Hot on the heels of our chat interface article earlier today, Bashiok has surfaced with a comment regarding the chat interface and how there are no plans to change it before release.

    Just about everything is set as it will be at release. There will certainly be tweaks here and there, and some small improvements, but no, we don’t have any current plans to change the chat channel interface.

    We understand the requests, and have seen some of the creative suggestions, but we’re in the home stretch and aren’t looking to delay the release of the game further. Honestly speaking only a small portion of players will care if the chat channels are like they are, or if they’re more like the huge screen-dominating feature in D2. We have to apply value to the additional time it would take to address a small amount of requests for a change, and it just doesn’t outweigh releasing the game.

    The plus side is that if there is no more messing around with the interface, players will get the game quicker, whether you like or dislike its current form.

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