No Blizzard @ E3… BlizzCon = 4 Months Away!

Blizzard’s @Diablo Twitter today restarted what’s been known for a while; there won’t be any Blizzard gaming presence at the E3 expo, which begins tomorrow in LA.

Hoping to here some release news from @diablo on D3 @ E3—strain

Blizzard isn’t attending E3, but look for a deluge of information coming out of BlizzCon in October.—Diablo

If it’s E3 news you’re interested in, you could do worse than our parent site, IncGamers. Several of the crew are in LA right now, wearing their little fingers off with all the updating.

As for Blizzard and gaming shows, we posted about this in more detail last week, with some fun speculation about when/if we’ll see Diablo 3 stuff at other pre-BlizzCon gaming shows later this year. Check it out if you missed it.

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  1. @Leord: oh how goo to know! almost broke out the peroxide!

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