Bashiok fielded a question about an erroneous Diablo 3 release date, which became amusing due to the source of the error. (It seems like we have to post about this every month, but no, Diablo 3 will not be out in 2010, and Blizzard has made no claims for 2011 either.)

    Apparently Blizzard told Playboy that D3 is out at the end of the year?! I call shenanigans!

    [link edited out on account of the naked ladies]
    [Post edited by Bashiok]

    Bashiok: I’ve met Jo, she’s a very nice girl (and to my surprise a capable gamer), but I think she got her info from a retailer.

    No official release date has been announced for Cataclysm or Diablo III.

    Some retailers (which I’ve always assumed have to have a release date in their sales systems to take pre-orders) set unknown release dates to the end of the year or a date that ends a business quarter. March 31, June 30, etc.

    The OP’s original link was effaced by Bashiok, but it presumably went to Playboy.com’s Gamer Next Door. That link is less NSFW than you might expect, since the featured model, Jo Garcia, doesn’t seem to get naked in her video game features. Though you can see from the thumbs of other videos that she plays the Wii in her underwear, reviews games in bikinis, etc. (If you want to see more of her *cough* purely for informative reasons, you can do worse than to visit Devilfinder and put her name into the search box. Be warned, the search result images, dozens of which will appear instantly, are entirely NSFW.)

    Since I wanted to be thorough, I searched up the actual video in which she gives the bad release dates. It’s embedded it below the fold, but it’s really not worth the view, unless your fetish runs to watching the side of a girl’s head as she sits on a couch and reads game release dates for 5 minutes. Of more interest is the video below, which I found while Googling for the release date one. This one is a short clip of Jo Garcia interviewing DiabloWikiJay Wilson at DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2008, with some old gameplay footage included. There’s nothing noteworthy about this one, but it’s a pretty girl talking about Diablo 3, so um… yeah. Tell her about your Paladin.


    Here’s Jo’s 2010 release dates video, that the OP referred to and Bashiok replied about. She mentions the Blizzard titles right at the start, but honestly, there’s no reason to watch this one. She just sits on a couch and and reads 2010 game release dates (of dubious accuracy) for five minutes. There is nothing sexy or interesting about this video, and not even any game footage.

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