No Crafting Materials Interface Under Development

news-crafting-UI-nopeIn the months ago, fan requests for auto-pickup of crafting materials and a better interface received some Blue replies suggesting that they might integrate crafting materials into the UI and make them account-wide, much as Gold and Blood Shards are. Since then we’ve received a semi-auto-pickup system in Patch 2.2, and according to a blue post today, their plans for UI storage of crafting mats have been shelved.

Blizzard make crafting material auto pick up like gold!
Grimiku: As some of you may have noticed, my original post about potential updates to crafting resource management was created over a year ago. A lot of changes relating to crafting, inventory management, and looting items in bulk have happened since then, and chances are there will be more changes that affect them in the future, too. At this time, we’re no longer planning to implement a currency-style storage system for crafting materials, and we don’t have any additional related updates to provide. That said, we do plan to continue to make improvements to these systems when it aligns with our design goals, and makes sense for us to do so.

As a refresher, here are some of the more recent changes that have improved on the crafting system and/or inventory management which are already in the game.

  • All normal Health Potions are now bottomless, and regular Health Potions no longer drop.
  • There is now a “vacuum pickup” system to make gathering large amounts of certain items (including gems and crafting materials) easier.
  • A Wardrobe has been added, which now manages cosmetic items like pets, wings, pennants, and portrait frames.
  • Players can now increase their Blood Shard cap by reaching new personal bests when playing in Solo Greater Rifts.
  • When crafting gems and items, the entire quantity will be crafted at once.
  • More info.

    I haven’t seen these options available on console… and I haven’t heard anything about whether or not console was supposed to have them included. Anyone hear or read about this somewhere?
    Grimiku: Good questions, and thank you for asking, Yakob. The short version is that we intentionally did not include these features in the Ultimate Evil Edition. Adding the Wardrobe feature to UEE doesn’t make as much sense as it does on PC because of the inherent differences with the user interface, and UEE was unaffected by the crafting changes because it never had a queued crafting system to begin with. With that in mind we felt that these features would be best left out of the Ultimate Evil Edition.

    I’m disappointed to hear, but not surprised. It would be nice if all materials (and Rift keys) went account wide, and if they didn’t clog up so much inventory space (and if enough f*&#ing blue mats dropped), but I guess that would be a *lot* of little icons and numbers on the bottom of the Inventory window.

    And if a dev were to defend it, I’m sure they’d say something similar to their whole “Blood Shards have to be hard capped low so noobs will notice they’re picking them up” argument. So if all crafting mats just seamlessly vanished into a UI, some players would never notice they had them or bother to learn what they were good for. And thus do the training wheels remain forever bolted to the Diablo 3 interface, slowing and inconveniencing everyone else, just because some hypothetical new players can’t ride without them.


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    1. oh yeah… blue mats… Maybe current state is Blizzard's approach to make magic items relevant 🙂

    2. They absolutely NEED to make inventory/stash changes by 2.3.

      Another 3 new (6 part?) sets and maybe more 4 -> 6 part sets. At least another 5 legs for season 3 and possible even 10-20. Combine that with a hardcore character and rip stash.

      Sure makes some choices and salvaging rares and bad legs perhaps but this leaves no choice for people who actually play all classes.
      And in the future you get another expansion, another class, another 3-4 sets and another 50 legs and even more seasons next year.

      For now it is barely doable… but I can't imagine Blizzard leaving everything as it is…. its just insulting.

      • They could make items more class independent, replace +stat by “+stat (depend on class)”. It is more difficult with +skill. Focus more on +elemental damage?

    3. In Guild Wars 2 each of the dungeons (I think there are 9) has its own currency. One of the updates moved all of those items and several others into a wallet so they no longer take bag space. There is no reason that shouldn't do this with the crafting mats here.

    4. The Blizz devs are like landlords. Tell them something's broke & first they'll ignore you. Then they'll argue that it isn't broken. Then when they do the fix, they'll put in something you really didn't want. They have no heart for gaming like the Blizz staff of old. They think clunky interfaces are game features. Around this time last year we had Cheng talking about the 'value' in having gems upgrade 1 at a time…

      I thought this game was gonna turn around after I heard they were removing the AH. I remember Cheng did a big interview not too long after Wilson got booted (or was it technically promoted to Overwatch?) and he sounded like someone who plays D3. I remember Mosquiera giving a similar interview, & also sounding good. Then we got console D3, & heard the guy responsible for it would also be doing RoS. I had doubts to be sure, but I really felt they were gonna turn around & go down a fast track to perfection.

      So yeah, they'll probably catch up in time for the expansion release. But they'll also intro new stuff in the next expansion, & it'll take 5 or 10 patches to get the new stuff running smoothly.

    5. There's no reason not to let all this crafting crap stack to 50,000 and put gems in a separate low-clutter gem back…

      Except to intentionally foster stash space bloat. We're supposed to trash everything that isn't best in slot so when any set gets buffed or a legacy item becomes good for some reason, we've already trashed them.

      I'm only partially tinfoil hatting here. For serious.

    6. wow if they actually successfully develop a no crafting materials interface maybe world peace will actually happen.

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