A few interesting details from D3 Console Dev Josh Mosqueira in an interview with Penny Arcade Report’s Ben Kuchera. They confirmed that D3 is not a PS-exclusive and that other consoles may be served, and dropped some other details too. Quote:

    “It’s so much fun,” Joshua Mosqueira, the game’s lead designer, said when I asked how the couch co-op played. “On a big couch, with four of your friends, drinking beers, it’s almost like a party atmosphere. There’s this really awesome social moment with a legendary drop, and everyone is cheering. It feels very collaborative.”

    There was some question about the offline play of the game, something that’s impossible in the PC version of Diablo 3. It was confirmed to me that the game will be playable offline on the PlayStation 3.

    Which leads to some other changes, namely the removal of the real money auction house. “The ecosystems on the PC and console are very different,” Mosqueira explained. “There were some technical reasons we had to go with offline, but again once you have an offline experience, even if we wanted to bring in the auction house, it just becomes problematic. How do you validate? How do you make sure there is no duping or any of that stuff?”

    If they’d previously confirmed that there will not be any RMAH for the console, I didn’t notice it, and I’m surprised to hear it now. I figured they’d just have separate MP and SP chars for the console, allowing the Auction House for the securely saved MP ones.

    Also, I had a thought about the comment that it’s fun when someone finds a legendary item in a couch game. Why don’t we have something like that in the PC version? I don’t want D2 style ninja looting back, but why can’t you see other people’s drops? At least the Legendaries and maybe the Rares? They could show up as ghostly tags with transparency, or maybe pop up on the side of the screen like text tags do now? You’d be able to turn them off with or filter them in game options if you didn’t like the spam, but I think it would be fun (and aggravating) to see who else in your game just got something nice.

    (Plus it seems like every time I do some MP with strangers, or friends of friends, there’s one guy claiming he got a legendary from like, every other boss. Or some Rare with amazing stats, and they spam the chat with links to the item… but how do I know they’re not just carrying that around already? I’ve got a stash full of great items too, but I don’t pretend I just found them every time frickin’ Baazal the Chudermonger keels over. Can has in-game notification of his roxor l3wtz, plz?)

    Update: Additional interviews have made clear that there will be no Auction House of any kind for the console version of the game. Trading yes, GAH or RMAH, no. Could this be a trial run for future changes to a no-AH PC version of the game?

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