No Beta Invites This Weekend

I think we made this clear with our earlier update, but just in case anyone is still holding out hope/checking their email/refreshing their account — Blizzard is not sending out any more invites to the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta test until next week (at the soonest).

Bashiok: Beta invites will not go out today, or this weekend (keep in mind it’s a three day weekend) and beyond that we truthfully do not know when they will. We want to start it ASAP, so it’s just a matter of ironing out kinks and bugs to get it out there.

Seems that the best we can hope for in the immediate future are some more leaks from the people in the ongoing Blizzard Friends and Family beta test, and given how many of those we saw yesterday… the odds are pretty good, actually!

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9 thoughts on “No Beta Invites This Weekend

  1. Thanx Flux for putting this out there… I want everyone to go fishing or at least go outside 😉

  2. Well, we have the Battlefield 3 Beta to look forward too. At least you’ll know that you will be able to get into that one.  

  3. I don’t remember any Blizzard beta being released on the weekend regardless…  But I guess with all the excitement of it being imminent people are likely to not use logic in their expectations from when they could expect the beta.
    Unfortunately, just because the beta will go live, doesn’t mean I’ll make in it 🙁

  4. Is this bloody correct?  I don’t have an active Blizzard game account (I don’t play WOW,SC,WC) besides D2 way back in time (physical CD gone).  Its telling me I need a full version of one Blizzard game when I click on Beta Profile setting?
    So how do you sign up without one?  Your screwed I guess. : 👿 👿

    • You can create a bnet account with just a copy of D2. And be eligible for the beta test selection.

      Really, though. It probably wont make much difference to your odds if you sign up or not. There must be several million US/EU accounts that have “D3 beta want” checked on them, given the number of WoW and SC2 players there are in the region.

      The better odds are going to be from contests, beta key with preorder through retailers, getting a key from a friend who is already in the test, etc. That’s how most of the SC2 beta testers got in, rather than blind luck of the draw.

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