No Big Diablo III News coming at Blizzcon 2014

Blizzard has told us that there will be no big Diablo III News coming at Blizzcon 2014. The fact that only two Diablo 3 panels are scheduled for the show, and the small play area were obvious hints, but today we’ve got official confirmation. In an email to media attending the show (that’s us!) the “can’t miss” panels are noted, and none of them are for our game. Nothing in the email says it’s confidential info to press, so I guess it’s okay to share this publicly:

“Can’t Miss” Panels

As you plan your BlizzCon coverage, please bear in mind that there are several developer panels at the show that we feel you won’t want to miss. These panels will cover key game information that your readers will definitely want to know.

Friday, November 7

  • 2:15pm – Warcraft Movie Panel
  • 3:30pm – Heroes of the Storm Overview
  • 4:45pm – StarCraft II – What’s Next
  • Yes, that’s the complete list. Nothing big for WoW the game, but of course the next expansion comes out the week after Blizzcon. So the only Bliz franchise without a “can’t miss” panel or a game coming out very soon… is Diablo. 🙁

    There will be some Diablo 3 news, at least, with 2 panels for our game, and we’ll get news a bit like a live dev blog from the Friday panel… but apparently nothing major or earth-shaking enough to warrant inclusion on the “can’t miss” list.

    Friday at 2:15 – 3:15 PST – Diablo III, What’s Next. Join the Reaper of Souls developers as they discuss the new features and concepts that will be coming soon to the world of Sanctuary.

    Saturday 12:45 – 1:45 PST – Evolving Reaper of Souls. Explore the team’s ever-evolving design philosophies, and learn about changes now in development. Then watch the developers team up with the community to create a new Legendary item for looting in a future patch.

    We’ll be at the show covering those, and we have a D3 developer interview scheduled as well, so we’ll get at least the equivalent of a few new dev blogs worth of info… but it seems very unlikely we’ll see reveals of any major new features like Arena PvP, or the second expansion.

    Update: Blizzard PR sent out another email Tuesday night to all the press attending the show… and there’s a slight change to the “Can’t Miss” panel listing. Here’s the new version:

    Friday, November 7

  • 2:15pm – Warcraft Movie Panel
  • 3:30pm – Heroes of the Storm Overview
  • 3:30pm – Hearthstone Fireside Chat
  • 4:45pm – StarCraft II – What’s Next
  • The Hearthstone panel was not listed in Monday’s email, so make of that change what you will. And you’re free to X your fingers and hope for another mail tomorrow with the Diablo 3 panel included as well…

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    1. There is only 1 panel for D3.

      The other 'panel' consists of bah bah bah see this new shiny community leg item bah bah bah.

      • If you define "panel" as only "new info" then there are only about 3 panels in the entire show, each year. The other 20+ panels don't deal out new info, and are meant to share background info, deeper dives into explaining the new features, info about art/music/lore/etc.

        That sort of material is interesting to most fans of the game(s, though. Hearing why and how and when the content came about.

    2. I knew there would not be much of a chance as far as pointers to a new xpac is concerned. I knew there was going to be stuff related to diablo 3, but nothing that would seriously rock the foundations, so to speak.

    3. So why .. with the severe lack of diablo3 happenings at blizzcon this year have we had such a slowdown on blue postings etc? I believe they claimed they had alot of pressing matters to attend to instead of doing their regular 9-5 job. Feeling most shortchanged.

      • Yes, lots of pressing matters to attend to that don't have anything to do with Diablo 3.

        It's not like they hire a bunch of temp staff for Blizzcon and fire them afterwards. It's all hands on deck for existing employees.

    4. I predict that Diablo 3 won’t get another expansion pack. I think they’ll just fiddle around endlessly with what they have or add microtransactions to the blizzard store for D3.

      • Wanna bet??

        They had planned for at least 2 xpacs going into the whole thing. There'll be at least one more…it just won't be announced only 8 months after the release of RoS.

        • Oh, I'll take that bet!
          Mind that the leaked chart of Blizzard projects (from which your info is from) turned out rather inaccurate about pretty much everything so far.

          I kind of doubt they'll feel obligated to create another expansion just because one of their internal documents from five years ago said so. After all, it's a strategy paper from a time long before RoS sales obviously didn't turn out as planned. =)

          • Not only that, but they did a poll asking if people would want another expansion…. When has Blizzard done POLLS about if people want an expansion or not? That implies that they are questioning the financial benefit of making one. So, I’ll take his bet, too.

            • Not sure.

