Crafting Material management isn’t such a problem now with the removal of legendary materials, you should be drowning in stash space, right? But changes are still being requested for the handling of the remaining materials and gems. Blizzard trotted out a post they have posted a couple of times since February of this year about ideas they’ve been toying with. It’s worth repeating again, for those who missed it.

    crafting material management

    Virtual Storage Solution

    Let me preface what I’m about to say with the caveat that any changes we make to crafting material management at this point would come after Reaper of Souls ships. With that in mind, here’s a few ideas we’re tinkering with to help get you thinking about some of the cool possibilities:

    • All crafting materials would be moved to a currency-style storage in the UI. Think something similar to DiabloWikiBlood Shards.
    • All crafting materials would become auto pickup, except for LEGENDARY crafting material. (Legendary crafting material would still be automatically stored as a currency, but players must click on it to pick it up.)
    • All crafters would pull crafting materials from this storage area for recipes.
    • Crafting materials that the player doesn’t currently own would appear in grey text with a 0 counter.
    • Players could mouse over the icons of all crafting material to get the full tooltip of the item. This includes greyed out ones.
    • Currently, we do not intend to store gems in this way because it would make socketing items feel clunky.

    The rub is unfortunately that any of these tweaks will not be making the incoming content DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 and there is no word when any changes to this will happen.

    I should point out that we won’t be making any adjustments to the crafting resource management system in patch 2.1. The ideas we have about possible changes to crafting material storage and currency are just that: ideas. They’re still subject to heavy amounts of change and iteration, and are not something we’ve yet decided to implement.

    I haven’t really freed up any noticeable stash space as I have kept hold of one each of the legendary materials because the collector in me wills me to do so.  But my peculiarities aside, there is still an inordinate amount of space taken up with Key Fragments, Tears, gems and the remaining materials.

    To get around the clunky feel of applying gems to items you could right click the item with the socket which activates a pop up window with the available gems and you scroll down to the gem you want; a bit like selecting a section from this website in the top menu. It’s fairly instinctive and familiar action and I don’t think it would feel clunky and awkward.

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