No Beta Returning this Evening

No doubt you’re chomping at the bit to get back in-game if you are on the Beta but there’s some bad news, the Beta doesn’t look like it will go live again tonight (US time) due to a ‘significant issue’. No details as to what that issue is but perhaps a good sleep will have the Blizz team refreshed to get the issue resolved.

We’ve run into a fairly significant issue with the patch that was intended to update beta clients so they can connect to the now updated service. We’re currently unable to estimate when the patch will become available, but are expecting that the beta will not return to service this evening. We apologize for any inconvenience or interruption in your scheduled play and appreciate your understanding.

Thanks Abe.

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    12 thoughts on “No Beta Returning this Evening

    1. Hopefully these type of errors don’t happen with the full game once it comes out since it is ONLINE ONLY.

      • Id rather have “major issues” from time to time , than hundrets of dupes that vanish for the whole time I’m playing.

        Also… Achievements! Wish I was in Beta now :c gonna be fun!

      • D3 will set up a Patch Test Realm (PTR) where each patch will be tested several weeks before release to the masses.  These errors will exist only on the brave souls that venture into the PTR.  Then the patch will hit the “live” servers after the bugs are ironed out.  Near zero percent chance this happens when the game is live – this is a beta issue because the beta IS the PTR.
        Same model with WoW – they PTR and have had stable releases to the masses for 7 years.  By the time the masses see the patch, it has been tested by tens-of-thousands for 3+ weeks.

    2. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this one of the major reasons they have the beta in the first place, to catch major issues like this? :p

    3. Unlike Blizzard to announce a game that is far, far from finished. Turns out this game was not even at beta stage, this beta is more like alpha. Maybe Activision had something to do with the premature announcement.

      • It’s more finished and polished than most AAA PC titles that hit the market. Yes, Skyrim, I’m looking at you.

      • Where did you get that from that its far from finished and not even at beta stage? And the build for the beta is not up to date with the internal build

    4. Arghh… dispite saying that it wont be returning this evening, does that mean they are working around the clock and might get it going at 3am their time?

      • They sure are working hard on it I doubt they just call it a day and everyone leaves for home, but as for putting it up asap I do think they will take their time fixing the issue then do some testing then put it back online, will not hold my horse on that it will be back up that late in the night as u said.

    5. Why the heck would they work through the night to fix a beta issue like this? Calm down lol. We’ll still be able to log in when it comes back up next week during business hours :twisted:.

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