              As part of my very own tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories about Blizzard, I suspect a major marketing department was installed there during the last decade. And from my impression it does not only exert high levels of influence over the company's communication, pricing and distribution but also seems to dictate much of their product development (which by definition is fine, but they're going to extremes here).

              While this process helps to make their products as accessible as possible to the widest possible audience, it also reduces the quality of Blizzard's games more and more to that of featureless, soulless, interchangeable bulk goods for the sake of maximum short- to mid-term profit. The fact that D3 was a huge commercial success with rather mixed customer reception may support this observation. (Also, in order to promote their latest WoW expansion, they advertised a definite release window almost a year in advance —— I firmly believe it took major executive power to ever get anything vaguely resembling a release date confirmation out of them again.)

              That said, I could very well imagine that the poll you're referring to was a direct reaction to RoS' inert sales. Yet still, when 2014-Blizzard decides to poll its' customers about future developments despite never having done so in the past 20 years, this doesn't neccessarily indicate much – as long as their marketing department just demands it for whatever reason.

          • I have hopes for a second expansion. I am mostly curious about what character they could fit in the current roster.

          • I'm not saying they have to do everything they once planned – because, obviously, plans change.

            But there would need to be a reason for them to decide not to do a 2nd xpac, and there really is not one. RoS sold 2.7 million copies its first week – I have no idea what current sales figures are at for it, but it has to be above 5 million at the very least. It is absolutely selling enough to drive another xpac. While do you think they're dumping so much time and effort into improving the game in big ways?

        • ya i call BS too. NO WAY do they not do another expansion. It made them MILLIONS!!!!

          judging on this line from wikipedia.
          Reaper of Souls sold 2.7 million copies in its first week on sale.[14] As of August 2014, Diablo III and Reaper of Souls have combined sales of 20 million copies.[15]

          going with just the standard edition price of $40 we know for certain that they made at least $108million off the expansion. we know that D3V sold a bit more than 12 million copies so RoS at MAX would be 8million. (prolly quite guess would be more closer to 4-5 million. 4million copies of RoS puts us at the $160 million mark. thats a hell of a lot of money even for a company that makes most of its cash from WoW.

          They also continue to work steadily on game features. No way they do it all for free. I would definitely bet that they save some features they are working on for a second xpac. I would not bet tho that they do a 3rd.

    5. … There’s something fishy about that list.

      Not that I distrust what you posted, I just distrust the letter itself. It includes NO suggestion to attend any Hearthstone panels, and there will definately be something announced for Hearthstone. Too many hints point to a Blizzcon announcement of an expansion to that game.

      I’m not saying something is coming for Diablo III … I think that’s pretty unlikely, but they have obviously left out at least one big thing at Blizzcon this year. They might have left out more.

      Lord Dreadman

      • You are correct, but the key is "big" or "can't miss" or words to that effect. Of course we'll get new d3 info in the panel and in interviews (I'm doing one), and new heartstone info in similar fashion… but per the bliz email, the biggest news/announcements are clearly scheduled for WoW movie, SC2, and HotS.

        If there was a D3 expansion reveal coming, they'd have included the D3 panel (and would have more d3 coverage scheduled on the whole).

    6. Friday at 2:15 – 3:15 PST – Diablo III, What’s Next. Join the Reaper of Souls developers as they discuss the new features and concepts that will be coming soon to the world of Sanctuary.

      this alone says we will get some news. Sure it may not be an xpac reveal but ANY news at this point on what they are working on is most welcome. I for one would be happy if all they announced was that they were wrapping up fixing all the legs with no orange props.

    7. The one d3 panel was "what is in store for d3" or something like that.

      It is fair to say that because ROS, Console versions and 2.1 have been out for fairly a short amount of time, this was pretty much expected. (Also derplords of derpnor, heartstone and "Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides"

    8. Hope you get some great info at Blizcon Flux! I’m hoping for something interesting like a new class or something big enough that won’t need an expansion (hopefully something that we don’t know). Kind of a shame for me really as I was quite eager to read news of a new expansion for D3.

    9. If nothing else, perhaps we could look forward to an interesting legendary.

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    11. To be honest I do not think we should expect anything revolutionary new
      at all, think more will be talked about this and a little of that. Chitchat and nothing else. Of course there will be a panel got to show that they are thinking
      of us who play D3 / RoS. There will be talked about something new maybe sentences as we plan new legendaries items and maybe a little change on the different characters.
      Sorry I do not think there is any Blizz Con is worth pondering question

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