exploded in the air and made every single game has more colors than a circus. If that’s not the case, it fells like the devs wished to do a 10h movie but hadn’t money to do so – bang! Campaign/Story mode “Assassin’s Creed meets God of War”!

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